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John Morton, Sydney, Ministers and Initiates Meeting 2019

A Sacred Recording for MSIA Ministers and Initiates


On March 10th, John Morton was present at a sacred meeting for MSIA ministers and initiates in Sydney, Australia. The meeting was in-person only but is now released as a recording for all ministers and initiates.

Here’s a brief report from Dawn White, who was present at the meeting:

Our Beloved John gathers us up in The One Accord, singing heavenly praises to the Lord. Through focusing on the Great Beyond, altitude, grace, joy and peace, he brings us very quickly to that place where we are all one. With sweetness and power he shares the direct beauty of the Traveler Consciousness, available to all. Many shared with me after this seminar that it was so powerful they were almost immediately out of the body. For me, it was/is a direct experience of God and the immensity of the Mystical Travelers’ love for all – the Divine Presence in action and experience. Oh, wow – overflowing eternal gratitude!

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