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What Was Carol Jones Doing in England in September?

I upgraded my flight to London Gatwick to spend a month in England…

to receive physical treatments from Joanne Avison, and to enjoy some R&R. I had been experiencing pretty constant pain for years due to an old injury–so surely “Business Class” would offer more comfort. Didn’t check departures before leaving home–found out when I got to the ticket counter that the flight was delayed by a couple of hours, so I luxuriated in the airline lounge with cappuccino, power for my computer, and as much food as I wanted to munch on. It was already worth the extra cost.

And beyond these immediate creature comforts, I was about to be immersed in Joanne’s method of myofascial work throughout the month-long stay. Just being away I could feel my physical body (not to mention my emotional and mental bodies) start to decompress. I worked a few hours a day, slept for as long as I wanted and received the most loving, nurturing, healing, and life-changing sessions one could imagine. Joanne’s healing hands, her intuitive approach, and her expertise in fascial anatomy enveloped me in a cocoon of healing Light.

I had planned ahead of time to see if the UK community would like me to conduct the introductory “Conversations on Death and Dying, A Spiritual Look into Leaving this World” event. There was interest. Thanks to Sam Westmacott for starting the ball rolling, Robert Peake for helping with communications, Nathalie Franks in whose home we met for the London evening, and Joanne who opened her studio to the Sussex MSIA community for another evening event.

Both times we gathered under the Traveler’s protective umbrella, the sharing was profound. Just opening to the possibility of talking about this most, might I say, momentous last moment of our lives as we cross the threshold into the spiritual realms, touched us all deeply. There were tears and there were memories of those who had already gone. There was laughter, and amidst the wonder of “how, when, where, will I take my last breath?” there came over us a sense of peace–we are enveloped in God’s love every step of the way. And having the awareness of the Traveler within guiding us, we all have the opportunity to be so grateful to know that we know–where we are going and who’s taking us there!

Conversations on Death and Dying Evening Participants. Brighton Sept 10, 2018

Conversations on Death and Dying Evening Participants. Brighton Sept 10, 2018

Both communities (London and Brighton) were interested in gathering again, perhaps for a recorded seminar, or a PTS class, especially the five-week “Joyful Transitions” class which is almost ready to launch worldwide.

My heart was so full, my days happily dotted with my treatments, my walks to Marks & Spencer for groceries, a pan-seared lamb chop and green beans dinner and a trip to the “Lanes” twice, once to visit the famous shops, and once for Joanne’s and my farewell dinner at the legendary gourmet fish restaurant, Riddle and Finn’s.

Carol and Joanne at Riddle and Finn's

Carol and Joanne at Riddle and Finn’s Famous Gourmet Fish Restaurant in the Lanes, Brighton, England

But even though I was bursting with gratitude, there was more.

Our dear Helen Gray wrote to say she could not attend the London evening because she had been admitted into the hospital with only a few weeks to live and could I please send her a “transcript” of my talk in London because the subject was so timely for her. In a flash, foregoing our plan to visit Edinburgh, Scotland, I saw myself visiting Helen instead. Joanne and Nathalie were also touched by the opportunity that was so gracefully revealed to us, and we made plans to see her in a few days.

Helen Gray with Carol, Joanne, and Nathalie

Carol, Nathalie, Helen, and Joanne

Our visit was just a delight. Helen was beaming with love and appreciation. She had already been transferred from the hospital to a beautiful hospice facility near her home. We shared some information from the Conversations evening, watched a J-R excerpt–one where he’s telling us something he was sad about and noticed the most beautiful sunset at the same time. That we are capable of experiencing something beautiful, touching, warming, while at the same time we may be grieving a loss. And we did prayer communion for Helen, who had never experienced prayer communion before. Our hearts were overflowing with loving, gratitude, and a sense we were in the right place doing the right thing, all in the name of the profound, joyful service that was made available to us much through our willingness to give of ourselves as Ministers of Light. Helen passed into the arms of the Traveler only days later.

As if my time in the UK were not full enough, I also got to attend John Morton’s seminars at Borde Hill the second day I was there, and a ministers meeting at Nathalie’s house with John Morton and Leigh Taylor-Young Morton and ministers in the London area. Borde Hill is where Andrewjohn Stevenson Clark and his wife Eleni live. It’s a gorgeous estate that has been in the family for centuries. And on the property, there is a Chinese Flame Tree that looks a lot like the six Chinese Flame trees that flank the Prana labyrinth.

Here’s a link to Borde Hill so you can soak in nature’s beauty in that wonderful place:

And here’s a photo of the trees at Prana:

Chinese Flame Trees at PAL&G

Chinese Flame Trees at Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens

Sad to leave, a bit nervous about coming back home, again I boarded an upgraded flight, got comfortable with pillows and blankets, and flew home with a glass of champagne and a bunch of “B” movies.

If you’d like to learn more about Joyful Transitions: the five-week PTS class or the Conversations on Death and Dying introductory event, email me at

Loving us all in the Traveler’s embrace,

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