There Is No Separation in God’s Family

By: John-Roger, DSS

August 1st, 2019

There Is No Separation in God’s Family


Love one another.  Be aware of God’s grace and his love that extends into all things.  Be aware of how each person resurrects and awakens into the consciousness of God, becomes the Beloved, and walks with the Traveler right into the heart of God. – John-Roger

This article by John-Roger was originally published in the Movement Newspaper in December 1977.

The concept of Soul travel, Soul Transcendence and God consciousness is nothing new and nothing rare.  The practice of Soul travel has been taught and demonstrated by every Master form of Light for eons of time.  It is also demonstrated by those who are not Master forms of Light, because the truth is inherent in everyone and everyone recognizes the truth, deep within themselves.  The presence and reality of God exists for everyone equally.  However, some are more aware of it than

Those of us who are fortunate enough to know the truth of God’s presence find ourselves very blessed.  We find that we can hold our peace and be calm in the midst of turmoil and strife.  Those who rant and rave, thinking that they can solve dilemmas and catastrophes with their rage or indignation find themselves out of the picture pretty quickly.  They’re really no good to anyone, because they dissipate their energies, scatter their focus (and often everyone else’s, too) and become very ineffective.  When they have removed themselves, those who understand the truth step forward for that moment and share their truth with everyone.

Ultimately the only truth that stands firm is the truth that is God.  Some people may say that the only truth is physics; others may say the truth is mathematics.  Some say the only truth is Jesus; others say it is Buddha or Mohammed.  And those are all correct; I have no argument with anyone’s vocabulary.  Those are all truths, within the greater truth that is God – the supreme God that encompasses and enfolds everything in all existence.

God is calling together all those who have immediate Light attunement.  We are being called together through various teachers, doctrines, religions, sects.  We are being called together in various forms and under various guidance.  What is important is that we are being called together to do God’s work, to hold a focus of positive Light and to behave in a loving way toward all of God’s children.  There is no separation in God’s family.  And even though we pride ourselves on our individuality, that individuality exists primarily on the personality level.  If we use that individuality to give variety and interest and variation to our lives, then it is a terrific expression. However, it’s important, first, that we do not use our individuality to create separation and then, that we recognize the oneness that we are beyond the personality, beyond this physical level.

When we begin to experience Spirit together, we become very close to one another, regardless of what names we call ourselves or what “group”  we say we belong to.  Those who know God, who share a similar experience of the truth that is God, come together in a relationship closer than any other – closer, perhaps, than husbands and wives, parents and children, brothers and sisters.  That experience of God transverses all boundaries of race, creed, nationality, family, sex, everything.  We find ourselves forming deep bonds of friendship with those who appear to be so different from us, who are yet so very much the same.

The law that Moses brought forward – an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, the law of revenge – was transformed by Jesus into “love thy neighbor as thyself”  (Matthew 19:19).  And now it is being transformed again into not only loving your neighbor, but presenting yourself to your neighbor as the living love so he doesn’t have any choice but to love you.  Isn’t that a great way to do it?  Be the living love so that people just won’t be able to do anything but love you in return.

The teachings of Spirit are so simple: Take care of yourself so you can take care of others; don’t hurt yourself and don’t hurt others.

When you live those teachings, you are living in great freedom and are manifesting great, great love.  It’s interesting that when the love is really present, there appears a funny mixture of caring and not caring.  I care deeply about you; and I’m not in the least concerned about your Soul being lost or you being spiritually crippled.  I know that cannot happen, so there is no concern there.  I’m not concerned about you twisting your mind with unusual theories or philosophies.  That level is illusionary and transitory and, in its own timing, the truth will reveal itself to you.

I’m not too concerned with your emotional upsets.  They just don’t last that long.  And I don’t care whether your body gets fat or thin.  All those things will do what they will do; and you are not those things.  You are that essence of God that is behind all of that.  And that which is you will be around long after all those other levels have dropped away.  The care that I have, and the love that I have, is for you.  My loving is present because it is my nature to love.  That’s one of the things I do best.

When you place negativity out toward me – when anyone does – you find that there is not much returned to you.  There’s no negativity returned, and there’s not a lot of anything else, either. When you place love out toward me, there is a great deal of love that is returned to you.  That’s easy for me.  It is in love that I live.  Pure love is the most precious of all gifts.  You know, when you are in love, you possess love.  But when you’re in “hell”, that “hell” possesses you.  So even from a point of view of plain, old common sense, it is a lot smarter to go for the love.  It will work every time.

Living love is the only thing that lasts.  And what I call living love is more than just love.  Love can be a concept or an idea or ideal.  Living love is the expression, the demonstration of that love.  Loving, and the expression of that loving gives strength to the Soul.  It also gives energy to the Soul, energy to hold the mind still, to control the emotions, and to hold the body steady.  Then you have a chance to lift your consciousness higher and to develop an awareness of Spirit and of the supreme God.

When you are giving in to your negative emotions, when you are ranting and raving and complaining and putting other people down through gossip and “back-biting“, you are opening yourself to the negative forces of these lower worlds.  You become their channel.  As long as you are living in this world, you will be subject to the forces of negativity, but you have a choice regarding what you do about that.  You can receive of negativity, give in to that and express that to other people, or you can transmute that within yourself and put out love.

When someone says something to you that you don’t like you don’t have to defend yourself or “attack”  them in return, or turn around and bad-mouth them later.  You can just hear their information, their point of view, recognizing that they have the right to their opinion.  You don’t have to get caught up in it or give it any power over you.  You can just continue on in your own positive direction.  If you want to take counsel of their words, that is your choice.

It may be to your advantage or it may not.  If you listen, you will be able to decide whether or not to heed their words …  and that is part of maintaining your positive direction.

Whatever you do, you are that essence of God.  There is nothing that you have to do to let the Soul manifest and be joyful in that awareness of Spirit.  You can be happy at any moment in your life, regardless of what is going on around you.  Your happiness is not dependent on outside circumstances.  You happiness is based on your inner awareness of Spirit.  When that is present, you are in touch with the presence of God, that eternal, infinite quality that is your life.

If you are going to live your life in the awareness of God, just breathe in and breathe out, and do whatever comes your way to do. If it’s dishes, then do the dishes.  And do them in love, not in resentment or anger.  If your report is due on Friday, get it done by Friday, and with love. Just do what is in front of you to do – and within that doing, be selective so that your activities enhance your awareness of God.

If what you are doing is bringing you down, then give that up and select that which will lift you.  With everything you do, ask yourself: “Is this for my Soul’s evolution?  Is this for my awakening?  Is this enhancing my awareness of Spirit?”  If you don’t hear anything, let that go.  And if the answer is “yes”  you may be aware of the Soul jumping inside of you.  You may feel a rush of energy, a spark, a flash of joy.

Sit and meditate upon your actions.  Inquire within to the Soul to see if what you do awakens that part of you even more. Love one another.  Be aware of God’s grace and his love that extends into all things.  Be aware of how each person resurrects and awakens into the consciousness of God, becomes the Beloved, and walks with the Traveler right into the heart of God.

Baruch Bashan


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