Waking up to Heaven on Earth: The Royal Road – The Path to Mastership

By: Sherie Wylie

October 8th, 2018

Waking up to Heaven on Earth: The Royal Road – The Path to Mastership


It’s a pleasure to wake up to beauty; to the sound of soft rain on my windowsill; to water flowing from a nearby babbling brook, to silence that speaks about eternity; to the cooing of a newborn baby, and to a loving touch that lets me know I am never alone because I am loved by all of God’s creation.

I recently saw a seminar where John Morton refers to the word “alone” and points out that the word could also be read as “all one” if you change your perspective. I thought this was ironic because it’s true that it’s really impossible to be alone, even though we have the illusion of individual bodies. We are all connected to our source and have awareness of this to varying degrees, so we practice being present and being one with God, which is our divine heritage.

I found waking up in Heaven on Earth at The Royal Road – The Path to Mastership, in Santiago de Compostela, a profound blessing. I don’t know if it was that the Movement of Inner Spiritual Awareness has been focused on the theme, Heaven on Earth, for almost a year now, or if it was because the staff and some of the participants were on their way to the Heaven on Earth Alps/Italy Traveler tour (after the retreat), or simply that we gathered in Santiago de Compostela, Spain to be together in divine communion and to explore our Inner Mastership together.

The energy present had an altitude that invited each of us into a higher dimension of being. This experience allowed a grace, sweetness, and an intimacy in our time together to fully blossom. And with all this fellowship present, there were places inside of me that felt like eons of karma being cleaned out, but gracefully.

I liked the gentle cleaning plan. Instead of a cold shower to shock me awake, there emerged these subtle awarenesses that were more like a swim in the ocean on a calm day. Of course, there are all sorts of creatures swimming beneath the surface, but I was not focused on them, and I was aware that they were there. I was enjoying the perfect temperature, the warm sun, and the cleansing effect of the salt water renewing me. The phrase that constantly stayed in my thoughts was: The secret of Soul Transcendence is to look for the good in all people and things and to leave the rest to God. I decided to keep my eyes on the lord and it worked.

I was the Team Captain for the event and it’s the first time I’ve had the experience of being in such a hum with myself and with the entire team. Serving was effortless and every aspect flowed seamlessly, even the bumps. As a team, we set an intention to be Light columns woven together like delicate lace, but as strong and grounded as the most ancient redwood tree, so that all our roots, our Souls, were in communion and one accord. Being fully engaged, vigilant and participating in this training, gave me the keys to play in an open field with a room full of masters doing the same. I recognized how Mastership is not about perfection, it’s about excellence and coming into full co-creatorship, one with God.

There was a joy present in the training room, in the hallways, in the dining area, in the outside area. The joy was quiet, liberating and at times roared like thunder. It was multidimensional to surf the ocean with God as my partner.

Our God selves had a very good time. I walked away clear that God does have a body. God has all of the bodies and we are never alone.

We are blessed to be on this path and to have a Traveler and friend with us on this planet walking beside us. The Royal Road – The Path to Mastership hit a sweet spot that I continue to breathe in with gratitude for the blessings I am receiving. It is a pleasure to wake up to the beauty of life and share it with my family and friends.

Join us for our next Royal Road – The Path to Mastership in the gorgeous natural setting of Asilomar, CA from December 10-16, 2018. I hope to see you there, and that we might have another meeting of the Masters.

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