A Seminar on Light Consciousness with John Morton [with Video]

By: Kim Watkinson

March 27th, 2019

A Seminar on Light Consciousness with John Morton [with Video]


Glittering gold, the welcome sign reads: “Light.” The sign sparks commentary by John Morton, the Spiritual Director of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (MSIA.) He asks the audience, “Ever had an experience that the Light is so bright that that is all you see?”

After A Seminar on Light Consciousness with John Morton at Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens (PAL&G) on Tuesday, March 20th, most participants answer: “Yes!”

Even the first full moon of Spring seems to salute the seminar. The topic of Light consciousness touches on everything from celestial melodies, recipes for transcending depression and tapping into Grace.

John Morton, popular author of The Blessings Already Are and You Are the Blessings says, “Knowledge is Light. It’s like a lamp that ignites so we are able to better see and know what the illumination reveals.”

Here’s a touch of the blessings and wisdom from A Seminar on Light Consciousness with John Morton.

Lights, camera, action! We’re live streaming in 19 countries. MC, fashion-forward Patricia Cuellar, welcomes the crowd as if she’s done this a thousand times. (It’s her first time and she’s a natural.) The ever-dashing Rinaldo Porcile stands at her side and serves as translator throughout the evening. (As the evening progresses, Rinaldo proves he’s a dancer, too.)

Emmy award-winning actress and Ambassador of Light, Leigh Taylor-Young Morton, steps into the spotlight to call in the Light. (Leigh is also the writer, producer and narrator of Spirit of Peace Meditation which premiered at the United Nations.)

Leigh’s elegant manner may reflect her theatrical training. The loving energy expressed as she speaks of the Ani-HU, “a signature of MSIA,” is beyond this world. HU is the ancient Sanskrit name for God. Leigh’s voice conveys empathy as she explains that, “Ani is God’s compassion for all of Its Creation.”

In her dulcet tones, she invites us to chant. A harmonious blend of Ani-Hus embraces Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens. Once again magic prevails. There is a tangible peace as Leigh resumes her seat next to her husband, John.

Eric Lumiere takes center stage next and debuts his original composition Sing with Me Child of Love in English and Spanish.

Sing with the angels who dance on the breeze
Of the wind that gives life to everything.

Gorgeous, right? You can tune into the rest of the devotional song and the entire seminar right here:

More music follows. All are treated to a bhajan (a devotional) plus an audio clip from a John-Roger (Founder of MSIA) seminar entitled The Music Is the Message.

Applause greets John Morton as he is introduced. A murmur of appreciation ripples through the room as John speaks Spanish. With a grin he says something like “I am practicing every minute, every second.”

In English, John asks, “Do you have the willingness to be the Light?” Rinaldo almost simultaneously poses the same question in Spanish. Happy-sounding “Sí” and “Yes” pop in the air.

Moments later John glances at his wife, Leigh. He croons the Bobby Vinton classic, To Know You is to Love You. John motions for all to join in the refrain. And we do!

To know, know, know you
Is to love, love, love you

“We’re here to make music,” says John, “regardless of who is conducting or composing.” He reminds us, “If you are the Light, you bring the Light with whoever is present.”

3 x 5 cards with questions written on them are brought to John. His answers are as varied as the queries. Yet to this writer, each reply seems to carry the message, “You are the Light.”

Circumstance is always colored by choice. Fickle is the way of the world. “We can still choose the loving,” says John. “Get the Love of God into whatever you’re doing.”

Those who reach for the Divine and opt to dance to the music of the True Self “can see what God sees, see good, even with the part that is coming into the knowing.”

Melancholy strains may yank us away at moments. Grace and a reprieve from pain is available. “Love God. Love your Life. That’s the cure for depression.” With a tone that conveys compassion, John says, “Hope you like the recipe.”

Later he confidently states, “When there is disturbance, seek the Comforter – the presence is with you. You can walk in any circumstance and you are comforted…It goes to every cell.”

To another John says, “We’re in God’s eternal prayer. All of this creation is loved. This is the genius of the Light.”

John replies to one more query about working with the Light: “The Mystical Traveler is the direct line to God. This is your inheritance. Welcome home.”

~Kim Watkinson

For your Light and Awareness: Money was raised for Venezuela aid thanks to a post-seminar fundraiser dance hosted by Heartfelt and DJ Gaby. Venezuela is still in need of assistance. Your kind contributions to Heartfelt at MSIA.org/donate are appreciated.

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