How Do I Connect to God and the Traveler?

By: John Morton, DSS

September 26th, 2019

How Do I Connect to God and the Traveler?


This Q&A with John Morton was first published in the New Day Herald in December of 2007.

Question: How do I connect to God and the Traveler?

John Morton: The access to your connection with God is your Soul, through your willingness to love unconditionally and leave behind limitations of the human condition. We live in a world were struggle prevails, where causes of againstness can take on purposes for living. So have the wit to bypass temptation and choose a life of loving.

The Traveler is the consciousness that awaits you in that process. It works in direct oneness with the Christ, the one anointed by God’s purpose. It is one who walks in the flesh, in the power and knowing of God’s will.

Don’t look at your personality or your body as the source of your connection to God. Be willing to reach into the beyond, into the Spirit. It is through your faith that you know God is here.

Where is that faith held? It is within you. You are the author of your faith. If you want to move faith to its greatest accomplishment, then live through your courage and trust in God which is an absolute trust. That is who God is — an absolute being. Always place your trust in God. And as you do, you will place your trust in yourself because God’s trust is coming to you.

The Traveler is one who awaits you and stands with you in overcoming the negativity. The Traveler is a consciousness that comes to you in that place where you are at your worst. It knows that place intimately. So when you are at your worst, know that there is a hand reaching to you. Sometimes you have to be willing to turn around, for the Traveler’s journey is one that takes you to the best of who you are, where you learn that what you had considered the worst now transforms you.


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