An Introduction to Wisdom of the Heart [with Video]

By: Anna Sugai

November 15th, 2018

An Introduction to  <em>Wisdom of the Heart</em> [with Video]


On November 1st, a combined 250 people attended, in person and via live stream, the introductory evening for Wisdom of the Heart, the new one-year class that’s a collaboration between Insight & PTS. The class begins in January of 2019 and will meet one-weekend-per-month over the course of the year. Facilitators Paul Kaye, Rachael Jayne, and Joey Hubbard shared their intentions and what to expect from Wisdom of the Heart.

“We’re looking at this class as an invitation to higher consciousness.” – Paul Kaye

Paul Kaye opened the evening with a sound bath meditation, giving us the opportunity to let go of our day, to come into a peaceful connection with our heart, and to focus on our breathing. He invited us to consider that we are being breathed, that our breathing does not require a conscious effort. With this invitation into awareness, the quality of energy in the room changed and a loving presence seemed to fill all who were participating.

Joey Hubbard then reminded us of the importance of reflecting on our lives. He shared, that in this class, we’ll be supported. Supported as we identifying why things might not be working in specific areas of our lives. And supported as we make the changes that we want to make. We’ll be guided, throughout the class, in how to create new neural pathways in our brains that match our mental, emotional, and physical levels. Joey shared:

“Habits are neural pathways that are formed based on beliefs where you’ve connected the thought, the feeling, and the action.”

Rachael Jayne guided us into a closed eyes process where we focused on awakening to our hearts, discovering the inspiration that lies within, and connecting with the power of our intentions. Then, in a one-to-one process we had the opportunity to reflect on the changes we’d like to make in our lives physically, emotionally, and mentally. We also supported our partners, through the power of listening, creating a safe place so that they could find their own answers.

Then, Paul Kaye helped to anchor us in our bodies, with valuable information about movement, health, and of course, humor.

The evening ended with a large group sharing with Joey, Rachael, and Paul, offering a taste of what this Wisdom of the Heart class seems to be: a perfect combination of down-to-earth living and Soul Transcendence, becoming aware that we’re one with God.

If you’re curious about the class, if you feel called to, check it out. This full recording of the intro event a great place to get a sense of what Wisdom of the Heart is all about.

Watch the Full Recording

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Namaste Please may yourepky confirming the weekend dates & times of the weekend study & if it’s both days on the one weekend a month & the times as requested. Also the annual cost involved too?i very much look forwards to hearing from you.kindest regards Hannah

    Hello, Hannah! We just sent you an email. Thank you!