Grads Share Their Love of DSS — Is Your Heart Calling You To Participate? Classes Begin September 6!

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August 20th, 2019

Grads Share Their Love of DSS — Is Your Heart Calling You To Participate? Classes Begin September 6!


“Peace Theological Seminary and College of Philosophy is offering a three-year course of study to get a Doctorate in Spiritual Science. People are so joyful that this course exists, and many have tears of gratitude because it is something that they’ve always wanted. Now it is being presented where they can learn it, use it, repeat it, live it, teach it, and grow in the process.” – John-Roger, DSS

We invite all graduates of the Master of Spiritual Science (MSS) to jump in and participate with us in the adventure which is the Doctor of Spiritual Science (DSS).  DSS is an opportunity to create transformation and change from the inside out in your own unique and creative ways, and to enjoy satsang with MSIA Ministers and Initiates in this powerful journey.

The DSS program is experiential. In DSS you put into practice as a disciple of Spirit—as a Spiritual Scientist—the spiritual teachings as brought forward by the Travelers.

With daily engagement, you develop a map of your consciousness and your own spiritual practices as you expand as an Initiate and Minister of God’s Love, Light and Sound.

Year 1 of the Doctor of Spiritual Science Class begins the weekend of September 6th, 2019.
You can participate in person in Los Angeles or from anywhere in the world via Live Stream.

Here is what some of our 2019 Graduates say about DSS:

My experience of completing the DSS Program was like a magical pass.  With each breath, I wander through the musical notes issued by the beats of my heart. This revealed to me a beautiful inner song of Love and Light of which I am the author and main protagonist.  Gratitude to myself, gratitude to all people and things in all levels of consciousness. Baruch Bashan.  I love this very much,
– Rev. Linda Darlis Alves, DSS, Brazil

“My experience of 5 years of DSS and graduating is the most profound transformation including:  a deep inner peace that surpasses understanding, much more acceptance of myself, others, environment, and circumstances. I see more beauty, more loving, caring, sharing.   I am dancing with God in tender/gentle joy.  I am grateful to all, including myself, who made this possible.”
– Rev. Lorraine Andrew, DSS, Michigan USA

The Doctor of Spiritual Science program offered by PTS is a true Mystery School led by the Traveler Consciousness and one that I have been participating in for a long time. To complete it on the physical realms was a profound, life changing experience punctuated by a beautiful celebration and graduation.  I am so very grateful and full of loving.
– Rev. Edie Willey, DSS, Montana USA

After all the online classes, commitment, dedication and completing the Practical Treatise — which was awesome in itself — doing and being at the graduation  in person and meeting up with fellow graduates was the ultimate reward. Loving, Light, Blessings,
– Rev. Louise Rose Lautman, DSS, England


DSS classes begin Sept 6!  We’d love to have you with us.

Click Here to Apply for DSS in English

DSS Aplicación de enlace español

The Master of Spiritual Science (MSS) class lays the foundation for the DSS experience and is a prerequisite to participate in DSS. If you have not yet taken the MSS, give yourself the wonderful gift of the MSS!
MSS classes begin September 20.

MSS Application link in English

MSS Aplicación de enlace español

We look forward to being with you in our MSS and DSS classes!

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