Thank You for the Feedback

By: MSIA Staff

December 21st, 2018

In May of 2018, MSIA sent a survey to Discourse subscribers in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. We had over two thousand responses from people all over the world.

The purpose of this article is to provide highlights from the feedback we received and to share related actions that are already in place in service to MSIA’s mission: making the teachings of the Traveler available to those who are looking for them.

The MSIA website is in a continual process of improvement and we are always looking for ways that we can clarify and simplify how we communicate all of the wonderful things that we do. Your answers to the survey were of great support with this process as they helped us to identify areas in which to focus our attention.

The primary feedback that we received about the user experience on the website was in regards to navigation, search functionality, and the MSIA store. It’s important to note that there was a balance of positive and negative feedback in regards to the website. Some people find it to be intuitive while others find it difficult to navigate.

At this point, we are reviewing how to apply the feedback we received to improve the user experience on the website and balance that experience between new and frequent users. This includes a re-evaluation of the home page and the navigation in the drop-down menus.

On the store front (pun intended) we’re implementing a new e-commerce platform that will make the store much easier to use! We will all benefit from the new store. Our intention is that it’s easy to find what you’re looking for and that the checkout process is streamlined, all in a good-looking package that functions effectively and consistently. Hurrah!

The MSIA App

We received overwhelmingly positive feedback about the MSIA App. Many people use it daily to listen to their SATs, track their s.e.’s, read their Discourses, tithe, seed, send Light, and even watch J-R excerpts from the YouTube channel.

I absolutely love the new MSIA app. I use it every day. I am grateful for a simple, easy-to-use, app that brings me key features I need and use. Thank you for making this available. The MSIA app is also being improved.

We anticipate that our next update will include an improved s.e. timer experience in addition to some other small fixes. For those of you on Android, we hear you! An MSIA app for Android is in the works so stay tuned.

That Which Is, the public access television show from days past is being reimagined as a streaming video on demand (SVOD) platform.

Think of it as a Netflix for MSIA, filled with the teachings of Soul Transcendence. Imagine picking up your mobile device, turning on your TV, or opening your laptop and having J-R and John Morton seminars at your fingertips! Or imagine a video club that’s integrated across platforms so that all you have to do turn on your smart TV and your new J-R Seminar is right there for you to watch.

There are many new and exciting things for us to explore in the realm of streaming video on demand. It all comes back to making the teachings available to those who are looking for them!

And no worries, if you have any questions, we’ll be here to support you when we launch That Which Is 2.0 next year.

Our Most Valuable Resource: The Traveler’s Teachings

The audio and video recordings of John-Roger’s teachings are our most valuable and important resource on the physical level. The MSIA Presidency, NOW Productions, and key MSIA staff are working daily to make sure that J-R’s teachings are preserved and archived for generations to come.

In case you missed it, here’s a video about the MSIA archival process that we shared earlier this year. Our job is to take excellent care of John-Roger media and the archival process video is the most up-to-date sharing of the ways in which we are preserving the teachings of Soul Transcendence for generations to come.

MSIA Communities Around the World

In our Portuguese and Spanish surveys, we received an abundance of gratitude and also some suggestions for how we might better serve our communities around the world. The primary requests from these surveys were for more programs with Spanish and Portuguese translation offered in-person and online.

At the end of the day, it was a reminder for me to be grateful for the vast list of materials that are available in my primary language. And that, in some languages, MSIA consists entirely of reading Discourses and doing spiritual exercises. Whatever language we speak, the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness is within. It’s alive and well. And a little gratitude goes a long way.

With all of this in mind, we’re working to find the ways that we can best support MSIA communities all over the world that speak many different languages. Visits from John Morton and MSIA staff, the seminar leaders support program, live streamed classes, and other online resources have gone a long way to support our global community.

One example of a new online offer for the global community is the Zoom Soul Awareness Seminars that are offered once a month in English and Spanish. If you haven’t attended a Zoom Seminar, I highly recommend it.

Click here to sign up to receive notifications about our upcoming Zoom events:

We also received suggestions like this:

Perhaps offer a series of stand-alone (ie. one or two people facilitate via [zoom]) events or seminars regarding a particular topic, or facilitates a process that can be done by individuals in their homes (ie. freeform writing, guided meditation, affirmation writing, creation of a vision board, self-forgiveness process, etc). Please record them and offer as on demand archived events that can be completed at any time. Thanks!

And we are pleased to share that we are leaning into this type of event to see if it could work.

Leadership and MSIA Staff

In the feedback about MSIA’s Leadership, we received much gratitude and appreciation for the leaders in our organization including John Morton and the Presidency. The comments we received also included how each one of us are part of MSIA’s leadership, as we all learn to stand for more fully in the living of the teachings of Soul Transcendence.

I see us all conscientiously working the Teachings, using our stumbling blocks as stepping stones, picking each other up, and ministering to all regardless... and with integrity.

In the latter half of 2018, we have increased our attention in the areas of caring for and cultivating the internal culture at MSIA. MSIA Staff and leadership are renewing our focus towards caring for and supporting each other as we live the Teachings. This responsibility extends beyond the organization to all involved with MSIA. It is my prayer that we are, as Jesus said, those who love one another.

The effect of this focus has been palpable through staff meetings and personal interactions as we relax into alignment with MSIA’s mission and come into one accord with that which is for the highest good.


One of the primary opportunities that we recognize as a result of the survey is that improved communication would be welcomed and valued by the MSIA community.

Our intention is to share more about what we do and how we do it, especially through NDH articles and Social Media, so keep an eye out for posts about what’s going on behind the scenes at MSIA.

As we develop our communication strategy, we are evaluating everything that we do in the Light of MSIA’s mission: making the teachings available to those who are looking for them. We are working to identify the characteristics of those who are looking for the teachings and exploring the many platforms that we can use to reach those people.

MSIA Elders

We recognized a theme in the survey of elders who are calling out in some way for connection with the teachings and the MSIA community:

Reach out to the "elders" (I came into MSIA in 1969 and am 71 years old). I know elders much older than myself who feel disenfranchised or less "valuable" due to many factors: less physical mobility; perhaps less money due to retirement; the emphasis on "millenials" and a youth-culture worship. It might be nice to acknowledge and honor people's "longevity" in sticking with and supporting MSIA, and their long-time commitment to the Traveler.

If you are struggling in some way as an elder, we love you and we support you and want to remind you that Heartfelt and Heartreach are available to you. Please reach out to Skyler Patton, the Director of Heartfelt, at or (323) 328-1925.


If you’d like a refresher on some of the numbers from the survey, you may want to read our initial report that was published previously by clicking here. We are grateful for your support and the lines of communication are open. If there’s ever anything you’d like to share, you can reach us at We love you.

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Thanks MSIA. Glad to know there might be improvements in the store. In general, all is well and I’m very appreciative of the staff and all that is made available to us in various formats.