I’m Here To Be With You

By: John-Roger, DSS

September 19th, 2018

I’m Here To Be With You


Note from Deborah Martinez, NDH Online Editor: In Celebration of John-Roger’s birthday on September 24, here is a J-R article from 1981. While some of the specifics have changed — we’ve moved on from tapes to digital media, and J-R’s physical body isn’t here to receive letters — the message from J-R is still the same, and it is a message to be celebrated.

Happy Birthday J-R!


This article by John-Roger was previously published in the Movement Newspaper, May 1981

“My teachings which I have shared with you since 1968 and for some of you, even before that — are that the Mystical Traveler is inside of you, with you always, entirely present all the time. How can you not ‘see’ me, if that is so? The only way to not see me is not to look.” – John-Roger

In case you hadn’t noticed, MSIA is a whole lot bigger than it used to be. And in some ways, that’s the good news and the bad news.

The good news is that it’s reaching so many more people in this world — from Africa to Australia to America, both north and south and giving so many more people the opportunity to connect with the Mystical Traveler Consciousness and begin their journey towards ultimate freedom in their awareness of Soul. The good news also is that we’ve got more people with more energy with more loving and more joy. And we all get to participate in that greater abundance which is created.

Now the “bad news” might be that each individual may not get to see as much of me (physically) as he or she used to and feel that as a “lack.” I’ve been getting some feedback that some people — and it seems to be particularly those who have been a part of MSIA for a lot of years — have the opinion that I’m no longer “available” to them, that I’m too busy to give them attention or to care about them in the personal way that I used to. Not so, my friends, not so.

It’s true that you may not see me physically as often. My teachings which I have shared with you since 1968 and for some of you, even before that — are that the Mystical Traveler is inside of you, with you always, entirely present all the time. How can you not “see” me, if that is so? The only way to not see me is not to look. And whether or not you “look” is up to you and always has been.

If you confuse the physical body with the spiritual consciousness of the Traveler, you’re going to be in for a lot of disappointment. That’s always been so, as much in 1968 as now. The support and the loving that you relate to is of the Traveler Consciousness. When you are not attuning yourself to the Traveler within, then you find a strong reflection of that when you see me physically … and so you relate to that as being the source of your experience. It’s not. The source is the Traveler, which is available to you at every moment.

I’ve often told people that the MSIA people who live far away from me and rarely see me physically have, in some ways, an advantage over those people who are closer to me physically and have more opportunity for contact. The people living close to me get lazy; they won’t take the time and make the effort to establish the inner connection. It’s easier to pick up the phone or talk to me at the next seminar or whatever. And that’s okay, but if that’s your only method of contacting the Traveler, then it’s a sad day when you can’t get me on the phone or there aren’t any seminars for a few months.

Be smart. Build your inner relationship with the Traveler strongly, so that you know how to establish communication instantly, any time you need to, so that you know the reality of the connection. Then we exist in oneness and there can be no separation, there can be no “lack”, there can be no complaints that “J-R’s not available.”

And in the physical sense, contact and communication is sometimes important, too. For those times, you can always get a message to my office. The people there demonstrate a very high level of responsibility to me and to all of you with whom I work. You won’t be denied. And often the very best way to contact me is to write me a note. Written communication is a great tool. It will help to center you and to define what is true for you and what you really want to communicate. Hundreds of letters come in to me each week. They are all handled. Each one that needs a response, gets one. It is, perhaps, the best way to communicate with me on this physical level, because you are assured that I am getting your message directly from you with your emphasis — not someone else’s interpretation.

Take advantage of writing if you need to communicate physically. Sometimes I hear through a third person how one person feels that I am not available to them anymore, and I know that person has not taken the time to sit down and write me a note. If they had taken the time they spent complaining about it to establish the contact through written communication, they could have had their questions answered.

So if you find yourself complaining, you might take a look at what you’re doing to communicate with me. Are you taking the time to clarify the situation you find yourself in and writing down the key points? Are you clarifying your questions? Are you doing your spiritual exercises and placing your situation in the Light for the highest good? (Most of the time, answers to your questions will come from the Traveler within.)

Are you attending seminars regularly? There are taped seminars all over the country, all over the world. I’ve heard numerous reports over the years of people finding just the answer they need when they attend their local seminar and hear a J-R tape. It’s really quite uncanny the way the particular tape that is played at the seminar will be the “perfect” one. We all know how that works, don’t we?

Are you reading your Discourses regularly? Are you listening to your tape-a-month? When there is a seminar that I conduct personally in your area, do you come? If there’s an Insight graduation seminar where I am speaking, do you come? Again, sometimes I hear from people that I’ve become very distant, but I know that they won’t drive half an hour to be at a seminar. So who’s unavailable? Who’s distant?

It’s true that some of the “mechanics” have changed. There’s no way to avoid that, and I wouldn’t if I could. Change is a healthy sign of growth and progression. You stop change and you die. So I encourage change and I encourage growth. And I encourage you to participate in that-for your own upliftment. Move beyond your considerations.

If you don’t like sitting in a room of 300 people to hear me speak, you don’t have to come. But you might want to consider moving beyond those considerations and limitations and participating with those 300 other people — who are just different reflections of you, all joyful and loving in their awareness of the Traveler Consciousness within and without. My experience has been that you’re only uncomfortable in crowds if you somehow perceive yourself as being separate or different from all those other people. If you move into the oneness, then it can be a tremendous joy and a whole lot of fun to find out that there are so many of you together. The “lift” can be terrific.

When you separate yourself and alienate yourself, it can be more difficult to maintain a positive focus. Your mind and emotions can start playing strange trips against you, and you may find yourself expressing a more negative point of view. When that starts happening (and you’ll see the signs when you start complaining, gossiping, backbiting, etc. ), it’s time to do something to change it. The karma of the world is around you all the time. As long as you live on this physical planet, in this negative world, you’ll have that to contend with. It’s a fact of this life.

Participating actively in Spirit will allay that negativity. It will push it back. You’ve heard me say for years that when you come to a seminar, I lift your karma from you. The same is true when you attend a taped seminar. The Traveler Consciousness is as present at the taped seminars as at the ones I conduct personally.

The Traveler will take your karma. When you read a Discourse, the Traveler works in a direct way with you that lifts and releases karmic patterns. The same is true when you listen to your tape-a-month tapes. These are all “avenues” and “tools” for you to work with, to assist you in clearing, releasing, balancing your karma. When you stop doing those things, I may have no “avenue” or channel through which to reach you and assist you. You block me off. You close yourself off, by your non-participation.

My consciousness will not violate another consciousness in any way. If you do not open yourself to the Traveler, if you do not ask, I cannot do anything. You ask by making yourself available — by reading your Discourses, listening to your tapes, doing your spiritual exercises (that’s probably #1), by attending seminars, etc. They’re all important. I can get the message to you in a lot of ways. But not if you’re not listening. Sometimes your complaints clog up the channels. You’re complaining so loudly, you can’t hear the solution. Take the time to listen. The answer will be right along.

Writing to me is a real specific way of asking for assistance. And a lot of times, if you’re just not getting the answers inwardly, writing will be a way to break through that block and get a specific, written response that you can’t misinterpret or disbelieve. Usually, if you’re attuning yourself regularly, in spiritual exercises, tapes, discourses, etc., your answers just flow in to you naturally and you don’t get caught in “dilemmas” that you just can’t solve. When you participate regularly, the day-to-day karma stays backed off and you’re able to just live your life from a clear focus, growing and progressing on schedule. You all have the opportunity to live your lives that way. It’s a great joy to me when my students avail themselves of the tools that I have given and choose to use their resources and make their lives joyful. It makes me happy.

Remember, as the Traveler Consciousness, I’m in there with you. I like to be happy. I like to be joyful. So you might do us both a favor and live your life in a way that will bring us both joy.

I’m here. I’m here to share your joy when you are experiencing that. And I’m here to share your sadness and your pain when you are experiencing that. I’m here to give you the keys to let go of the pain. I’m here to help you up when you’ve fallen. I’m here to be with you.

And most of all, I’m here to love you. Baruch Bashan.

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How Beautiful. Thank You. My Love to you J R and All

Thank you Deborah , NDH , and MSIA. Thank you so MUCH, J-R & JM .

Thank you so much John-Roger for your loving ! Happy Birthday, my Beloved ! always – Gudrun

Thank you for presenting this article. I am hearing more MSIAer’s going out to others for their answers. Very timely. So good to have two Travelers to love and get my answers on the inner. Much loving,

Thank you for this! Amazing! Beautiful! Touching to the heart ❤️

What a glorious and uplifting reminder. I am so grateful to hear the reminder. Thank you J-R Thank you for including the article and video

Beloved Deborah, thank you for sharing this. Perhaps posting this monthly is good. It helped me to know that I’m on track, and to not doubt myself. My experience of The Travelers and particularly JR is quite profound. Loving you, and thank you for your service always. Ania