The Tours of America: Mystical Traveler Movie Screenings, J-R Marathons and More

By: Jsu Garcia, photos by Jsu

June 23rd, 2017

The Tours of America:  Mystical Traveler Movie Screenings, J-R Marathons and More


I started in Lima Peru for a Mystical Traveler Movie Premiere and a workshop called Practical Spirituality. I was hosted by initiate Kaiser Petzoldt and Paola Lopez. We were having our reunion and celebrating that last time I was in Peru with them and Gazu and Romina in 2007 for the Spiritual Warriors movie. It was a long time waiting.

It was like John-Roger was with me during each stop. I enjoyed staying at minister’s homes and developing a cool fellowship. Eating and praying together was amazing. The Mystical Traveler Movie Premiere brought about 20 folks, and one young lady reminded me that she met me back in 2007 in Miami at a meet-up group thing to screen Spiritual Warriors. Here she was, showing up for the Mystical Traveler film. She had found the invite on Kaiser’s Facebook page. Kaiser and Paola treated me with elegance.


Next stop Santiago, Chile. I was hosted by many amazing J-R fans but I want to especially mention and thank Reymi Urrich, a great Rock for John-Roger and the Movement. Chile treated me like a Rock star. We sat around and told J-R stories for hours, spiritually igniting each other. Hotel Reymi fed and pampered. We did a J-R Marathon and The Wayshower premiere in her living room on her small TV. Amazing. Better than the theater. J-R transcends technology. We had wall to wall ministers, I counted 60. I’ll never forget being there with J-R in 1997 in Santiago, Chile. It was the last time I would physically see Alex Padilla. It felt like yesterday.


Next stop La Paz, Bolivia to do initiations and surprisingly, Yecid Arce pulled it together and rented the local Indie film theater and Mystical Traveler Premiered in La Paz. Wow. I wanted to experience Lake Titicaca. For those that are on SAT CD’s, J-R mentions information about that area and much more. Hint? Sign up for SAT subscription.


More initiations in Costa Rica where I met and was hosted by Nevine Kashmiri, another Rock of energy and a great creator for Insight Seminars and MSIA. It was a sweet one night and two days. Thank you Nevine.


Mexico City, started with an evening dinner with cool folks like Martha Soto, Peter and Alma Felsmann and my new best friend Marco Mejia who can fill a room with his bright light smile. Martha Soto MSIA rep, Graciela, Grisel Munoz and many more treated me like a king. Many more initiations and Baptisms to do. It was great to have John Morton there spiritually approving the Initiations and Nora communicating at all hours of the night. Thank you, thank you. Marco opened his home for the J-R Marathon and Mystical Traveler Premiere. Intimate and potent, J-R energy becomes contagious. I had to check out the Pyramid of the Sun. In the Mystical Traveler film John Morton is filming John-Roger climbing the Pyramid. I sensed the energy that J-R and John left behind. It’s following J-R’s subtle “lavender spirit perfume.”


Jsu´s García Visit to Mexico

The MSIA commuity infinitely thanks Jsu Garcia for having being with us sharing the “Practical Spiritualiy” workshop and the marathon, a space to introduce the teachings and life of our beloved J-R through videos and movies.

The presence of Jsu was a moment that made us more aware that we are a community working in cooperation towards a spiritual purpose, always in a spiritual movement. Not only the activities were fulfilled, but new people arrived and were open to the teachings.

Having the energy being moved in Mexico City`s community with the carried out work and the planted Light columns throughout the city and in the Teotihuacan pyramids is very valuable for those of us who live here and enjoy the privilege of being under the protection and the Traveler`s mantle, in this place that sometimes feels big and alien. About the trip to the pyramids we can share that we got there and came back with little traffic, and those who know Mexico City know that that is a miracle. We made a Light walk through the 3 km of the Road of the Dead. then got to the top of the Sun Pyramid with just a few tourists over there and feeling effortless. We saw the gray from the morning changing when the sun began to change everything after the Light was asked to be present and the columns were planted. We sang the Hu in one accord, in perfect harmony.

Of great value were also Jsu`s counselings, in my personal opinión they were wonderful! The Fact of having through these counselings the sharing of the presence, the teachings and all of J-R`s spirituality, it is just priceless for eternity! Thank you Jsu for being and sharing these teachings throughout the world. We experience infinite gratitude!

We now share the healing and understanding testimonies about the counselings.

Mexico City:

“Jsu Garcia came as a soft breeze that touches, cleanses and renews, or like an autumn leaf that when it falls also takes that that has stopped being of use and gives space for a new cicle with a greater peace in the Heart.

I just knew Jsu from afar from a visit that J-R and JM made in September 1997 in Mexico City. Later perhaps saw him close to J-R on videos and in a visit to L.A., without really having any significance to me. I mention this because when Martha Soto called me to talk about the marathon, workshop and counselings that he would give, I wasn`t very enthusiastic, plus my current health situation keeps me from being more active in the prior events and organization as I have done in many ocassions.

However, after doing spiritual exercises, there was like a warning signal saying; “Call and ask for an appointment with Jsu,” and in that I don`t have any doubt, I always know that Spirit guides me, so immediately scheduled one. There was still another medical prescription saying not to go out; so then I gave my appointment to my daughter. Nevertheless in having talkings with someone very special to me who said; “Go and see him, it matters not how you get there,” so I made another appointment for me.

The gift is that me and my daughter were so blessed with these counselings that Spirit aligned both of us.

I was just fascinated with Jsu`s way of being effective, subtle and in such  a short time, the Light was present all of the time. It transforms, and can transform if we allow it. There was a moment when I could feel J-R there, and it was like connecting again our encounter after his physical departure. I felt his deep love, and as in a discourse he says; “I use other teachers so you can receive the message.” My heart experienced another certainty, another lining up with the present. Thank you very much Jsu.

After the counseling we chatted about what makes him do these travels and I deeply honor his work and it is a great gift for all of us and in particular for those of us who speak Spanish, to have the privilege that he at his own way fills us with J-R`s wisdom, because for many of us our lives have been transformed and brings his loving service as a gift. I get thrilled for what he does and how he does it that I told him he should come back every year, and give away so much love. In love and Light and gratitude.”
(Lilia Olga Figueroa)

“Jsu`s visit to Mexico was spectacular; full of Light, love and service. His openess and unconditional service for the community here in Mexico was much more of what we could have even thought and awakened in many people the yearning of getting involved more with J-R`s teachings. It wasn`t just his words and the oportunity to share his experiences with J-R, but also his heart was on it and his open availability. Jsu is without any doubt an example of a spriritual warrior.”
(Marco Mejia)

“It was such a joy to have Jsu here in Mexico. I had the oportunity to witness a first rate workshop and to share the marathon with relatives and people close to me. The energy was so beautiful and we together watched J-R on the screen and were present to the message of love and Light that was shared. Thank you Jsu for sharing with us those beautiful moments!”
(Alan Vega)

“Jsu transported me to the present by reminding me that there is the little life on reactive behaviors, of depending on the opinions of others. And the big and elevated life of Spirit. I lived the certainty that I am a soul enjoying my way back home, loving myself and loving everything and everyone. I saw my life as a palette of many colors ready at my disposal.”
(Graciela Messina)

“It was a great experience to listen to him. I see him as a great divine being, sensitive with lots of Light and loving! What I heard him say through the counseling was transforming for me, convenient and very accurate. I think that 26 years living with J-R have enriched him so much and the fact that trough these counselings he continues to share the loving, the teachings and all of J-R`s spirituality. Jsu, for me you will continue to be a bridge, the continuity and equilibrium with J-R. Thank you for existing and sharing these teachings. My heart is always grateful to you!”
(Martha Soto)

Chihuahua became my final city and I was ignited with the heat from the desert. Mavi and Yoci met me at the airport and it was like I had never left. J-R Marathon and the Mystical Traveler Film Premiere would impact Chihuahua like I’ve never seen. I forgot how powerful Chihuahua is. J-R seeded his love in Chihuahua and it awakens many. Chihuahua is the cactus that survives the heat and the desert and still heals with its ingredients. It was really good to revisit, and not so much to try to get new people into the movement, but to share J-R’s teachings, to invigorate, to ignite the already existing initiates and ministers that are there. “When two or more are gathered there he is also.” John-Roger is there. We helped each other to stay awake. Staying awake with the energy that’s already there, we just have to turn to it.



“I wanted to thank Jsu Garcia through you and MSIA for his willingness, charisma, spirituality, knowledge, dedication and the so transparent, clear and pure way of transporting and transfering J-R`s and MSIA’s essence. His counseling was delightful and the ease he had to go into my soul was subtle and accurate.

Thank you again for allowing me to live the experience with the Mystical Traveler and for feeling him every time closer in me. Baruch Bashan.”
(Monica Mestre)

“Such a beautiful experience, a divine energy. In remembering and living again the teachings of J-R from the videos, more unity was created in our community. Jsu`s visit to this MSIA group in Chihuahua fortified us and I lived J-R`s energy so close to my heart. His counseling was very useful to me, specially what was cleared, the conection with the Mystical Traveler obtaining more learning doing muy spritual exercises. I Would like to see Jsu back here in Chihuahua. L&L.
(Elvira Correa)

“Jsu`s heart is dedicated to the loving and spreading John Roger`s teachings with devotion and freedom. His coming to Chihuahua has been a feast of blessings, he really came to spill around J-R`s love just about anywhere. When two or more of us gather in his name, the presence of the Mystical Traveler spreads as blessings all over the city, as well as in the country.

The vibration of Light and the sound current were present in very high levels. This event woke up and united the MSIA community in Chihuahua. Jsu is a great spiritual warrior and naturally gave of the loving, caring and sharing, abundance, prosperity and riches, happiness and wealth in every aspect.

This community is very thankfull with his counselings, the marathon and the Mystical Traveller movie. Jsu is a great disciple of J-R and knows that which is for the highest good and expresses it. It was really delightful having every event with him. Thanks to his visit to Chihuahua.

God bless and protects Jsu at every moment always. We love him!!!!!!!
Thank you Jsu!!!!
(Yocy Touche)

Thank you Jsu for sharing troughout the world. We infinitely thank you!
(Martha Soto)

I want to thank John-Roger for allowing me to share my life with him so that I might share with others. Thank you J-R, you were with me during those three weeks. Thank you Nora and Ina, thank you for all of your help. Thanks to Anna Sugai for connecting me to Marco. Thank you South America, Central America and Mexico. I love you all. Thank you Nicole for supporting me in every way. Love you. My ministry is to share John-Roger’s teachings and to keep igniting the already awesome communities all around the world. I heard J-R say once, “Wake up it’s raining.”


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