Jsu’s Travel Journal: China 2018
[with Photos & Video]

By: Jesus Garcia, DSS

June 12th, 2018

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It was 1988 and the Russia tour was coming to an end. I asked John-Roger if I could move into Mandeville to work with him. He said, “Sure—finish your film in New York and then head to Mandeville.” He added that first he had to go with John Morton to the Summer Olympics in Seoul, Korea, September 17 to October 2.

So I began working with J-R after October 6, 1988. Now, 30 years later, the work that John-Roger and John Morton did in Korea has manifested. Thirty years later, another Olympics—this time the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, February 9-25, 2018.

In mid-April, I was invited to China to help a friend and I couldn’t believe what I saw on television while I was there: the inter-Korean summit on April 27. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un crossed the line dividing the demilitarized zone (DMZ) to meet with South Korean President Moon Jae-in for what was described as a historic summit. The energy was thick with peace and possibilities.

This was my third time in China. My first time was with J-R on a group tour in 2000. Last year, Nicole and I were invited, and this year I traveled there on my own to assist my good friend Ribal Assad from IMAN International Club. I felt totally alone and yet I loved it. One-billion-plus people and nobody knows me.

I met up with Sheldon Dorenfest there for the second time in two years. It’s so amazing to connect with a fellow minister and initiate in such a vast land of strangers, or so it seems. David Clegg introduced me to Amy, a Chinese teacher for foreigners, who taught me some basics of the language. In appreciation, I gave her the Chinese translation of John-Roger’s book, Living Love from the Spiritual Heart. She will be translating The Love of a Master into Chinese this year.

When you cross the street in China, you’d better be aware! It’s got a flow about it. I hired many three-wheeler taxis to navigate through traffic, which they accomplished with harmonious group consciousness. Amazing! I put the Light forward, trusted and flowed through traffic like I was part of a giant school of fish.

After 18 years, I finally finished the Forbidden City by capping the top of Jingshan Park. I remembered that J-R and I took a photo in Tiananmen Square; what a trip to be back after so much time. I felt safe there…experiencing something like being watched and protected.

On April 22, I broadcast the Mystical Traveler film with Chinese subtitles and five Moments of Peace (MOP) about China by J-R and John. My favorite is the one called, “Peace with the Chinese people,” where J-R says, “The karma of China is tied to Shambala, which was over the Gobi Desert. Their karma is now to flow so they can become a world power. Chinese/Japanese/ Mongolian/Vietnamese, they will be playing a great part in the deliverance of the planet from a lot of negativity.”

Those are my favorite excerpts from the MOP. Please feel free to watch this one and the other ones I have listed below, with their YouTube links. It’s amazing what J-R predicted then. (I was also present in 1988, when he planted a “light worm” in the East Berlin wall and a year later it came down.)

China has a fresh energy and sense of collective progress. Not taking political sides, it’s important to be open in sharing the Love and Light. I strongly felt J-R with me. It’s something I call on every day—the energy of John-Roger, the Preceptor, and the Christ.
As another Traveler, the prophet Muhammad, once said: “Seek knowledge even as far as China.”

Thanks always to John-Roger.

Love you,

MOP Peace Guilin China by John-Roger, DSS.

MOP Suzhou, China 2000 by John-Roger, DSS and John Morton, DSS

MOP from the Li River China by John-Roger, DSS and John Morton, DSS

MOP the Great Wall of China by John-Roger, DSS and John Morton, DSS

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what a beautiful sharing ! Thank you Jsu !

Jesus, thanks for your article and the MOPs. Very precious! I have a real closeness to China and the Chinese. Really appreciated it. Love & Light to you.

Jsu! Thanks and light and keep on keeping on — so appreciated! You are the best. the Gobi, Shambhalla and China are very precious places to us.