Living the Way the Lord Lives

By: John Morton, DSS

December 21st, 2018


This article is excerpted from a sharing John Morton had with a participant in a seminar he gave in Carpinteria, California on August 5, 2018.

Our job is to become aware of our divine inheritance and lay claim to it by overcoming our lower nature so we can live in the awareness of our Soul.
– John-Roger, DSS

When you find yourself experiencing what you might call dual vision – “Is it this or is it this?” – and you find your energy is split, “Make thine eye single.” “The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light” [Matthew 6:22 KJV].

“How would I do that?” God does that. “What do you mean?” God sees it all at once. “That’s not possible! How does he see what’s behind his head?” He doesn’t have a head. “What? What are you talking about?” You have a head. That’s your problem.

There is a state in which we can take what is of a complementary frequency, like yes or no, or what is of a negative and the positive polarity as a field and then work that out harmonically so it becomes unified. Every psychic-material dimension has some version of that, a view that’s in harmony with itself, so when we hold that frequency, then it’s integrated; so below, so above. We have access into the higher dimensions by clearing and releasing our self from the lower dimensions. The Soul maintains its freedom, its liberation, so even when it comes into the psychic-material nature, it’s not being compromised, even though it’s in the conditionality of it. So it’s in it, but not of it. The Soul does not violate what is of God’s nature. So regardless of the frequency, the conditionality, the dimensionality, the restrictions, or limitations of the level, we always have the opportunity to come into a harmony. When J-R would talk about this, about how do you see spiritually, he would say, “I’m not getting words, but it’s not where you are looking. Look obliquely.” If you look at it directly then it’s dispersed, so it’s now back into a lesser way of seeing. You realize you can see better by not trying to look directly because the physical nature will take over. You are learning how to let go of the lower nature and let the higher nature be what you are accessing to see and understand.

When we do spiritual exercise, we do practice this. We relax the lower nature, then there are other dimensions – physical, astral, causal, mental, etheric. All those dimensions are being relaxed, not changed. Our job is not to change any of what that conditionality is. It’s more to just come into harmony with it, come into acceptance, then in the Traveler Consciousness we can bypass the lower dimensions because that consciousness has the keys to spiritually go through all the psychic-material dimensions. This is the movement of spiritual inner awareness. Soul Transcendence needs our openness and our willingness in order to release us from the unnecessary restrictions and conditionality so then we can be seeing the way the Lord sees.

If you request, “I’d like an order of Christ Jesus way of seeing”, you would be asking to see in the way that could be done so you’re not replacing Christ Jesus because that has its own unique way of doing it. But you could come in on the frequency as there’s room. It’s like how many angels are on the top of a pin? It’s not about that dimension. It’s coming into that point. It’s like finding the coordinates of the Christ and once you’ve found that, then you’d see all the Christ. You’d see it in all the formations. But you already have your own formation of the Christ so you don’t need somebody else’s. The Christ will work through your individuality. Then it would unify what you’re seeing so we don’t see conflict. We’d see something that’s diverse or we’d see an opportunity to bring more tenderness or more kindness into a situation. You could do that in endless ways so the intention is what’s important. You could say, “I’d like to see clearly.” Oh, okay. Then just say that. Or “I’d like to see the way the Christ sees.” Okay. Because we have a kindred nature so that we’re allowed to have a friend in Jesus or a friend in J-R, you can grab the hand and it can take you because you hang on or you ask. It can release you from what you could not do of your own ability, because you had the ability to ask, “Could you do what you could do for me with your ability and the ability I have instilled in me?” So it’s just taking your potential nature and turning it into something that’s dynamic and engaged.

As we go up in Spirit we do see what Spirit sees. It’s when we come back into the body that it’s like, “What happened?” or “I don’t remember.” And sometimes we have the sense that we’ve been away from the body, and we have, so the body has a sense like it died last night or it needs to be restored or be reminded of what breathing is and moving is. And the further along we get, the more that progresses. It’s called aging. So in a way you’re getting closer to the higher dimensions when you’re aging. Everybody’s got this inevitability. We’re all going to pass over. Then it just becomes where, when, how? God has that determined. In my experience God has range and God is not stuck. Only minds are stuck, if you know what I’m saying. In God’s consciousness – it’s not a mind, it’s in the consciousness – it’s like, I have the power to do anything. I have that power, but I’m not stupid. Well, why did you do this negative thing? Well, that has more to do with you. Then it’s like we entered into something that was unnecessary and we forgot; that’s the veil, the veil that includes forgetfulness; we don’t remember being stupid, but we were because the facts of our life tell that story that there’s conditionality of our creation that was unnecessary.

Then again, I’m just saying go up, the reference I have for it, what we call it, the timeline, and time is a dimension that will go away. It won’t be necessary to what we’re doing, so we just go up that scale and then at some point we realize there are all kinds of things we don’t need when we’re up here at this level and we could release them under grace, so we do that from the Soul consciousness because that’s the one that has the highest good.

It’s also intercessory prayer. When J-R talks about that, he talks about doing it in a way to be done so there’s not clean up or there’s not a price. He suggests we do it from the Soul level so that level conducts the clearing or the transformation so that if the karma is released it’s not an, “Oh, my God, what did we do? Now there’s more karma, and we’ll be back to work that out.” We all probably could just say, “Oh, I did that! I don’t want to do that anymore.” Well, then get on the Soul train that’s coming into this view where you see spiritually. Have compassion in the way you see as a human being. Have compassion and mercy on that conditionality rather than condemnation or frustration.

In order to do that, often we need clear sight, clear view. In that view we wouldn’t do the things that are unnecessary. We’d just let them go. So when we’re doing things that are unnecessary, we’re doing them out of a distorted view. Again, because we’re human, we’re going to create that kind of thing in the human nature. What we do is build up our Light units; we build up the Light in the consciousness of the Soul so that we’re being established in the Soul. And once we have that, then as long as we just allow that to complete what is already set up – I call it final approach – you’re in it – everything is taking you into completion and fulfillment as a Soul. But we are not exempt from the negative power to ask, “Wouldn’t you like to do this over here?” “No, thanks.” See, did you hear any rudeness in my “no thanks”? You don’t have to be rude, but you may need to be forceful – clear about what your life is about, what you are doing so you don’t allow the karmic temptation, the offering, the invitation, to become a distraction. You just don’t allow it. You stay on course. Does this have to be like a knockdown, drag-out Armageddon fight? I don’t see it that way. But it does have to be vigilance, that you stay the course. And then you set the tone in your day so you don’t allow yourself to start on some kind of detour, like what are you doing? “Oh, you know, I have so many Light units; I can go over here and mess around.” Watch out. Doesn’t that sound like a fool? J-R, in his book Fulfilling Your Spiritual Promise, wrote, “Watchfulness brings liberty. Liberty brings greater freedom. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. If you put off being watchful until tomorrow, you put off your freedom until tomorrow.”

Why take a chance? Why entertain something where you realize you are going to burn up some Light units messing around a bit while you’re still here? You might think, “I’m a very high level initiate. I can do this stuff.” Doesn’t that sound like a fool? That is a fool, because when we’re in that level we don’t talk like that, bragging or boasting. To me, that’s ego talking. That’s how an ego portrays the Soul in ego terms. So I’d be very careful if that kind of thing is running. If it’s not, my experience of it is, it’s very pleasant. It gets along with itself. It doesn’t fight with itself. The negative power is the one that wants opposition, struggle, doubt, fear, intimidation, threat, violation. That’s the negative power. I’m not saying anything we don’t all know by direct experience.

J-R told all of us over and over, “He wins who endures to the end.” We are here to win the game of life once and for all. We win by completing our life in this world and the negative creation so that we are in a state of Soul liberation with freedom from all forms of negativity. We overcome this world in a state of grace, which is loving God with all we have as Jesus referred to when asked what is the first commandment?

Jesus answered him, “The first of all the commandments is: ‘Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one. And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your Soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.’ This is the first commandment. And the second, like it, is this: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these” [Mark 12:29-31 NKJV].

God loves all of Its creation. In fulfilling our life with God, we are to love God and one another. This is the key to our salvation and liberation with God. In MSIA we call that Soul Transcendence, which is our business as we help people go to the heart of God as is the Soul’s purpose in this world.

Here’s the blessing.

The Way is Prepared

Thank you, Lord, for preparing us again, demonstrating that you’re the One who always prepares the way, and the way is prepared in this that is the consciousness that is the Wayshower, that consciousness that loves all, knows all is blessed of God, and so finds the blessing in all things, in every condition, in every person. This is the way that’s prepared that we know all is blessed, that is Your will being done and that You give us the consciousness that can transform and handle any condition, any situation in the way of loving, in the way of kindness, in the way of the best of friends, Beloved of all. This we are.

Baruch Bashan.

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I absolutely love this article. No much more I have to say about it. Gratefully received. Thank you!

These words from from John: “God loves all of Its creation. In fulfilling our life with God, we are to love God and one another. This is the key to our salvation and liberation with God. In MSIA we call that Soul Transcendence, which is our business as we help people go to the heart of God as is the Soul’s purpose in this world,” helped me to remember what I am here to do with my life in this world and likely in the next. Sometimes I forget, thank you for helping me to remember. Love to all of you ~