Summer Love in the Park with the Traveler | John Morton in Carpinteria

By: Christi Mider with Photos by David Sand

September 13th, 2017

Summer Love in the Park with the Traveler | John Morton in Carpinteria

The Journey

“Ask and you shall receive.” The day we began preparing for the Traveler gathering in our community started with a simple, yet clear, intention. A request was sent out by one person, Cleora Daily, to invite Our Traveler to a gathering here in the Santa Barbara area.

My experience since that email has been one of being led and doing with the Light. I agreed to be the coordinator, not knowing what that would involve. This Light action has been one of Grace and expansion – refinement has been in constant expression in the inner and outer walk, while serving. Finding and setting the space for all to gather was a dance of trust, joy and love.

The Traveler energy was guiding this process at every turn.

We visited different locations that had been suggested from past events with John-Roger. I had Kay Turbak at my side. We both were in the flow with the Light, planting columns of Light wherever we went. We were not attached, and were able to keep open to the next place when it was clear to keep looking. Each place we went had purpose. It was a joy to play in the Light this way. Eventually our location showed itself in ease, joy, love and grace. It was in my own “backyard”, Carpinteria.

This community was flawless in stepping up and weaving together all parts of the quilt that became the day we all came together. The gift of witnessing these Beloveds sharing and caring in service has been beautiful and I personally have learned much in Love. The Light was so direct, as each person stepped into this action there was no hesitation. The Team Captains and Volunteers were a perfect Loving design.

Janet Camineti was in the Now-Flow in planning and creating the beautiful food for all to partake of at the break. She and her team were infusing joy and love into all they touched.

Aurie Folle created Light-filled center pieces for each picnic table that made a welcoming place to sit.

Angela Bell was holding in a powerful, loving willingness, serving in new ways for registration. The registration team were anchors of Loving Light, holding the door open for all who came.

Jonathan and Elise Wygant joyfully held for the in-room team. They were all in the flow and joy of what was present and coming, holding the space for the Traveler sharing.

Each area of the event – from the parking lot to the seminar space – was being held and attended to by a Loving Light Bearer.

The day was beautiful, glistening in the sun and gentle at the park. Spirit filled the space as we set up early in the morning with NOW Productions. The journey to the park presented challenges on the freeway for many. Regardless, people made their way there. All seemed a bit worn, yet the light was more present with each person’s arrival. A spur of the moment van arrived full of people from the L.A. Ministers meeting. The only way to go was up.

The gathering was seamless with the Travelers’ Light. Cleora Daily and Jonathan Wygant were our warm-hearted emcees, bringing ease to the Open Seminar. Linda Rouhas brought the song of flute to start the Open Seminar with the Sound of Love. When John Morton began his sharing, all fell quiet on all levels. We were held and moved in the way that the Traveler does.

The Open Seminar ended, and everyone seemed to float out to the picnic tables under the trees. There was a bounty of beautiful food awaiting all to enjoy and share in breaking bread together.

From there, we floated back into the Lodge for a Ministerial Ordination, then a Q&A with John Morton. The emcee, Russell Bishop, shared loving, joyful anecdotes and we all relaxed with laughter. Kay Turbak shared an original poem set to music that opened the hearts of all, and Inez Bishop sang a prayer, lighting the room.

Once again, the unity of the Traveler’s heart moved through everything. It was a Loving community gathering, family being held by the Traveler in the hull a boat. My experience of the Lodge is that it is designed as a ship, while others experience it as a cathedral. It was a perfect setting to remember we are on a Journey of God, staying in the flow, while being held. We are One.

I am grateful for the journey with the Traveler coming to and being in our community. It began with the preparation and gathering of the community, unfolding, being infused with the Loving Light in all ways. His Loving presence brings gifts that go beyond words and keep on giving. Thank you, John and Leigh, for coming.


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Thank you for such a beautiful expression of a community creating a Traveler visit. I had heard from several who attended what a special time it was. I’m grateful for the way you have shared that experience in the NDH and for the grace that is so present.