World-Weary? Time to Lift to Spirit

By: John-Roger, DSS

April 12th, 2019

World-Weary?  Time to Lift to Spirit


It’s a big God. It encompasses all things. If the God you worship restricts and limits you, you’ve got a God that’s too small. Start looking around for a bigger one. There is no limit to the God we know in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness. There is no top; there is no ceiling.
– John-Roger

This article by John-Roger, first published in the Movement Newspaper in October of 1979, is featured in Volume 2 of the New Day Herald Magazine.

When you listen to life, you can hear the universal song of God as it is being sung to you from many levels. You may not hear it if you only listen to the clatter of people’s minds and mouths or noise of trains and city traffic. You can often hear God more clearly by listening to kind words and seeing people’s love expressed in words and actions. When you look into life, you can see the Light of God being reflected back to you through everyone you meet … and realize that God is in all you see and more.

Years ago I met briefly with a young man who had greatly abused the drug experience. There really wasn’t too much left of his consciousness except a rudimentary kind of reactive ability to function. There wasn’t even the kind of channel through which the Light could enter and assist him. I felt a great wave of empathy for him, along with the awareness that I could do nothing for him except, perhaps, plant a seed that would flourish in lifetimes to come. And yet, there was God, sitting in front of me. He was not separate or alone, although he no longer had the ability to sit still long enough inside of himself to discover who was in there with him. And that discovery is an important factor of self-growth.

You see, within you, you have eons of incarnations. You have racial memories. You have primordial energy fields. You have jealousies, depressions, envies, comparisons, greed and lust. You have many things inside of you. With all that inside, it’s no wonder there sometimes seems to be little room for happiness, joy and loving.

Sometimes my work becomes not so much adding to you as taking away from you. Before joy and loving can come in, there has to be space for them. So a lot of times I take away the greed, lust, fear and depression. With those gone, it’s easy to fill you up with joy and happiness.

The things that really work for you in MSIA are: love and Light. And as you move more and more into the place that is loving and expresses the Light, you find it easier and easier to know God. And that’s what MSIA is all about, knowing God.

How can you know God? First of all, you can know God by the Light energy as it is experienced through the physical senses. You may experience the Light as heat. You may find yourself feeling very warm and wonderful on a cold day. Or you may experience the Light as a tingling sensation, like a small charge of electricity running through the body.

You can also know God through your emotions. You can feel God through the joy that wells up inside you. When I look at people, I see the Father-Mother-God rising up in front of me in physical form. And I become so thankful and so grateful to see God manifesting in so many beautiful forms. Joy is an indicator of the presence of Spirit. MSIA seminars often turn into such joyful, silly, happy times of laughter and joking around. It’s good. Joy and laughter are ways to know God.

You can hear God in the Sound Current. You can hear God in the sound of a running stream, the sound of birds singing, the sound of a mother’s voice singing to her child, or the sound of children’s voices on a playground. You can hear God in the sound of chanting, when people come together to chant the sacred tones of God.

You know God through his agents, your friends who love you and hold the Light for you. God is always present, always with you, always available to you. And because God’s presence is sometimes difficult to perceive and relate to, He manifests himself through His agents…who might be your parents, your lover, your spouse, your boss, your friends, even the “stranger” on the street. When you put yourself in a position to receive, it is easy to spot the “god” that comes to assist you in your moments of need. He’s all around you, in many forms. All you have to do is look and listen.

It’s a big God. It encompasses all things. If the God you worship restricts and limits you, you’ve got a God that’s too small. Start looking around for a bigger one. There is no limit to the God we know in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness. There is no top; there is no ceiling. I’ve experienced over 91 universes, worlds without end. I know of no limit. The only limit I know is the limit of my own experience … and since my experience expands every moment, that’s not much of a limit. If you let each of the 91 universes represent worlds beyond counting, you might begin to get a glimpse of the God we know. It’s an awfully big God.

Within this God, there is not one Soul that will be lost. God will bring every Soul into spiritual awakening. He is not going to damn you or send you to hell or judge you or be evil towards you. God loves you, protects you, takes care of you, and leads you back into Himself. This is the God of joy and love, of Light and Sound. This is the God who extends grace to His beloveds on earth and dissolves their karma through His love. This is the God who allows you infinite choice and infinite opportunity to recognize His presence in your life. It blows your mind. You know, you cannot perceive the infinite God with a finite mind. It’s like trying to look at the world through a microscope. It’s going to be short-sighted.

The physical world is complete; all you can do here is discover what already is. All of the mental, emotional, and etheric worlds are also completed. All you can do is discover them. It’s the spiritual worlds of the Soul level and higher which are still in the process of creation. In the Soul realm and above, creation is not yet complete. When you reach that level, you work as a co-creator with God in the creation. And that becomes the experience of the infinite, the unlimited.

The lower levels are where the limitations exist. If you get yourself caught in the mind and emotions, you are stuck with imbalanced emotions and crazy thoughts. It’s only when you lift into an awareness of Soul that you experience God. In the lower worlds, negativity predominates. And if you dwell in the lower worlds, you will experience the negativity of the mind, emotions and imagination. When you lift into the Soul level, you still experience mind and emotions and imagination, but you experience the positive aspect of them … and hence you also perceive God in the lower worlds.

There is the story told of a self-awakened Master, an adept, who worked in New York City. He worked in an office, many floors up in a high-rise building. He would open the window in his office and look out, and his view was the side of another building, a few feet away from his window. He had a lot of time on his hands, so he used to look at the bricks of the building next door. He looked at the bricks, counted them, and memorized what they looked like. And he did this over and over–looked at them, counted them, memorized them. One day he looked at the bricks and realized he knew them so well that there was no more reason to look at them. And he wondered what was on the other side. And in that moment of wondering, he saw what was beyond the bricks! He had so completely exhausted looking physically that there was no more need to see that way again. He had gone beyond familiarity. He had gone beyond recognition. He had even gone beyond knowing. He knew how the bricks felt and everything about them. And he then transcended the limit that says you cannot see through a brick wall. It’s much the same process to perceive the Soul, the infinite nature of God. You hear the concept and you don’t see it–so you say there’s nothing there. And for you, there isn’t. Perhaps you need to look at a brick wall for a lifetime until you are so familiar with it that you learn to see beyond it.

Those people who have incarnated through many, many lifetimes reach a place that says, “I am so sick of this.” And then they see beyond the limits of this world and perceive God. A lot of the Souls that are young in terms of their experience of this world will express a curiosity about Spirit, but will participate only on the fringe of Spirit for many years. They will be more attracted to and distracted by the world. They may sample a lot of spiritual groups, looking for the magic, the trick and the glamour that is present. But they miss the joy of God and Spirit–because they don’t feel the fellowship of the people around them.

When people have seen this world–and seen this world–and seen this world–they start to weary of it. They start to feel the weight of all the worldly experience, and then they start looking into Spirit… and then lifting into Spirit. The concerns of the physical world become more illusionary than the world of Spirit. And God becomes more and more real. As God becomes the reality, the limits of the world fade away, and the Soul becomes free in its merging into God. The consciousness of the Soul is your heritage. The freedom of the Soul is your heritage. The experience of your oneness with God is your heritage. All you need do is claim that.

Baruch Bashan.


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