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Heaven On Earth Tour 2018 | Chamonix, France | Day 2


“My job is to awaken the soul into the soul realm, so you can have heaven while you’re on earth.” John-Roger, DSS.


Chamonix, France | Day 2 | September 16, 2018

Today we travel to Chamonix, France. We begin our morning with a delightful breakfast and take a morning walk through the Old town of Geneva. We are greeted by a beautiful waterfront, expansive parks, a charming old-world town with high-end shopping. Geneva is the largest and most visited city on Lake Geneva. Geneva is famous for a large number of international organizations and companies. John stops along the way to share with us in the old city. A great start to the beautiful day ahead.

After our morning walk, we boarded the bus to tour through the town of Geneva to drive by the UN, Red Cross and other significant buildings. Along the way, we continue to plant Light Columns as we travel through the town. One can only imagine the beauty and splendor of this area, and the reality is truly Heaven On Earth.

Next, we are on to Montreux at the Fairmont Montreux Palace to have lunch. This Palace is amazing and the food line up was out of this world. We walked upstairs to the second floor and walk into several rooms filled with food. Each dish was astonishing and a delight. We filled ourselves up and headed to the display of desserts which was set up into two different rooms. The spectacular chocolate fountain to dip your favorite fruit in, to a room full of pastries or walk over the ice cream cart to partake of all the fine flavors. The favorite flavor amongst the survey I took was lemon tequila!

After this amazing lunch, we headed across the street to a park for a few minutes to take in the lake view and mountains and enjoy the vintage car show in the park.

Next, we are on to Chamonix, France! We stop at the Chillon Castle with a guided tour. Amazing stories about what took place in these rooms and how people lived. After the tour, we get back onto the bus to our final destination, Chamonix, France!

We arrive at the beautiful Hotel Mont Blanc. Excitedly we all run to our rooms to go to our balconies which all face the mountainside as we watch the clouds fade away from the mountain peaks. The site is breathtaking.

We have many videos to come, the internet is a bit too slow to post them, so it may be a few days until we get to our next stop for sending the videos.

In Loving Service,
Love and Light Julie


Touring Videos Day 2


Touring Photos by David Sand



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  1. I lived in a Geneva in 1969 and went to the Interational School there. My father was a consultant that year working with the World Health Organization on the irradiation of Smallpox. I had a great little scooter that got me everywhere. One of my most memorable spiritual experiences at 17 was our trip to Zermat below the Matterhorn. I really did experience Heaven on Earth there. So fun to be traveling with you. Love and Light to all Robbie

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