The Highest Good Workshop – Day 2 [with Photos]

By: David Whitaker
Photos by David Sand

June 30th, 2019

The Highest Good Workshop – Day 2 [with Photos]


The Highest Good Workshop continued with another day of upliftment, growth, and learning. The energy kept building, expanding, going ever higher into new levels of the Highest Good.

At the close of the workshop, I was left with the sense that the Highest Good is like infinity. It just keeps going, on and on and on to the next thing. I can think of J-R saying something like, “think of the largest number that you can and then multiply it by itself.” That might start to get you headed in the direction that we’re going here.

I came away with a much bigger idea of what the Highest Good is. That there is one highest good for all eternity, that it’s here and now present, it’s always been here, and it will continue to be, ever expanding into that which is higher.

There’s an old MSIA song that goes, “Light and sound, higher and higher, lift up your hearts in song. Be the living love, take a little bit (or take it all as J-R recommended in an excerpt that we watched during the workshop) and pass it on, higher, higher and higher.”

The highest good is here. Hallelujah!

And here’s John-Roger’s, Christ, My Man for Eternity. Our closing excerpt from the workshop.

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