BlessingsFest 2019 in the Home of the Traveler!

By: Dawn White
Photos by David Sand

July 3rd, 2019

BlessingsFest 2019 in the Home of the Traveler!


Held in the magnificent surroundings of Prana (Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens), the 2019 BlessingsFest was a celebration of coming home!

Under beautiful blue skies, our beautiful Home of the Traveler sparkled with glorious golden hues, with the decor regally matching the magnificent Spirit of Light enjoyed throughout the day. With magnificent John Morton, our Traveler, continually sharing an abundance of Blessings, “our cups overflowing with Loving Light” and “perfect vulnerability being perfect protection” emerged as main themes for me.

We laughed, I cried with joy, we laughed some more, and folks said they were seeing purple hues of the Traveler throughout, and that it was the best food ever. The service by the assistants was truly magnificently loving and, to me, it was the Best BlessingsFest ever!!! My experience is that every single part of me and all entire universes continue to be thoroughly Blessed! The Highest Good abounded and, to me, our bountiful BlessingsFest continues to roll on in the Spirit as an ongoing Blessing of new beginnings!

Thank You God, Travelers and all – Oh Wow!

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