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Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Gardens

Join the Traveler’s Team as a Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens (PAL&G) Docent


Kim Watkinson shares an invitation to join the docent team at Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens.

Yet another promo to attract volunteers? Yes and no. There are perks unique to serving the Traveler as a Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens (PAL&G) docent.

Thanks to our current docent team and publicity (New York Times, Washington Post, LA Weekly, Los Angeles Magazine and word of mouth) our tours are more popular than ever. We do need assistance maintaining the stellar level of service.

So, what’s in it for you?

  1. God’s exquisite eye for color is evident in the gardens. A palette which would be the envy of any painter greets YOU!
  2. Birds serenade you. Fountains bubble with joy at your presence.
  3. You get to share your Light with those new to MSIA in a very direct way. The entrance to the labyrinth, the HU sign – the ancient Sanskrit name for God – is a spectacular conversation starter. (Explaining Ani-HU; mentioning the PAL&G meditation and sound bath events is another way to extend an invitation to touch into peace.)
  4. The Carriage House (aka the Guest House) is a subtle way to encourage questions about the students who stay there and what they study.
  5. You get to practice creativity and discernment. You get to present yourself and the Traveler’s teachings in a way that invites but doesn’t insist.
  6. You get to witness the grandeur of Spirit as magnificent visitors open their hearts and choose also to remember (as J-R said) that “Peace is very much alive and present.”

Still thinking about it?
Here are testimonials from our fantabulous team of docents.

“Hearts – Loving Hearts – is the gift I receive from docenting.”
~Yvonne Mochel

“I look at my docenting as being of service to the community, because it’s a way that I can personally share my experiences of our spiritual teachings with the greater community rather than keeping our treasures to ourselves.”
~Katherine Hall

“I find docenting very fulfilling and love seeing the visitors’ faces looking more open and relaxed. Many return and tell me how they now attend our Tuesday evening workshops or just come with a friend to enjoy a delicious lunch and meditate in the garden.”
~Victoria Montgomery

“The best thing about being a docent was observing the wonder on guests’ faces when I was sharing the history and attributes of the property. My role as a Docent allowed me to regularly reflect upon not only the essence of the property, but also the amazing opportunity I had been granted. For this I will always be grateful.”
~Long-term Prana guest, Dean Davies

“Being a PAL&G docent is a great blessing! The home of the Traveler is totally magnificent, the meditation gardens and Labyrinth are immaculately beautiful and the big thing is the people are awesome! This is truly a great blessing and I really recommend it as an awesome service!”
~ Long-term Prana guest, Dawn White

“My experience of what I call “Day Maker” Docents, Receptionists, Sign-In Greeters and Sound Artists at PAL&G is like a breath of fresh air I take in, as the golden sun rises over a new horizon, and warmly touches to all that were in shadow; with soft bright star beams of an invisible spirit whose nurturing whisper on the calm wind says, “I love you. God bless you. Peace be still.”
~Bryan Crockett

Please contact Kim Watkinson at (323)737-4055 ext. 1130 to volunteer as a docent at Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens.

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