Blessings Here and Now [with Video]

By: Kim Watkinson

September 6th, 2018

“Be careful what you judge as something other than a blessing in your life.” ~John Morton

John Morton is the acclaimed author of The Blessings Already Are and You Are the Blessings. He’s also the Spiritual Director of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness and is nicknamed the Blessings Man. He has a lot of experience with blessings.

Great! But until I “choose to look for the good,” to quote John, I don’t see the magic. So, I make myself notice the good stuff when it’s raining inside: Flowers, kitty cats and my husband. (Not necessarily in that order.)

Soaking in serenity in places like Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens (PAL&G) helps too. Blessings Here and Now are especially present when John Morton speaks on the subject as he did on August 25. Despite his sobriquet as the Blessings Man, John makes it clear that, “I don’t control blessings. I don’t have a truck outside.”

This gives me hope. Maybe he’s had to dig for blessings from time to time, too. During the Q & A with John, he keeps pointing inward: “Build up your Light muscles so you can hold more Light…Inside each one of us in a master consciousness…We are born the Beloved.”

Meditation is a mighty tool. I never regret spending a few minutes doing my best to connect to the Creator. It makes Life’s novelas look a little more like a sit-com. If you’re new to meditation, you might want to try a PAL&G Introduction to Meditation & Sound evening event with popular meditation teacher and author, Paul Kaye.

Speaking of blessings and all things divine; the soothing tones of Leigh Taylor-Young Morton Calling in the Light at the start of any seminar including Blessings Here and Now is heavenly. Spirit and compassion dance in her eyes and smile as she explains the Ani-Hu chant. (As I understand it, “Ani” invokes empathy and “Hu” is the ancient name of God.) “No matter our difference we come into one accord,” says Leigh.

Gabe Morgan inspires kumbaya, too with his composition, Here and Now. Whether he’s named after Archangel Gabriel or not, the cherubic looking man playing his song on the Grand piano, brings to mind the boys upstairs. Here’s a snippet:

Here and now, I watch these old ghosts go away

Here and now, I’m born again of ocean and waves

The sea and the sand and dawn of a golden age

Here and now, I chose love as the only way

Jeffrey Morgan, the MC for the Blessings Here and Now seminar, speaks proudly of his brother: “I admire how he fearlessly expresses his truth.”

I admire Jeffrey Morgan’s insights. “Blessings can reverberate into all that we touch.”

Indeed, Saturday’s Blessings Here and Now still inspires me to view Life like John Morton; “Shadows, darkness I see that as (a) temporary condition…The Light is supreme.”


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