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Windermere Ranch Tours — July 2019 [with Photos]


I’m going back to Windermere Ranch soon. I want to clean off the top of the peace pole by the pond. The birds seem to have a different perspective on the symbolism of the pole than I do. The base of the pole however is graced with a couple dozen Windermere stones with different versions of peace painted on them by tour participants. Very cool.

And yeah the participants are very cool. 16 ‘not’ wayward Souls from 6 different countries came up from Prana in Los Angeles — after the Conference of the Highest Good — in vans driven by Rene and Kevin, who graciously turned at Camino Cielo Road rather than continuing on to the casino.

The weather turned out to be 72 degrees and sunny, so we made do as we packed the Bunkhouse refrigerator with Whole Foods’ stuff and then either climbed into the back of the ranch truck adorned with hay bales, or just walked (no refunds) to Queilin rocks.

Kevin (the driver who does it all) called in the Light and we did some Spiritual Exercises beneath the azure sky and in the silence of Windermere. No one wanted to leave Queilin, but the yancy tour guide reminded them that bliss was nice but lunch was waiting. It didn’t really work but somehow we ended up back at the Bunkhouse deck. I used to call the Bunkhouse view “the million dollar view,” but I’m old so I now call it “the ten million dollar view.”

There was a lot of bliss at lunch too, but Mr. Yancy got everybody over to the ponds where more beauty and peace was endured by all. We also gathered around the peace pole (no birds – they were singing in the background) and we called in the Light in Spanish and chanted Ani Hu in the universal language, followed by a really sweet round of impromptu prayers. Wow.

Then we headed down to the lower property via truck and Kubota and foot. We fed and hugged and kissed Valentino, Windermere’s way upgraded version of a peaceful llama. The goats were well…goats, all cute and pushy. Bully and Joker kept their distance in a nearby valley only because they didn’t know there was so much love (and alfalfa pellets) on the hillside above. The coastal breeze that always slips up through the valleys and trees kissed our sunburned (hey we used sunblock) smiling faces. Good time to take a deep breath all full of gratitude and love.

Back on the upper property where oak trees rule, we stopped at the tree swing. I uttered the famous Indiana Jones quote, “very dangerous, you go first” and most of us imbibed with great success and laughing, and a bit of dizziness not unlike that of the kiddy roller coaster at the state fair.

And then it was over. Spontaneous hugs and kisses and goodbye waves as Kevin made a seven-point turn around in front of the Bunkhouse (it is a very big van), and headed up the hill and around the curve.

Just another joyful day full of blessings and memories. Windermere. So grateful.

God Bless,
Dave Wright

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1 thought on “Windermere Ranch Tours — July 2019 [with Photos]”

  1. Enjoyed an abundant filled day at Windermere. So beautiful and peaceful – just Heavenly! Good to see Dave and his daughter : ) together enjoying the day with us. Sending my light to all – Peace be still, God bless you, I love you – &&&& PS: All the best to Milo and Lailani on taking care of Windermere …

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