How Do You Get More?

By: John-Roger, DSS

July 19th, 2019

How Do You Get More?


If you find yourself starting to hate someone, forget it. It’s hurting you worse than it is them. Instead, go to the Spirit which resides in all things. We are all one people. We are one world. We are not of one expression. We all feel things deeply but not necessarily the same things. You have to develop a tolerant attitude, an accepting consciousness toward everyone, realizing that only the expression is unique. What lies beyond the expression is all one Spirit. – John-Roger

This article by John-Roger was originally published in the Movement Newspaper in September 1982.

There are three concepts that I’d like to present to you as ways to assist you in your lives. These could be called “spiritual laws” or they could be called “guidelines.” They work whether or not you’re aware of them (sort of like gravity). You may experience greater success in your life if you can work consciously with these “laws.”

The first one is: Thoughts in which you persist form states of mind. If you think someone doesn’t like you, guess what starts happening? If you think you can’t get a job, guess what you can’t do? If you think about poverty, guess what you’re going to have? You are a creator. This idea is like telling a little child, “Watch out! Don’t drop the glass.” The last thing he hears is “drop the glass,” so he drops it, and you say, “I told you not to drop it.” And the child thinks, “I did exactly what you said. I dropped it. You told me what to do.” Always and forever, the thoughts you persist in become a state of mind.

Hold the thoughts in your mind that you want more of. If you hold negative thoughts, you’re going to get them. If you want positive results in your life, hold positive thoughts in your mind. Now comes the question, “If I hold a positive thought, why don’t I get what I want right away?”

When you have persisted in negative thoughts over a long period of time, you have to hold a lot of positive thoughts in order to change the state of mind.

The second “law” is: States of mind in which you persist form consciousness. If you persist, for example, in driving fast, gambling, being dissatisfied with your employment or your relationships, then that becomes your nature, and you start to incorporate the nature into your consciousness. If your thoughts persist in being free and you keep saying, “I want to be free, and I don’t want anybody binding me,” that starts to form consciousness.

And that brings us to the third spiritual “law”: The consciousness in which you persist forms the manifestation. Pretty soon you’re stepping out on your spouse or you’re fired from your job or you’re involved in a car accident. These things happen to you because you have created them through your thoughts and consciousness and thus gave them spiritual substance. Your thoughts form a consciousness around you, an aura, a vibration. That auric vibration goes out and starts to bring in to you what you’ve been thinking. Then you say, “Why did that happen to me?” Stinking thinking produces stinking results. Don’t complain when negative experiences come your way. Just change your approach. You may have to get a new picture of what you want. A brand new image. Once you have that image formed solidly within you, it starts to come about. Your persistence brings it about. He wins who endures to the end. Not your declared-upon end, but rather the end which declares itself to you.

There are two sides to consciousness—the human side and the spiritual side. On the human side, there’s life and death. Even while there is life, there is death in the same body. The body is changing all the time. Negative thoughts affect the body negatively. They create dis-ease. If you hold negative thoughts, you are committing suicide every day. You take into your system things that are really disastrous, and the body adapts to them. Then, when you seem unaffected, you say, “Oh, it didn’t hurt me.” You adapt and do not notice the hurt. It doesn’t mean it’s not there. You might want to live a happier and more uplifting life. There’s not much fun in living a diseased existence when you have a lot of much better choices.

On the opposite side of the human consciousness (life/death) is the spiritual consciousness—which is life. Life is a vibrant energy moving in you. The human consciousness includes good and evil. In the spiritual consciousness there is just good or God. The inner body is perfect. But when you think and hold negative thoughts, they manifest in your body as disease, and you wonder why you’re sick.

All you have to do is give up your thinking and your negativity and let the Spirit inside of you start to move and speak through you. You then become one with your divine destiny, not on a word level but on a knowing level. You know your goodness and your “Godness.” Some people say, “This is it! This is all there is!” That’s baloney. There is always more. Progression is infinite.

How do you get more? A big key is meditation or spiritual exercises. It is a “vehicle” that transmutes, translates, transforms and conducts energies from the human to the spiritual in the human state, so you become Christ-like in the body. You become more conscious of your spiritual nature and of its existence within the context of the physical body. You are already spiritual, no matter what you do, but you become more conscious of it by spending time in the meditative state.

Sometimes when you “meditate,” you are really spending the time in a “thought form state” being obsessed or possessed with directing your consciousness. And if what you’re directing your consciousness toward is not too fulfilling, and you’re not getting what you want or feeling fulfilled, then you blame the object of your desire, accuse it of all sorts of things, and think you get to walk away karmically free. The fact of the matter is that as you judge, so you are judged. You get the judgment inside of yourself instantaneously—by your own creation, not by anyone else’s.

If you find yourself starting to hate someone, forget it. It’s hurting you worse than it is them. Instead, go to the Spirit which resides in all things. We are all one people. We are one world. We are not of one expression. We all feel things deeply but not necessarily the same things. You have to develop a tolerant attitude, an accepting consciousness toward everyone, realizing that only the expression is unique. What lies beyond the expression is all one Spirit.

Sometimes it’s important to just be quiet, sit still, and not say anything. In the quietness of the mind and emotions, you get to know that divine part of yourself. You get an experience of God. When you have a difficult time attempting to reconcile the desires of the body, mind and emotions with the spiritual voice inside that says, “Don’t do that; it will get you in trouble,” you pretend you don’t hear it. And you believe that it’s okay because it feels okay. Or you think it’s okay. Then when the disastrous result come to you, you wonder, “Why me, God, why me?” The answer is very simple. Thoughts in which you persist form states of mind.

Everyone has hallucinations—sometimes called fantasizing, daydreaming or wishful thinking. You do it so much the thoughts start coming back upon you, but you’ve forgotten that you originated them, so they seem new and you think they must be from God. They’re not. If your thoughts actually persisted on God, your consciousness would start to reflect the divine state, and you would start manifesting the Christ consciousness here on this planet. You would be a wayshower to everyone around you. That’s what spiritual exercises are all about. They hold the focus on God. There is a saying, “As a man thinketh in his heart, he becomes.” That’s true to a point, but if you don’t do what you become, it’s self-defeating. It isn’t enough to think good or feel good. You have to do good.

Trust that you will know the truth inside of you when it’s spoken. Move on the truth as you know it, realizing that truth for you may not be truth for someone else. You must persist in your “own” truth, and those thoughts in which you persist form your state of mind. But remember, truth is a perception. You can’t declare it. If someone says to you, “This is how I perceive the truth,” listen to them. But if they say, “Here is the truth,” I would get up and walk out. Why? Because truth doesn’t come through in reflected energy. It comes through as a knowing, an essence, a realness of something that is more powerful than your breath.

You’re going to have to persist past everything you think, everything you have thought, everything you will think, anything anybody else has thought, thinks, or will think. You have to be able to outlast everything and endure to the end.

If you can just be quiet, peaceful, and calm, the energy will start to come up inside of you. Sometimes, if you’ve been doing negative things to your body and that energy starts to recycle on you, it can make you sleepy, tired, or nervous. It lets you know you are out of line with the flow of energy that is YOU.

The energy of the Soul is pure. The spiritual consciousness, which includes the body, must be energized with the Soul’s essence. You do that through spiritual exercises which connect energies together and move them through every part of your body. The more you do spiritual exercises, the more vibrant and dynamic life becomes within you. That vibrancy travels through every dimension of space and time when it’s part of Spirit. You are connected to everything, and when you need assistance, Spirit provides it instantly. When your energy is not connected to Spirit, but is connected only to personality, your cries for help may not be noticed. A whimper in Spirit is heard, and all creation turns to lift you. Complain from the level of personality, and people walk away. The positive response is always from the Spirit in you to the Spirit in you. And it’s perfect.

Sometimes you reach a place in your life—and it may be a sad place—where you look at the other person as being somebody different or alien, and to prove that’s true, you persist in negative thoughts about them. You persist in being right in your statement of judgment. You insist. But the part of them which is divine is the same part that’s divine in you. It’s all one divinity. It’s all one God.

A group is only many individuals gathered together. Within a group are individuals, in personality, in the physical, each one loved individually in the Spirit. An individual can never be treated as a group. You are loved as you. And the group is loved as you. I can love you, and I can love the group, and go to the essence of God that is within both the individual and the group. The key is really in loving yourself first. When I love the me that is God, then I love the me in everyone that is also God—and that is you. There is no difference. The only difference is the awareness and the willingness to sacrifice all things, at all costs, and seek first the Kingdom of Heaven. The Kingdom of Heaven is within. Your Self is within. Seek your Self within and love your Self, and all else will follow naturally. In all of God’s Kingdom, there is only God’s goodness, God’s life, and God’s love. And those things are what you are.

Baruch Bashan.


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