On the Way to Spiritual Awakening

By: John Morton, DSS

August 15th, 2019

On the Way to Spiritual Awakening


The thing we’re seeking, as if it’s yet to be discovered or found, is always with us, breathing with us in whatever is involved. – John Morton

This article comes from a sharing that John had with participants in a PTS Masters of Spiritual Science class on April 13, 2019 in Los Angeles. Fall enrollment for MSS-1 is now open visit msia.org/mss to learn more.

Often, spiritual awakening is something like the opposite of what we think. If we keep thinking it must be a certain way, we may get frustrated and discouraged. We have an order of experience in which it doesn’t work the way we think it should-would-could, which is all conditional language.

So then, the approach is a kind of letting go. Another word is surrender. Another word is acceptance. Another is open to what is. And there’s the irony. It’s when we give up and let go, the spiritual awakening can be ushered in.

Another aspect is that Spirit won’t inflict. It cannot do something that would be against your creatorship. It’s your choice. We need to invite and allow.

We can’t really be separate from what is, even if we are allowed to have that separation. You may think that we’re separate, but we’re not. There’s another aspect in which we need to come into cooperation.

There’s an invitation. And that’s the part in which it can take great courage. The mind might think, “Well, that’s how you do me in. I give up all my control. I become vulnerable. And now you slay me when I trust you.”

That’s when we think that what we’re dealing with is somebody that’s trying to take over, get us out of the way or terminate us, so we need to be defensive. We think we need to be on guard because we’re vulnerable. Spiritual awakening doesn’t work like that. It works as a kind of submission.

The words that we teach in initiation then become your experience. In the initiation there are keys to unlock the flow of Spirit. Those keys bring forward a flow, opening up the door and showing us whatever fears and doubts we would have, whatever restrictions we would have about allowing this divine presence to come in.

It’s not so much it comes in; it’s more that we allow what’s already with us. It’s always been with us. There is another irony. The thing we’re seeking, as if it’s yet to be discovered or found, is always with us, breathing with us in whatever is involved.

There’s another aspect I would call dedication, devotion and endurance. It’s when you keep on going even when it seems like nothing is occurring. The last frontier is a kind of emptiness or a void. We’re crossing over and opening ourselves up and it appears as though there’s nothing there. It’s a great void…the divine unknowing.

We keep going even though it seems like we’re not going anywhere or nothing is happening. You may think, “It’s useless. It won’t work.” Then we hear a voice saying, “You win if you endure to the end. Endure beloved. Keep going. Don’t stop.”

There is some level of that companionship that will pick us up no matter what. Even if we die, it doesn’t die. Then it’s like, “Hey, breakfast is ready. Get up!”

“I thought I was dead.”

You were just kind of sleeping. We don’t die. That’s another illusion. If we’re going to pick it up, we might as well pick it up now. That’s wisdom. Why wait to pick it up? If you’re going to pick it up later, pick it up now. Rise up now. Resurrect now. Come alive now. In other words, keep doing what you’re doing.

The key is to keep going no matter what. You just do whatever works. Stay open to what is showing you the way. In a way it’s picking you up because you know how to walk but you’ve forgotten, or you’re too tired to walk or something like that.

There is mercy in the consciousness, but it has a forum. We need to love what it is. This is to love God with all your body, mind and spirit. All the prophets know this. All those chosen to play at a higher level into the highest levels know this.

If you go into a pattern like judgment or againstness, it doesn’t work. It never works. Some people equate that with punishment, and it’s really that we’re punished by our own ways. That’s what punishes us, not our source. Our source has far better things to do than punishment. It doesn’t punish.

We can realize we’re the ones who’ve been punishing. Give it up. That’s a key. To love God is a big giant key. “Well, how do I love a God that seems like it’s forgotten and forsaken me and been unfair?” Those are common stories of those attempting to go into the experience of the greater oneness, but don’t make it.

What ‘makes it’ is a devotion, love and doing what you know how to do and doing it well. At some point you get responsibility in what we call service. If you’ve been given and endowed – then help others. When we’re really helping others, it’s uplifting. It’s the thing to do. It’s what we want to do.

There is a part of you that will test you by questioning, doubting, finding fear, etc. That’s OK. You can keep going just by doing what you’re doing. It is to your benefit to practice what works for you and let go of what doesn’t work for you. That’s nothing new. You’ve heard all that before.

Have the wit to let go of what doesn’t work. That’s one of the signs that you’ve become a more effective, efficient, and a higher source creator in what you’re doing. It shows up in the blessings, the benefits and the grace that comes forward. You become more and more aware of God in your presence. God is a force to be reckoned with. If God be for you, if God be with you, who could be against you?

God can take care of it, because God created it. If you get more and more into that attunement, you’ll make right choices. You’ll be right with God.

There’s a certainty that transcends the mind, even if you don’t know the rationale or reason that it’s being done the way it is. Some would call it blind faith, like, “Why are you doing that?”

“I don’t know. God called me to do it. That’s all I need. God is for me. That’s all I need to know.”

More and more you’ll be shown so you know how to keep that sacred. Often, it’s not meant for the masses. When God wants it distributed for the masses, God has ways of doing that in God’s way. Often what’s being shown in the higher consciousness is not meant to be cast like pearls into the world. It’s precious. Why would you give it away? Because it’s so much fun to have others go, “Wow! What happened? I get their attention and recognition and I love that!” You just gave away what was given to you, and it’s going to be awhile before you get it again. Then maybe you’ll learn how to hold it sacred.

Consider that what others would allow has been done. There are also opportunities they pass up on whether that’s the Traveler, the Christ or whatever else. They do what’s theirs in their own ministry. They’re in their own process and it’s not for you to control.

When we get altitude, we can see why it’s happening precisely in the way it’s happening. It’s not something that is in Spirit, which is where everything goes. We all converge in Spirit. All things are integrated in Spirit. Things that are not in Spirit disappear. They’re like mists that evaporate.

There are a lot of things that in Spirit are no more because they never were anything in the first place. They were like an image of something and the image doesn’t have any energy because it’s getting all its energy off the source. It’s only in existence because of the source giving it reflection. At some point, reflection is no longer necessary, so the image goes. But if we’re attached to the image and reflection, it’s powerful. It’s got God’s power in it, so these things are powerful.

Part of what is there to understand is that God’s ways are good. Then, if you don’t understand it, go into acceptance and trust in God. Whatever is going on is something working itself out.

In large part, when we re-embody, we’re picking up where we left off, and that’s not necessarily full of Light and Sound. It can be, “Wow, I really made a mess of it for a long time.” There’s a lot surfacing out of the unconscious levels because God doesn’t give us anything we can’t handle. The karma’s not exploded all at once, because who could handle that? It’s administered as we can handle it.

Understand there’s a Traveler and the Karmic Board engaged and monitoring what comes in. Then things can really be done in a very efficient and effective way. That isn’t necessarily about fame, fortune and easy street. It can be, “Let’s get this karma cleared, balanced, completed and do what can be done in this lifetime.”

That’s where the Travelers focus as much as we can handle, as much as we allow. If we would allow the Traveler to guide and show us the way, and then go that way doing that to our full capacity, it’d be amazing. We’re the limiting factor where we hold back or resist.

The responsibility you have to take care of yourself is real. If you need to go to a neutral corner where you don’t see, hear, or read about something, just having a sense, “I don’t need this right now and I don’t think I can handle it very well,” then that’s the neutral corner.

Go get your rest. Go do what you need to do to take care of yourself. And when you say, “Okay, I’m ready to go back in,” ring the bell. Whatever you do, if you can be doing loving, caring things, not hurting or inflicting yourself upon someone, you’re in good territory.

Is it loving? Is it authentic to who you are, your true nature? Be aware of that. Sometimes we’re programmed in the emotions or in the mind to go into a behavior that’s automatic. It’s because we’re triggered by whatever our conditioning has been. That can take a while to clear so you’re not in a reactive state and it’s too late. Like havoc has already been wrecked and you realize, “I did this?” You did and then there’s that understanding, “I didn’t need to but some part of me just had its way.” Okay, but you’re responsible as a creator for this mess, for what you did.

This is the kind of thing to stop before it gets going. That can take a lot of discipline, so you disengage before you “see red.”  It’s almost as if I asked if there were a person wearing red in the room and yes, there is someone with a very bright red sweater on. I’m not going to look there because I’m a bull and I will charge them. I’m going to get out of the room and put myself in a corral and make sure the gate closes behind me.

That’s just understanding the nature of yourself. If you sense you’re about to burst and punch somebody, you might want to get out of range. You don’t allow yourself to be in range of somebody, saying, “I was wanting to punch someone and here you go,” and then it’s too late. It’s learning how to know your rhythms and knowing when you’re reactive or overflowing.

Get on to a consciousness that knows how to transcend through grace, through correct choices. You may have to walk through a karma, but you do things so maybe you have blinders on. Or you go, “La la la la la” and that works. How did you get through that? I just kept saying “La la la la la.” I didn’t listen to whatever else was going on. It can sound silly, but if it works, use it.

Things that work for you are your toolbox. Light, love, pause, being grateful, doing or saying something kind. These things work.

God bless you.

Baruch Bashan

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