Answering the Call to Spirit’s Leadership

By: John Morton, DSS

August 1st, 2019

Answering the Call to Spirit’s Leadership


This is an excerpt from a sharing that John Morton had with the faculty of PTS’s Transcendent Leadership Program on March 26, 2019. In it, he shares the blessing of the program, the call to answer Spirit, and practical guidance for anyone wanting greater authentic spiritual attunement. John offers a beautiful example of what J-R calls a Spiritual Challenge.

It is important to understand how intention works. If we have this opportunity with the Traveler on the line, called forward, then we can consider that Spirit is leading. There’s already a plan in place from Spirit and we are seeing it.

Or are we seeing something else or looking at something else and making that the focus, instead of what Spirit is actually presenting to us if we care to attend to it? I’ll claim that for us, that we do care to attend to Spirit’s leadership. We all have an opportunity—and I mean all Souls—to be highly attuned and become more highly attuned.

One way I look at this program is that it’s taking the opportunity to be more highly attuned spiritually, including all that goes with that. I see that in our willingness to be present with what is and look at it. If we open up that sense, it opens up other senses that could bring greater understanding about what it is to be more highly attuned and on purpose with our Soul and what we’re doing in this world.

The good news is that the way I experience the Traveler Consciousness is as the Light, the truth and the way. There are other words we could say, but those are powerful words. Whoever has the authority may speak them in the I am. I consider the Traveler Consciousness is that I am that is the way, is the truth.

The Transcendent Leadership faculty wrote: “Transcendent leadership is about recognizing that there is loving greatness in everyone. It is not about putting loving and greatness into people. It is already there.” Amen. “Our job as transcendent leaders is to create an environment where the loving and greatness can emerge and flourish in ourselves and others.” That’s another Amen.

None of us is here to do what somebody else is doing. They’re already doing it. Hopefully that’s a relief. That’s how it should be experienced. We have what we’re to do, and one of the ways I see it is that everyone’s a genius. Everyone is gifted spiritually. If you are breathing, that’s a spiritual gift. That’s the prime requisite on this level. Take the breath. If we’re not breathing we are going to be in some dysfunction, out of alignment and not here shortly! It’s required with what goes on. You breathe into your experience and it delivers conscious awareness. It delivers the Light. The breath is the Light, the illumination, and in that consciousness is direct knowing.

As we expand, it becomes something greater in that we’re finding we can do something greater. We took that on as a purpose through the Seminary and through the Travelers’ works. That’s how I see it. That got my attention. I see this program as moving higher in our works and also moving higher in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness as that is rolling itself out on the planet at this time. Not only what John-Roger laid down in particular, but also the spiritual head of this church, Jesus as the Christ Consciousness.

We are coming directly through that work. It doesn’t require that we wear certain garments, eat in a certain way or face in a certain direction. Those are ritualistic forms. What we’re looking for is something that gets beyond a ritual or formula and gets to the essence. Whatever your essence is becomes what you can present and offer into the program. That then becomes a gift.

Essence is a word that speaks to something in a greater way. What is essential nature? We’re not looking at the lesser nature, the part of your nature you could possibly cut off, but the parts you need. You need a heart. You need something that can bring oxygen into the bloodstream. The cells need that molecule, that eruption, the spark of the divine that comes through when it hits the cell and fires and illuminates. That’s the least of it, but it brings an opportunity into the greater.

There is another opportunity going into the second year of the Transcendent Leadership program. You’re not regressing; you’re progressing and expanding. What would that be? It could be a turn, like we’re going to go into the unconscious. Some might say: “You mean the dark? The place I don’t want to go? The place that has scary awful things there?” That’s one way of looking at it. Another way is that it’s what comes just prior to God.

It’s a necessary traversing. We’re going to deal in whatever would be in a repository of what we have not completed. Every one of us has that assignment in this world; to come into completion of what we came here to experience, and to be conscious and awake as a knowing that we have that assignment.

The beauty is that we have the requisites to do it through the spiritual nature that breathes and walks with every one of us. There are no exceptions. The soul level consciousness has those requisites. The soul is then individualized so that each person has what it takes to transcend. Leadership here is asking, “Shall we transcend? Let’s go!” Imagine if I could walk into the first day of class and say, “Shall we transcend?” Maybe some would say, “Yes!” And I say, “Let’s go” and start walking out the door. It would be interesting to see who gets up and who doesn’t.

My version of what Jesus did is that he came in that way. He came in as a living demonstration of Spirit walking and talking. He said, “When you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the Father.” And only the Father could deliver that. That was the Father’s will being done.

In our new dispensation, that which has been talked about as grace, an opportunity came forward. Jesus said, “I am the Light, I am the truth.” I’m doing it right now. I’m demonstrating it and you are having the experience right now as much as you are prepared and open. For those of you who have the ears to hear and the eyes to see, I’m going. Come follow me. Let me start walking.

That’s how I see it here. You start walking. You don’t have time to debate this. If you want to debate this, I’ll be gone. Then you’ll probably ask, “Where did he go, where did he go?” You had your opportunity. Maybe in that way, it was delivered over and over because Jesus was making a point. There were those who had the faith and trust who came into it. That’s called students in the second year. We could claim that for them. They have the willingness to keep going. They come into whatever the class is doing as a progression.

What if that involved the most difficult, challenging thing in your entire existence? “We have that prepared as your assignment this semester. No more dilly-dallying. It’s time to go.” You’re going to go.

Or, it’s allowed for you to delay, but we’ve done that. My attitude is that this is a group who’s in their laters. The opportunity is now. The kingdom is at hand, meaning grab my hand. It’s that close. I think it was put in that form to wake us up like flesh and blood. Not like one day in the mystical occult traditions, that there will be a coming. There are a lot of those on the planet, some fashion of: “We’re waiting for the coming of the Lord.” I look at it as, “What’s the Lord doing now?”

Even if we’re some of those who missed the opportunity to go before, we don’t want to miss it again. It’s not because it wasn’t available before. It was available all along but very few find it. Maybe we find it in such a way as it’s like a garage door. Not a slit hidden in a mountain so people end up at the bottom of a crevice before they get to it.

If we, through this program, found an easier more direct way, a wide opening, and we say it’s here, do you have the willingness to come?

Here is what John Morton had to share about some of the specific course topics in the PTS Transcendent Leadership Program.

On “Light in Shadow”

One obvious thing about “Light in Shadow” is that it becomes illuminated. If you had light on one side of the door and darkness on the other, what happens when you open the door? Does darkness go into the light, or light into the darkness? My overwhelming experience is that the light goes into the darkness. You can’t stop it.

What I would invite for whoever is in the program is: “Would you be willing to bring that into its greatest outcome?” By greatest I mean the most value and greatest opportunity. If someone asked, “Is that the highest good?,” that’s exactly what I’m talking about. No games, faking, or deceiving. We’re talking about the best outcome.

Then, we all can say, “I am the Light” and in that bring in a greater illumination. It’s along the lines of, “Where two or more are gathered in the Light, there I am also in a greater Light.” It’s allowing us to make our choices as creators. We have creative choice.

Answering the Call to Spirit's Leadership, John Morton with the Transcendent Leadership Faculty

The Traveler is saying, “Do you want to go home now or later? Do you want to do it your way?” Or, I am the way and I’ll show you. You’ll have to do it. You’ll have to walk it. It’s not like I will pick you up and carry you all the way home. At some point, you are doing this. If you have that willingness, that’s all you need.

I see this as the opportunity present for the program, illuminating whatever the shadows might be that people are frequenting that are part of being in this world. There are plenty of them, but because the Light is here, we’re seeing each other. With the Light comes clarification and the opportunity to see, not partially, but fully. Are you willing to deal with the whole truth, not just partial truth or the convenient truth?

Are you willing to see it as it is? Are you willing to be disillusioned, to release beliefs that keep you from moving into the greater truth? Call it an “ivory tower” or attachments or a false self. These are the kinds of things we need to be willing to release and let go. I’m going to let my faith and trust lead me.

On “Myth, Story and Archetype”

Any story you tell that places you outside of Spirit is false. It’s an illusion. Spirit doesn’t have separation. We’re in illusion when we experience separation. If we look at it spiritually, that’s when laughter shows up around the appearance of separation. It’s ridiculous to think that, because it is your breath. How could you be separate from something that breathes you, that is your life? If you’re alive, it’s with you and not in any way partially, but completely.

The opportunity is that we would come into the oneness and experience that we were never separated. The eternal is the eternal, so when we become conscious, there was no beginning and no interruption. If you are completely loving toward one, then you love all creation. There’s nothing to forgive because it’s released. There’s no judgment that puts anything into a duality or separation.

We can still enjoy the stories, myths, and fables that help bridge other worlds, including the one we’re in. What does that mean? What is the moral of the story? We all live happily ever after! Do you hear that? Can we go to happily ever after right away? Just go to it! Just say, “They all lived happily ever after.” I don’t think I need to read this story because the result of the reading is here.

That’s how I really look at living in this world. We might as well enjoy it while we’re here. We do that as much as we can, knowing that I’m just looking for that opportunity when I’m not here, when this is no more. It goes into nothing, because that’s where it’s coming from. While I’m in the illusion, the dream, I could direct it toward more happiness, joy, and peace.

Other people may be telling nightmares, but when I get up, I’m going to tell something that’s a nursery rhyme where everyone goes home and even the Wicked Witch of the East turns into something fabulous. Consider this: If we can imagine it, then it can become. It would be a bridge so that eventually we release the imagination, the image to what it is. And it’s better than what we imagined, which is how it came down in my consciousness.

What is it like to be with God? It’s better than you could imagine. Go ahead and see if you can get closer with your imagination. Live up to your ideals. That’s the opportunity. Make this world more heavenly while we’re in this moment of the illusion.

On “Being and Doing”

I could say we’re just having thoughts, vocabulary, or something along that line, that would go on like some kind of discussion. We could put more words to it and it would be an ongoing conversation. Do we ever have a resolution? I would say that in the being, we always have resolution. It jumps off a page as language, so we’re putting something out. You can say that’s still a concept, but when you want to call it being it’s not limited to letters or a person’s image. Just understand that you’re dealing with something that is—that has is-ness.

There is another dimension of doing, which is practicing with our being. Putting it into practice and expression. There’s an exercise there; I’m hearing echoes like spiritual exercise, expression, and practice. That’s what we’re doing in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness. We’re working on it exactly, but at some point it’s not an action. It is, and then that’s transcendent. It’s a direct knowing of what is and also what we call the oneness with God, or Soul Transcendence.

Those are words, but by having some inkling of that awareness, even if my mind doesn’t know how to go there, we learn to let the mind be and just let it run and do what minds do. That’s kind of how I experience how to get off the launch pad in spiritual exercises. At some point, the mind is allowed to be in a free state and do what minds do, even if I give it some direction to be quiet. Something happens in my experience by setting the mind free. I bless the mind, not trying to kick the hell out of the mind or put it in a dungeon somewhere. It actually lets the mind do what minds do but in such a way that the mind can be in harmony with being.

It’s open as much as it can be to what it is and then still be a mind. “I’m a mind and I can’t fly and I want to fly. I can run fast and I’m powerful. I can leap but I don’t know how to soar.” Know that that’s okay. Have the awareness of, “I’d like to fly but I seem subject to this damn gravity thing.” You have the awareness you want to fly. Make peace with what you are. Make peace with what the mind, body, and the world are. That is a free state.

We are learning how to be in a free state with aspects of consciousness that are in the lower nature. We’re in it, but not of it. How do we do that? If you try to control the lower nature, my experience is that you’re trapped. You’ll find out and realize you need to let go of the control and be in a state of something like awe and openness. The lower nature can be transformed. I say, “Thank you God, that lower nature has the capacity to be more like the higher state.”

A Transcendent Blessing:

Dear Lord, we thank you for your amazing presence in our midst. We are those who attune and bring our consciousness forward as best we can. We also welcome the support that comes from within that You are the Way. So when we release, when we come into consciousness of freedom and liberation, we have the greater experience of what’s here for all of us. That You show us our innocence, our purity, and the opportunity to know it is always so, regardless of what has transpired or what is in the evidence in the world or in any other form.

This day is a blessed day, a day which the Lord is rising up in each one. As we look to one another and find the sparkle that’s in the eye, that lilt that’s in the voice, that dance in the step, we are one.

Baruch Bashan

PTS’s Transcendent Leadership Program is a two-year program that explores what it means to lead a life of Soul Transcendence. Faculty are accepting applications for a new class that begins on August 19. You can participate in the program from wherever you live, with a 5-day “residency” in Santa Monica every semester (six months). Students and faculty come together in person at these residencies, where we are blessed with intimate time with our Beloved Traveler, John Morton, as well as other exceptional guest speakers who demonstrate leading a life of Soul Transcendence. Please go here to learn more or to begin your application and join us on this transcendent adventure

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