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PTS Launches MSS 1 September 2019!
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Soul Transcendence: You may think of Soul Transcendence as a great phenomenon that exists way out of reach. It is not out of reach. It is right here, right now. It has no dimension, no time, no level, so it cannot be separated in any way from you at any moment. It is always present. When you turn your attention to the Soul, all other levels dissolve, and you are completely free of the bonds of the lower worlds. – From the book: Fulfilling Your Spiritual Promise Vol. 1 by John-Roger, DSS

Peace Theological Seminary and College of Philosophy (PTS) is happy to announce the commencement of our Master of Spiritual Science Worldwide Program, beginning September 20 – 22, 2019 presented in English with simultaneous Spanish translation.

PTS’s Master of Spiritual Science (MSS) program provides students with an ongoing, in-depth curriculum to study, experience, and integrate the teachings of Soul Transcendence.

The course work is designed to encourage students to apply the teachings as a conscious daily practice. As they observe their progress, they can gain greater clarity of the presence of Spirit in their everyday lives. Their awareness of themselves as a Soul is increased, thus allowing them to live the essence of practical spirituality, which brings the path of Soul Transcendence into an active, alive, and joyful process.

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The MSS Program meets one weekend a month for nine months. Students are given beautiful take-home resources, support materials and complementary home assignments to explore and complete in between the class weekends that are designed to integrate and practice the tools and keys of Soul Transcendence.

Students may choose to attend In Person in Los Angeles, CA or participate online from anywhere in the World with our Worldwide Live Stream Program.

Are you interested in diving more deeply into Soul Transcendence?

Are you interested in consciously experiencing the daily benefits of knowing yourself as a Soul?

Are you interested in participating in John-Roger’s Mystery School?

Our next MSS Year 1 Class begins: September 20 – 22, 2019.

We would love for you to join us!

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