IIWP’s Second “Planting a Tree for Peace” Event in Caracas, Venezuela!

By: MSIA Staff

February 7th, 2014

On Sunday, February 9th, IIWP Rep Vania Grimalt and other peacemakers gathered in the garden of the Simon Bolivar University to plant IIWP’s second tree for peace in Caracas.  Here’s her report:

It was Sunday, February 2nd. For this second planting in Caracas, it was a very cloudy day. The day started out with some uncertainty, because there was supposed to be a protest at the University that day due to the conditions that the employees are going through. We moved the time of the gathering earlier so that we could hopefully do the planting. Then, there was an accident that happened that morning with the rupture of a toxic waste disposal about 2.5 miles from where the tree was going to be planted. So, everyone was moved out of the area, and the protest was cancelled.  The planting was good to go.

We were the only ones allowed to be there. The Simon Bolivar University is one of the top higher education institutions in Venezuela and a top 50 in Latin America, specializing in Engineering and Sciences. It is also known by its beautiful gardens, having had a tree planted by the Dalai Lama in the year 1990 and a garden designed by the Venezuelan and international kinetic artist Cruz-Diez. It is located at Sartenejas valley at the outskirts of Caracas, with a mild climate and isolated from the hurries of the city.

The tree that we planted was given to us by the University gardeners, and we were asked to bring plastics bags as a donation for the gardeners to help keep the area clean. The place we were assigned was by the main entrance of the University. From an air view, it makes a triangle with the tree planting by the Dalai Lama and the art garden.

We started by calling in the Light, chanting 3 Ani Hu’s and visualizing a column of Light, Love and Peace that surrounded, filled and protected us. Then we did the planting and surrounded the tree in a circle, placing qualities of peace to spread out to the city, the country and the whole world. The rock with the inscription “Peace is Present” ~John-Roger D.S.S was set by the tree, facing east to witness the rising of the sun and to create peace within every heart.

The Rector coordinator was present, and she explained to us that they would plant yellow flowers at the foot of the tree to celebrate peace in the world.

The tree donated was a Bucare, described as an invaluable shading resource for coffee and cocoa.  They are also often used to make living fences, since they are readily cut. With their handsome orange-red flowers, they are also sometimes planted as an ornament. The flowers of the tree can be eaten in salads and soups.  So this tree has quite a range of possible uses.

After we finished we enjoyed a delicious tea, coffee and lemon pie! Peace was once again present as we manifested our sweet intention to celebrate together the planting of a tree for Peace.

Love and Light,

Vania Grimalt and Angel Grimalt (Angel helped to organize the event, although he couldn’t be with us that day)

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Oh my God this is SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the fact that IIWP Peacemakers are planting trees for peace – it seems like such an alive way to participate and share the peace that is always present. So much Light and love to this event and action of peace! Love to all.