Bulgaria Traveler Tour: Day 6

By: Deborah Roth
Photos by David Sand

August 16th, 2019

Bulgaria Traveler Tour: Day 6

Today’s Light adventure started early! We met at the bus for a 6 a.m. departure to Rila Lakes. Our day was focused on one thing––hiking up the mountain to see the Paneurhythmy, the dance of the White Brotherhood. (See updates for Day #4 and #5 for more on the White Brotherhood and the dance.)

To call us into the Light, Barbara Schwark came to the front of the bus and did it in Hebrew. Each day so far, we’ve had a different language from one of the participants, which has been so great! Then, Hristina gave us logistics to prepare for this sacred time together, as our awesome tour guide Costanza made coffee for us on the bus. It was a full service operation.

The time really flew during the two-hour ride to the sky lift. We stopped at a bathroom along the way, and so much joy was present that while we waited to get going, some of us started dancing or doing Light Body right in the parking lot. We must really have been a sight to early morning passersby. 🙂

And then we arrived. Two by two, we got on the lift to take us partway up the climb. It was only 8 o’clock in the morning, and so still and peaceful. Imagine going through a forest of evergreen trees nestled in a skyline of mountain ranges––all with your spiritual family nearby in front or behind you.

There was a hut at the top as we exited the lift. We gathered for a few minutes to get our bearings and could see the path up the mountain where we were going next. After one more bathroom break (did I mention there are no more restrooms at the top, other than nature??), everyone started climbing to the lake where the dance would be.

The beginning was steep and then the path leveled off as we walked along the top of the mountain. We were treated to vistas of glorious views, mountain peaks, and the first of the Rila Lakes––there are seven in total, and our destination was lake four.

It was a walk that was at the same time Light-filled and physically challenging, though definitely doable. Looking back now, it felt like we were walking a path of the Beloved with our Traveler John Morton present with us. Hundreds gathered to participate in this sacred event, and we planted seeds of Light every step of the way!!

We arrived with just enough time to get settled, and some changed into white clothes they brought with them––white is the color recommended for the dance to signal purity in Spirit. We then paired up to join the other dancers. There were two circles, one for experienced folks on the inside and another encircling along the perimeter for the rest (including us beginners!). Inside in the center, a music group played the music that went along with each dance.

It was an incredible experience. John and Leigh were paired up and following more experienced dancers, and the rest of our group were paired up in the line of couples behind them. The music wafted through the air and was meant to awaken us to the divine nature inside as we moved to the rhythm. It was so quiet, except for the music and our flowing arm and leg movements as we danced along. All together, there were about 200-300 people present, and we danced to song after song signifying different qualities of awareness to lift into the higher levels. What a profound experience of One Accord to be still and move together so gracefully.

After the initial paired movements, we gathered in groups of 10 to continue dancing together more closely. And as we completed, everyone just started hugging everyone else and saying words of blessings for each person we came across. It felt like one big family and that we had completed a world prayer for peace, harmony, and opening to God’s love.

Once we finished greeting and hugging, we gathered down near the Rila Lake so John could address the group. He called us forward into the Light and talked about lifting into higher consciousness, which is much of what the dance was intended to do. He and Hristina and Costanza shared reflections of the Paneurhythmy, and then a few local MSIAers led us in a song in Bulgarian and Angelic languages (which was awesome). The words were a message to remember the beauty of who we are as Soul.

Our time on the mountain was wrapping up. As we returned to the bus, many bought berries grown on the mountain––they were delicious and refreshing after our experience. Thank you to Hristina and her assisting team for organizing such a novel witnessing of mystical movement and esoteric teachings in action!

After this, we traveled for about an hour or so to Sofia and checked in at our last hotel on the tour, the Grand Hotel Sofia. The rooms are incredible, a welcome luxury after the day’s activities and full week of touring. We refreshed and went out for a fantastic dinner that included…..fire dancing! We watched locals playing the accordian and singing in traditional garb. This display was topped off with two men dancing on coals outside, similar to fire walking that some MSIAers have participated in since the 80s.

And then, cabs back to our hotel to rest for our final day of the trip. Tomorrow, we’ll be visiting a rose distillery and garden, followed by our celebration dinner. More to come!

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