Meeting the Challenges with Spirit

By: John-Roger, DSS

October 10th, 2017

Meeting the Challenges with Spirit


This article is from a sharing that J-R did at a retreat called “Meeting the Challenges with Spirit” in May 1988. First published in the New Day Herald in November, 1996.

Question: For about four years, I have had continual bouts of negativity, where I want to run from MSIA and run from you. I don’t know if I’m doing something or if the negative force is trying to get me. I keep having these thoughts of running, but I don’t want to go away.

J-R: Then you’re not going to go. If you don’t run away out of your own beingness, you won’t be sent away out of mine. But I can’t stop you if you want to run.

Realize that the negative power is defeated out of love, not out of running away. As a minister of Light, it would like nothing better than to have you stop. As an initiate into God, it would like nothing better than to have you denounce your initiation or turn from it. And then its path is validated.

The reason the negative power has been around so long is because its path is validated by bearers of Light who turned to the dark side. You know they turned to the dark side because they tried to pull everybody down to the level they’re on, thinking they’re going higher, but they’re not. It’s sad, and I hate it. I wish they wouldn’t. But I’m not allowed to stop them. I’m not even allowed to call them out on their lie. They’re allowed to do it.

A lot of the people who went after Brother S. were the negative force in his own field. A lot he did was not half as bad as what other people were doing all the time in those same denominations. He just happened to be a big one, so they painted his name big. He’s a credit to God because he’s done so much more good than an indiscretion, if it was such a thing.

What do we do when people are fulfilling their karma? What do we do when somebody has to go through their karmic flow? What do we do for them? We hold on the other side with smiling, loving faces so they know where they go through. But some people want to crucify him and condemn him. They say, “We’ve all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God,” but when he shows them how to do it, they say, “You S.O.B.,” instead of saying, “Brother, we support you and love you. Get back up there.” They decided they wanted to punish a man that God has anointed. That’s ridiculous. Their self-righteousness is “as filthy rags” before God, and this was told to them in the Bible that they use to condemn him.

I have very little tolerance for people that do that. I have a lot of loving and understanding because I know that if they found their own experience with God, whatever Brother S. had done would be fine with them, because they’re secure in the love of God. Because they weren’t, they decided to love him as God, and he’s human like all of us here. Have you ever heard me say, “No one is exempt”? And then we turn around and demonstrate it to you to prove it to you, and you get angry. Why? Why not laugh and say, “Yep, there’s an example,” because all we do is teach by example, good and bad. Do you people think I’m supposed to get up here and do only good things? I have news for you: you won’t know the bad if I don’t do them. I make mistakes so you can see it. I do a lot of things so you can see it. I told you I’m willing. The willingness to do gives the ability to do.

Are you willing to hang in there? Then you will find the ability. The same negativity that went after these other people has gone after many of you. You don’t find any condemnation coming out of me. I don’t condemn; I have none in me for you or anybody else. I just have a lot of intolerance that some people don’t have compassion and that some people say they love and support somebody, but they don’t love and support them no matter what.

When these negative energies come against a person and you know the person is upset and hurt, where’s the loving kindness? The first Discourse says, “The problem is man’s inhumanity to man “—-not God’s inhumanity, not the devil’s inhumanity, our own. When the negative power comes against us, we stand with each other in this brotherhood and sisterhood of the Spirit. And if we’re not going to do that, let’s just turn off these lights and this camera and go home. I’ve been years with you people, telling you, demonstrating. How much blood do you want until you give blood back?

We all need loving and holding. Even when we act like we don’t need it, grab us and hold us. (But don’t touch me when I’m working with a group, like this. That’s really a no-no.) And don’t be afraid to ask people to help you.

You know, it would be neat to go to the “least one” you want to hold you, and ask them to do it. So you make friends with even the least one, because the Lord is in there too, hiding out.

When we tell people about the negative force, many are going to make fun of us. Even though we’ve had the experiences and the reality of it, they’re going to say, “You use that to manipulate and control people,” and they work right in that same negative field and are a member of the “Kal army” in the physical flesh. I hate to tell you, but you can see it, it’s out there, and that’s the way it is, even if you don’t like it.

What you people might not understand is that the Traveler Consciousness sits right in the center between Light and darkness; he splits it. On one side is Light, and on the other side is the Kal (negative) power, and the Traveler’s nature is both of those. The negative doesn’t know the Light, so it attacks the Light and the negativity comes around and gets caught. I know full well it’s doing it, and I can’t stop it because I’m the one who created the darkness, and I’m the one who sustains and nurtures it from the Light side. And you people do the same thing, when you feed into the negativity.

Your own dark side, then, gets to be the resident base to attack your Light side. And then you supply it with ammunition, called the children of darkness out of your own negativity, and they turn around and attack you like cancer cells. You set up your own cannibalism, and then you eat yourself. Yes, that’s inside of us, and, yes, it’s outside of us. And we know how to win. We just love it anyway. Listen, it’s awfully hard to love an ugly, slimy creature. But you don’t have to pick it up and kiss it; you love it “over there.” See, if you start to love it, you’ll feel love, and eventually it won’t be there. It’s defeated. All that was negative is immediately transformed to you with a new energy, love, and endurance that you never thought possible.

All the attacks that I get against me, I just love them. If people knew that they were strengthening me by attacking me, they would pull off and ignore me. Then I’d go and irritate them so that they would either love me or hate me. But indifference? It’s a killer, I die, I start to evaporate. I tell people I thrive on controversy of one kind or another. I thrive. Do the attackers go after certain people? Yes. If you start to stick your Light up, they go after that like a moth to the flame. If you become mediocre or mundane, they pass you over in a hurry because they’re going for the high hitters.

Whatever the question is, love is the answer. I just sit here and go, “Love. Love, love.” But doing that doesn’t necessarily distract the mind so that we can go through and dislodge the negativity. See, it’s hard for me to work with you when you don’t give yourself a break, because I don’t come in on things like hate, animosity, jealously, revenge, and vindictiveness and neither does Christ. And neither does the Light. It comes into the world, and the world doesn’t know it because the world is in darkness. But those who turn to Light are filled with it. All you have to do is glance towards it, and it’s in. It’s fast. All you have to do is say, “Help,” and it says, “I thought you’d never ask.”

When one of your children of darkness comes in—-like a thought or an emotion you would rather deny or shun—-you must be like the father of the prodigal son. You must take it to your bosom and nurture it with love, and then it becomes your strength. If you say, “Not this one,” you will be tricked; you have to do it with every one.

When you open a room that’s dark, and there’s a light out in the hall, does the dark go into the light, or does the light go into the dark? The light goes into the dark. Remember that. The Light goes into the dark. You’re Light, and you will go into the dark. You have no choice. The Bible said something really beautiful: Go out and minister to the world. It also says that the gates of hell will not prevail. Do you know what that means? It means that the people in the negative place are locked in; they cannot attack, except as they are given permission. If we can hold against the negative power enough, it starts to evaporate because it can’t feed off itself because it’s not of the right energy. Light is energy. Hold the Light in the face of negativity—-yours or anyone else’s.

I never told anybody this path was easy. I said that it takes great courage to see the face of God because you must see all the other ugly faces, all the negative faces. You’ve got to look at them, and you can’t not convert them. So you stand with the Light to them, until they turn into the Light themselves.

Every one of us, before we opened up to Light, sat in darkness and became righteous about it. Finally at some point we said, “I caught it,” and we lit up, and it was worth everything. Everybody in this room is worth it. I don’t know anyone who is not worth it. Even my detractors and those who contend against me are worth it. Do I like it? No. I have to have a body, a mind, and emotions or I can’t be here. So I’m not exempt. Do I wish they’d quit? Yeah, but as soon as one quits, another one comes up that’s stronger in a bigger battle. So all the first one is doing is strengthening me more and more against more and more. At the same time, it doesn’t bother me. Isn’t that a paradox? I don’t like them to do it, but at the same time, it strengthens me. It’s like Shakespeare said: “Lay on, Macduff, and damned be him that first cries, ‘Hold, enough!’“

Not only does it strengthen me, but it’s bringing people to me who are stronger.  People are coming into the Movement now who are powerhouses of wisdom, of might and right. Years ago, I said, “The vibration is lifting, and a lot of you who are here now won’t be here later. And there will be new people coming in because the vibration will be there to receive them.” They’re here, they’re in, and they’re working now. And there are more coming in. A lot of those who are hitting are going to be “converted” by the Light into the Light. So when we’re hit, we just absorb the punch—-the aikido of Spirit—-and turn around and put them into the Light and let the negative ones do it themselves out of their own energy and strength, and we just absorb it.

Stay here in the now, with the strength, purpose, and clarity of the Spiritual Warrior. Turn to the bright Light inside you and be strengthened in your resolve and in your loving. It’s easy to love when other people are loving. What’s the great reward of overcoming nothing? What’s the great reward of loving when you’re happy? Boy, I’ll tell you, the great reward of loving is when they don’t deserve it, and you don’t deserve to give it to them, and you do it anyway. They look upon you and say, “Thank you.” You wonder, “God, what if I hadn’t done that?”—-and you pour out the love like there’s no tomorrow. That’s what we should be doing, all the time.

I’m not going to tell you it’s easy. And if you think mine is easy, it’s not. It’s difficult. But I get up and do it anyway, and before long it gets funny. You’ve seen me get up here. I’ve had difficulties because I’ve had to work with the negative forces. And I just sit and say, “I’m going to do this anyway. I’m just going to do this anyway.”

You say, “Boy, you’re a stubborn person.” No, I’m determined. I’ve got my eye on where I’m going. I’m not resisting, I’m going towards, and that’s the difference. Won’t-ness is resisting, and willingness is towards, and I’m willing myself towards. Is it easy? No, but there’s really no choice, because in the Spirit, you can’t go back because yesterday doesn’t really exist. Hours ago don’t exist; that last second’s gone. We’ve really only got security right here, so we secure it with the loving. If we feel insecure, it’s because we’re focusing on insecurity. And do you know what we need? We need somebody to say, ”I’m with you till the bloody end. I’m on board. I’m going through this thing. I don’t give a darn if anyone says you’re phony or false. I’m going to do it anyway. You’re it, nobody else. I’m yours, you’re mine, and that’s it. Let’s go.” And we turn around and shower the people with love.

This is the day that God created. Rejoice and be happy in it—-in your going out and your coming back, in your leisure, and in your lying down and rising up. How about getting up in your leisure and your loving and caring? And when it’s miserable and it’s junky and trashy, get up and do it anyway. And love.

Baruch Bashan.

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Thank you Beloved

”I’m with you till the bloody end. I’m on board. You’re it, nobody else. I’m yours, you’re mine, and that’s it. Let’s go.”
Dedicated to my beloved Traveler, John-Roger, and my precious loving wife, Leslie.