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A Call to Peace

I have seen so much of the responses to the brutality of the Littleton events that much of the context has dissolved into the meaning and the context of these acts.

I am clear that we all have a greater opportunity to dissolve any separation we allow between ourselves and whatever we judge about ourselves or others.

We need to be more willing to stop the violence that is initiated first toward the negative images and expressions we perceive in others.

It is the thoughts that are held and reinforced that then become manifest.

I am sure we are dealing with many years and lifetimes of buildup. Yet we always have a fresh opportunity to not have past transgressions take up residence.

We must choose to put aside what appears as the justification of vengeance and outcasting by not allowing the condemnation that precedes.

The most important response I see is the willingness to reach out, to touch those we are inclined to repel and castigate.

Today there was a memorial for the thirteen who died in Littleton. There were two more who died, the killers themselves, the teachers to us all, who were deemed outcasts and not mourned as the children of God they are.

We must love and forgive those who, like Judas, have done what must be done by the law of past actions.

I kneel down beside them in their time of need, bringing my embrace and comfort close to their greatest pain.

For love and forgiveness are what come in the name of Grace to raise the dead and heal the sick and fulfill the law so it has no need for return.

Let us all pray to the better angels of mercy that whisper to us inside the outcries and show us a better way, illumined by the hand of God.

In love and Light,
Your friend,

John Morton

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