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The Royal Road – Mastership and Light Columns in Action [with Photos]


This year we had our third offering of The Royal Road – The Path to Mastership. We’ve presented it twice now at Asilomar and once in Santiago de Compestela, Spain. I’ve been fortunate to be at all three trainings and for me there is a quality of sweetness, gentleness and peace that exudes from the design of this retreat. My experience is one of being on earth while residing in heaven. It’s amazing to acknowledge the multidimensional nature of being human and divine all wrapped up together, while practicing acceptance, cooperation, understanding, enthusiasm and empathy.

It is one of my favorite Peace Awareness Trainings because of how the Light manifests through it, and opens a portal of sacred energy, that takes me into a deep knowing and expressing of who I am. There is a warmth, an intimacy with God, with myself and others, that allows me to be steady, yet flexible and in the flow. There is an essence of Loving that colors everything I choose to engage. I am relaxed. I am invited with every process and interaction to practice Soul Transcendence. John-Roger, my Spiritual teacher and friend, said: “If you would learn the secret of Soul Transcendence, look only for the good, for the Divine in people and things, and all the rest leave to God.” This quote captures the heart of The Royal Road – The Path to Mastership retreat.

I noticed the Light was activated inside of me during this retreat. It illuminated everything and showed up in the tiny particles that flowed through the sunlit windows, during spiritual exercises. It was there during beach walks that mirrored some other beautiful planet. I witnessed the Light dancing during meal times, where Soulic conversations with friends opened my heart and allowed more Loving in and more Loving out. There were also a number of spontaneous interactions that were Spirit filled. During one of the beach walks, I had a friend, who is in her 80’s, playfully kick sand on me like a 5 year old. I decided to be 5 years old too and I ran from her as she chased me down a perfect beach on a perfect day. We were like children completely surrendered to the Spirit, simply laughing and playing.

I noticed the faces that showed up perplexed, worried, anxious on the first day of the training. Those same faces softened over the course of the week as more Light came in. Their eyes became soft, relaxed and there was often a noticeable twinkle.

The presence of nature surrounded us at Asilomar. The smell of pine trees colored the air. The sound of the ocean’s constant movement brought equilibrium to my nervous system. It was a time for old friends and new friends to fall in love again, to come together in fellowship, to walk the path of Mastership. It was a time of celebration with our Spiritual family, new and old, at Christmas time.

Peace Theological Seminary and College of Philosophy has been going to the Asilomar Conference Grounds, in Pacific Grove, CA for about 30 years. We’ve had various retreats, all with a Spiritual focus. The spaciousness and gentleness of this training invites each one of us to bathe in a column of Light decades old. Ours Souls were more at the forefront and in many ways we became Light Columns, where the physicality and materiality of life faded to the background, and softened to a hum.

The intention we held as a group was powerful because it allowed us to work with the Light. We planted Light columns everywhere we went by envisioning or intending a funnel or pillar of Light from the highest place we could imagine going right through us and into the very core of the earth. We became walking Light columns, walking prayers for the moment and for those that would come after us.

How do we get free of bad habits and things that are no longer working in our lives? We show up once again to participate and reinforce ways we may keep our eyes on God. We do this through meditation, Spiritual exercises, being present inside and with each other, surrounding ourselves with people going in the same direction, working with the Light, being Light columns, laughing, playing, forgiving, letting go, listening, attuning, seeing clearly, etc.

Many of these retreats have been at least 7 days long where there is time to go inside, reflect, recharge and connect to the best of who we are. I have spent many of my meals at Asilomar talking to participants at the retreat, and some of them told me that they’ve been at every single training here for the last 30 years. Others were having the experience for the very first time and it was a WOW! They wanted to keep building the inner sanctuary that manifested on a property called Asilomar Conference Grounds.

Imagine a place on earth where the beauty of nature calls you back into a relaxed, innocent, loving and open space inside where you are safe and at home. The smell of pine trees, manzanitas and oak surround you. The sound of the ocean is all encompassing and the air is crisp and fresh. My lungs are grateful for the clean air, the expansiveness, and the family and friends that give hugs galore.

Participating in The Royal Road – The Path to Mastership, at Asilomar, is like stepping into a gigantic waterfall of Light, a Light column that has been established over a significant time period, and it clears away all the debris, so One can shine. It’s a great time to let go of the past, and allow those things that no longer serve transform into useful energy.

I imagine that after 30 years of gathering in the same place around the same time, there must be a magic space prepared that blesses everybody that walks through — 30 years of Light columns in action.

This is what John-Roger says about Light columns:

Let’s just say that we should all be Light columns first. Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, we should be a Light column. Then, wherever we go, wherever we sit, wherever we talk, we should leave a column of our beingness of Light there. We should project it collectively into areas so that we’re riveting everything together like a cobweb of Light forms, energies that are intricately intertwined and as graceful as the most delicate lace. And even though they may sometimes look like a great whirlwind, sort of rough and crude, when you get into it, you find that it’s a filigree and that each little strand is very fine. But together, like strands of steel wound together into cable, they are very strong. – John-Roger (From: Fulfilling Your Spiritual Promise Volume 1, pg. 197)

If you are reading this article, consider the opportunity available to be with us next year at Asilomar for 7-days. We are planning to gather again at Asilomar on December 9-15, 2019 given we have sufficient participation.

We are aiming to have enough deposits by February 15th so we can sign a contract with Asilomar Conference Grounds and commit to being there next year. If you are interested in registering for this retreat contact Blanca Dominguez at 323.328.1958 or

If you are interested in knowing more about this retreat contact Sherie Wylie at 323.328.1945 or

We look forward to seeing you next year…

Photo slideshow from the Royal Road at Asilomar, 2018

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