A Big Month for the MSIA Bulgaria Community

By: Svetlomira Obretenova, photos by David Sand

August 20th, 2019

A Big Month for the MSIA Bulgaria Community

Hi MSIA Worldwide!

Here in Bulgaria we had a big month for MSIA community!

In the beginning of August it was the first PAT 1 Training with facilitator Marcos Cajina, and right after that we started the first ever Tour of Bulgaria with the Traveler!

Following the Tour came the moment for the MSIA Open Event with John Morton on the theme “Soul Transcendence.”

After a whole day of preparing the conference room for the event (in one of the amazing hotels right in the center of the city of Sofia), registration began. We had a full house of people, and half of them were for the first time in such an event. We had people from Koprivchica, one of our little towns, also part of the Tour, and we had a lady visiting from Italy who was passing by Sofia! How the Spirit works, ah? 🙂

The event started with calling the Light and inviting John Morton on stage. After he introduced himself, he invited his wife Leigh Taylor-Young to share a story from their journey together in the Spirit.

Both of them shared that we all are one in Spirit! John Morton shared stories from the Tour in Bulgaria and invited us to be open for the unknown which is coming our way with the words of the poet Rumi: “Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing there is a field!! I’ll meet you there.”

We talked about Christ consciousness and the opportunity for service to others for the highest good, how we can go in the Spirit while we are still in our body here on Earth, and we can bring forward Heaven on Earth. John reminded us that we all have a part of the Christ in us and we can communicate from this state of loving!

In this event, John invited us to share with him and it was magical. After a few questions from the new Souls in our community, the Traveler concluded that we can be learning in this world without struggles. We are the responsible creators of the future and we can bring the Light in this world if we choose to!

In conclusion, I want to say “Thank you” to the MSIA community for all the support this month for MSIA Bulgaria! Personally for me it was a great opportunity to learn and grow in this field of loving!

For more information about the community of Bulgaria you can check the Facebook profile “MSIA Bulgaria”

In loving service,
Svetlomira Obretenova, volunteer and part of the MSIA community

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