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Rising to the Opportunities


“Once in a while someone may come.  And when you’re with them, they make you feel young.” (from:  Unfinished Love Song, Love Songs for the Mystical Traveler)

Most people who have known my son Ron were only partly familiar with his life, depending on the context of their acquaintance. His mountaineering friends knew him as an adventurer and nature photographer (see Instagram Ronald Beimel Summit Views).  His foodie friends knew his passion for adventurous eating. His translator and interpreter colleagues knew of his precision, focus and ability to alternate seamlessly between two languages.  His classical musician friends knew the pianist Ron.  Many MSIA friends remember his tenor voice performances at Living in Grace. And there were other friends and other pursuits as well.

Though I was asked to write an article that describes the life he had led, I realize that we already did that in detail at a Celebration of his life at Prana on July 21st (Editor’s Note:  Ron Beimel passed into Spirit at the end of May 2019 in an avalanche on Nanda Devi in India).  For me at this time, I am more involved with his life as it continues to evolve.  I really can’t bring myself to focus too much on the past.

My journey since the end of May has been intense, but it has been an amazing time of growth and upliftment.  The energy and support from our Travelers and community has been palpable.  I actually experienced what is described in the song, “The Wind Beneath My Wings.”  Inwardly, I heard a voice telling me to “use that support!  Take in that energy. Don’t waste it by spacing out. Recognize and use this extraordinary gift that you are being given!”  I am very thankful for that support, and am thankful to myself for truly letting it in and truly allowing myself to be supported. Consequently, I feel completion, joy and a warm sense of gratitude at this time. Ronnie led a very full and fulfilling life.  He followed his passions and explored many fields.  More importantly, he was able to share his love with others in a very real and beautiful way.  Many were blessed by knowing him.

As much as I have missed seeing J-R in the physical since his passing several years ago, my awareness of his presence has actually increased since that time.  Rather than experiencing his passing as loss, I have felt an increase.  I have watched as the awareness naturally unfolded before me.  Yes, I actively watched for it, I looked for it and, time and again, I brought my wandering mind back to the present so I could avail myself of the opportunity to receive. I didn’t make it happen, but I cultivated a place inside that seemed to make room for him to show up.  This was not a new or revolutionary awareness.  I had been hearing about this in Discourses and Seminars for many years.

So since Ron left the physical, I have been approaching his transition in the same way I approached J-R’s transition. My experience with J-R helped paved the way for me to do it again by simply watching, bringing my mind back to the here and now, and back from the insidious forgetfulness that seems to be part of life on the  physical level. So, I look for Ronnie in my S.E.’s. I like to think that he is J-R’s staff member on the other side. I look for him while riding my bicycle through the forests outside Kyoto, via that place inside that bridges imagination and reality, where the sweetest energy seems to kick in. He was an adventurer and mountain climber during his physical life, and I sense that the mountains and territories he is currently exploring are majestic beyond my current comprehension.

I choose not to write about Ron’s very exceptional life on earth in this piece, because my current magnificent obsession is to both know him right now and to deepen my connection to J-R. We are all so blessed to have J-R’s living legacy with us, guiding us inwardly and upwardly in awareness of the 90%. Let us rise to the opportunities that are so abundantly present.

10 thoughts on “Rising to the Opportunities”

  1. This is beautiful, Steve. You ministering throughout this to all of us has been such a blessing. I love this profound sense of oneness you express here. Thank you for bringing it present and sharing it with us. I love you so much! And I love Ronnie through you. Thank you.

  2. I know of what you speak Steve as I had the deepest of Insights, transformational ones, with my father’s passing. LL, Rinaldo

  3. You are so Magnificient Steve, as was your beloved son Ron. I have always carried your loving and Light in my heart. We are all family here and wherever J-R is, we are also. In so much loving to you and all.

  4. Thank you, Steve, for your article. I too experience a closeness with JR and my dad, Robert Jacoby, who passed recently, that is immediate, lifting, and present as I open my awareness intentionally to their essence, light, voice, energy. Many blessings to you as you ride, enjoy, and share your beautiful heart and life.

  5. Steve I am so grateful for your sharing, am touched deeply by your words as they reflect your inner experience. Thank you.

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