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This Q&A with John-Roger was first published in the Movement Newspaper, December 1986

Q:  I gave my friend your book about Drugs, suggesting that she may find the information interesting.  Does the Traveler Consciousness work through your books and can it help her whether she believes in spiritual thought or not?

A:  Whether she chooses to use the information is the determining factor as to whether it will help on the physical and spiritual levels.  It may not matter if the individual embraces the Traveler Consciousness on the word level.  What does matter is the heart-attitude of the individual.  Spirit may choose many, but few choose back.  The Traveler Consciousness is such that it will not inflict on another.

Q:  You’ve stated that working out our problems with psychics can lead to karma.  Is the same true of spiritual teachers or counselors?

A:  If you place your life in the hands of another, you and the other person create karma.  This can be the good news or the bad news.  If you get information from another that you use to determine your choices, that too can create karma, or it can dissolve karma.  That is why I remind people that I am not a guru or a teacher.  I am a way-shower, a guide who suggests that anyone searching to improve their life, not take anyone (including me) at face value, but check it out.  Have the wit to determine if it works for you.  And if it does, then work it for your advancement.

 Q:  If I place a Light column, how long does it last?

A:  That depends upon your ability to channel Light.  If you have not been doing consistent spiritual exercises, if you have not expressed yourself in service in the Light (thus strengthening yourself as a channel), I would imagine the column would start to dissolve relatively quickly.  Light columns may last for days, weeks, months, or years, dependent on the ability of the person to receive the Light and channel it.  (And I am aware of some Souls who have planted columns that have lasted for eons.)

Q:  What is the meaning of the words, “Alpha” and “Omega?”

A:  Alpha is the first letter and omega is the last letter of the Greek alphabet.  I often use these metaphorically, indicating the beginning and the end, or encompassing the totality.

Q:  Is suicide, or assisting someone in suicide, ever justified?  For example, if the person is terminally ill and experiencing extreme pain?

A:  I believe you’re referring to the concept of euthanasia.  From a spiritual point of view, a person comes into the physical to balance experiences and expressions from previous existences.  This can very well involve working through painful periods.  I would not suggest depriving anyone or their right to handle the pain before they may return to God.  When you say, “terminally ill,” I suggest you recognize that from the moment we are born onto this planet, our prognosis is terminally ill.  The higher choice is to accept this brief time on the planet as opportunity to fulfill the laws of creation, rather than cut it short (only to be given the opportunity in future existences).  In MSIA we teach Soul Transcendence in this lifetime.  Part of that teaching encourages living to the fullest of the experiences offered – positive and negative – knowing that we are going home to God.

Q:  Jesus said, “Where two or more are gathered, there I am also.”  What happens when I give an audio/video seminar with only myself attending?

A:  If you are a validated seminar leader in MSIA, and you call in the Light and the Mystical Traveler Consciousness for an authorized seminar, there are most likely more than “two” who shall gather.  Many, many times, in seminars held under the auspices of the Traveler, beings from other realms attend, participate, and learn from the multi-leveled spiritual offerings.

Q:  Can crystals be used to enhance our spiritual growth?

A:  Anything can be used to enhance our spiritual growth if you use it to encourage the expression of unconditional loving.  Although a crystal may have a particular frequency, I would not encourage you to focus your spiritual growth on it.  If anything, I’d suggest you focus your concentration on the ‘crystal’ in the upper portion of your third eye so that you may Soul Travel in the higher realms of Light and Sound.

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  1. Gina Nicoletti

    Thank you. I’ve forgotten how meditation can answer many people my questions.
    Gina Nicoletti

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