Experience Is Its Own Proof

By: John-Roger, DSS

March 26th, 2019

Experience Is Its Own Proof


Is there any real validity that God exists? Not for those who need proof. But those who are experiencing the consciousness of transcendence don’t need any proof.
– John-Roger

This article by John-Roger was first published in the Movement Newspaper, January 1986.

If you knew the truth about something which someone were to ask you, would you lie about it, or would you tell the truth? Suppose you had the ability to know that you were the son of God. And somebody asked you, “Are you the son of God?” What would you say? You would have to say yes, otherwise you wouldn’t be the son of God, because the son of God wouldn’t lie.

It can become very difficult to discern the Spirit. Yet, the proof in any truth is the ability for it to manifest independently of the person proclaiming it.

Gravity existed before anyone proclaimed it. Likewise, you may have an experience with a transcendental energy that we call the Light. Perhaps, someone else calls it the Light, or maybe they call it something else. But you’ve had an experience with it and that validates it beyond the vocabulary level.

Your experience becomes your verification of the truth. You may have discovered that vocabulary terms were unable to define what happened. Often you proceed with vocabulary words in an attempt to explain it and the other person said, “No, that wasn’t quite it. That doesn’t quite explain it.”

The only word in our vocabulary which we could accurately use to describe it would be “all.” All means it encompasses the whole thing, and the spiritual Light that we’re talking about encompasses it all.

Historically, mankind manifested himself upon the planet through an accident of nature. They didn’t know what they were doing when they were producing it. This level from that time on has been known as the mistake level. We look around and we say, “What a mistake!” We quit a job and say, “What a mistake.” We sell a house, or we criticize a friend and perhaps we say, ” I was mistaken.”

I often refer to this as the level of the mistake, except for one thing — it’s part of the all. So if it’s part of the all, and all is God, and God resides in that thing we call perfection, how can this be a mistake? It’s a PERFECT mistake!

Have you ever noticed how people can make mistakes and get there anyway? If this level is a mistake, and everything is working as a mistake (and it sure gives that impression), what’s the hope for mankind here? Is there hope in a mistake? Perhaps it’s the hope that we don’t make the same mistake twice. Have you noticed that? How many of you have said, “I won’t do that again.” Then you said, “When will I learn better?” You’ve made all these promises to yourself, and in the midst of making and breaking these promises you think God should help you.

Is there any real validity that God exists? Not for those who need proof. But those who are experiencing the consciousness of transcendence don’t need any proof. Everywhere they look, they find more proof. Yet at the same time those who doubt will deny God’s very existence, because there is a part inside us called “the mind.” The mind is inherited out of a universal energy that we call the “negative power” and its very nature is of doubting.

Is there proof to validate the doubt? About as much as there is not to validate it — none. There is no knowledge of Spirit in the body except the Soul, and it is knowledge of itself. And that is the very medium by which this whole level is maintained. You have to find it for yourself. You don’t go down the path of righteousness by going down the path of evil. No one can declare it for you. You can’t worship false gods, you can’t worship the god of opinion. Nor are we alone in our search. Spirit will come to your aid when you give over to your Divine essence.

On a mistake level, nothing works one hundred percent except a mistake. Keep that in mind, because you’re always dealing in percentages when you deal with how something is going to work on this level. What percentage are you willing to give over to your spiritual self — two percent? Don’t expect the rest of it, just expect two percent, because that’s what you’ve made available for your immediate work. Then you say, “But God, I don’t trust it.” You’re mind will never trust it, it doubts it. But your intuition, your “gut” feelings can trust it.

After watching this game for a long time I’ve discovered that there is nothing quite so magnificent as the forgiving heart. That one inside of us who says, “Lord, after all the mistakes I’ve made, after all the things I’ve believed as true that I paraded around as self-righteousness and have brought me nowhere, I can do nothing more with them except ask for your grace.”

It feels good when we stand up. We don’t become a true human being until someplace inside of us we stand up. It is not important to stand up for those things which we believe in, but that we stand up for those things that are right and true. We can forget our beliefs, if they are not founded in God and in Spirit.

Baruch Bashan


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JR’s message is like a pure mountain stream on a hot summer’s day; it slakes my thirst for the divine and fills me with immense gratitude for his service to us.