Ministers Meeting of the Highest Good [with Photos]

By: Matt Van Fossan
Photos by David Sand

July 1st, 2019

Ministers Meeting of the Highest Good [with Photos]


The highest good became gloriously evident as ministers gathered in person and online for the largest ministers meeting of the year. Matt VanFossan (author), called us into the Light and the amazing Leigh Taylor-Young offered a sublime planetary blessing that invoked sacred silence as a way to uplift our beautiful earthly home.

Our beloved María José Marañon gave a touching acceptance speech as she received a Minister of the Year award. Stephen Beech received Minister of the Year as well, and as he shared his gratitude I felt the ministers in the room come closer together in their loving.

This year’s service awards were received by three incredible spiritual servants of the Lord. Aurora Walker, Sindy Wilkinson, and Elizabeth Spanton. All three demonstrate that being of silent service, working behind the scenes, and giving in simple yet profound ways is a powerful ministry. I felt blessed by their exampleship.

Paul Kaye shared a J-R clip on tithing I’d never seen before and I was glad to experience it. He thanked everyone for their generosity and for using ‘the left and right hands of God,’ as J-R has called them, tithing and seeding.

Our spectacular Traveler, Johnny [John] Morton, took the stage for great moments of Traveler sharing. Johnny shared about an incident the night before when police came to his house unexpectedly and how he and Leigh turned the situation into a blessing. The ministers laughed and cheered as the story unfolded. I counted myself very blessed to be listening to the Traveler’s words. MSIA Ministers will want to watch the recording of this one if you haven’t already.

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