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A Week in Colorado with Our Traveler and Staff

A Week in Colorado with Our Traveler and Staff
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A Tribute to Service

I’ve heard J-R say that the highest form of consciousness in the physical world is service. So it could be said that our job here is to be in service. There’s a very successful football coach who has a mantra when addressing his team which is “Do your job well” with the emphasis on “your.” I’ve put these two together “Do your service well,” which seems appropriate after what I just witnessed here in Colorado.

The opportunities for service showed up in various ways. The beginning of the week involved Staff Services performed by our blessed friends Angel, Vincent and Bruce. This was followed by a Q&A Seminar with our Beloved Traveler, John Morton, on Friday night. This set the stage for our workshop “Awakening as the Christ” facilitated by another one of our blessed friends, Sherie Wylie, along with our blessed Light Ambassador, Leigh Taylor-Young Morton. The finale was our Q&A Fundraising Dinner with the Traveler on Sunday night.

All of the above events were impeccable, joyful and loving in their service to us. Yet I feel there is one group that merits special acknowledgment. A special acknowledgment to those who made it happen. An acknowledgment to the participants. For none of this happens if no one participates. And the ones who did participate did their job really well. They signed up early and often for the Staff Services. We had a waitlist. They filled the room for the Friday night Seminar creating an inviting and loving space for our Beloved Traveler. They did what they were asked to do to make the workshop a go, registering early and paying in full before it was even known how or when the workshop would happen.

Again, a job well done. And if you were there, you were at your best in your how you all ministered to each other during the workshop. The depth of loving was palpable. There is a reality coming forward, that each day is a new day, and on this day I awaken as the Christ.

I am the Christ.

And when I am not, I acknowledge, pause, take a breath, heal.

I am the Christ.

And when I am not, I acknowledge, pause, take a breath, heal.

And I will keep doing this until it completely fills my Beingness.

I am the Christ.

There is something happening here. What it is ain’t exactly clear. But it is growing and birthing itself through all of us. I can’t say I know how the “new Jerusalem” will come about, but I like to think it begins as each one of us awakens as the Christ.

And towards this new beginning the next step is upon us, to gather again and minister to ourselves and each other, to do as the apostles did and experience the Holy Spirit and “be of one accord.” It is powerful when we gather. We have people here in Colorado that are already in motion, laying the groundwork for next year that we may again experience Staff Services, Seminar with our Beloved Traveler, a workshop and dinner.  And in case you haven’t figured it out, the name of the workshop will be “The One Accord.” Receive of this open invitation for all to join us.

Special thanks to the Colorado Community, to all those who participated, to all of those who helped with set-up, registration, planning and organizing for all the events, you all did your job really well.

And thank you J-R, John Morton and the line of Travelers who love us and support us in our awakening

God Blesses us All. Love and Light going forward.

In Loving Service,
Tom and Madonna Smyth

Check out David Sand’s photos from the Colorado Events with the Traveler

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