Easter at the Beach, 2019 [with Photos]

By: Gabe Morgan
Photos by Angela Parkes

April 24th, 2019

Easter at the Beach, 2019 [with Photos]


On Easter Sunday, MSIA held it’s annual Easter at the Beach gathering complete with entertainment, The Mystical Traveler, the Easter Bunny, an egg hunt, delicious Urth Caffé food and drink and our lovely MSIA family. Read below for a sharing from one of our musicians, Gabe Morgan, and be sure to check out Angela Parkes’ photos. [Event recording coming soon – Click here to sign up to receive notifications when event recordings become available.]

To me, the Light can be symbolized by the ocean. The ocean is a vast body of water equipped with a habitat we truly can’t see unless we look, and it moves both where we direct it — given we have the right tools — and where it is meant to go on its own. When I go to the beach, I go there to be a part of something greater than myself, and to meditate and bask in the beauty that is the ocean. I return from that meditation renewed and rejuvenated.

Easter at the Beach is a chance for me to have my cake and eat it too. Being a part of this spiritual practice and community is a blessing all unto its own. But being able to live the blessings of the energy of the Traveler, the Light and Spirit, while living the blessing of the ocean, is an indescribable and beautiful experience.

Add music to that, and I’ll be having myself a perfect day. Easter at the Beach touches all aspects of the more sacred parts of my life. It involves being around family and friends, both old and new; being in the energy of Spirit and the Light while welcoming others unfamiliar with this energy to be one with us. It involves laughs, great food, and to top it all off, I am in my water sanctuary that is the Pacific Ocean.

Check out the Photos from the Easter at the Beach, 2019


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Beautifully expressed! Love it!