Finding the “Sweet Spot”

By: John Morton, DSS

October 10th, 2019

Finding the “Sweet Spot”


“I put my awareness in the field with an intention to find the higher good and, if I can get my lucky stars lined up, the highest good where God is doing my life. God knows how to do it perfectly.” – John Morton

This article comes from a sharing that John had with students of the Masters of Spiritual Science Year 3 class in April 2019 at Peace Theological Seminary and College of Philosophy.

One of the things we creators do that doesn’t work so well is we try to be somewhere else, there and then, instead of here and now.  We miss the opportunity that’s here and now because we’re not available to it. We’re distracted.

What distracts us?  You may say, “I’m worried about my finances.  I’m worried about the bills and what’s up and coming.” That’s not really here and now.  How are you here and now?  Bring that awareness for the value, especially spiritually, that would serve your Soul and spiritual awakening.

We go after that.  I experience it as a very rich opportunity in what we’re doing in this seminary in our classes and courses.  I encourage people to apply themselves maximally.  You bring all of who you are, including the ten percent personal dimension, and we’ll use it as an opportunity to grow, learn and be healthier, wealthier, and happier.  That’s what can happen.

There is a “regardless” in there.  It’s not dependent on your physical world circumstances.  Whatever the circumstances are, whatever’s bothering you, like how much money you have or don’t have or how cold it is or how much wind is in your face, bring it all.

What are you doing about that to help yourself?  Does complaining help?  No, but it does let you know that something’s bothering you.  That’s good. So what is that?  Just be aware of what’s bothering you now.

If you’re not feeling supported spiritually, it’s your move.  That’s how I put it.  When I look at Spirit, that humbles me because I’m still learning how to look at Spirit.  As much as I’ve been able to see and behold, Spirit is not lacking.  It’s not irresponsible, derelict, or anything like that.  It’s delivering, in full, as much as I am available and open to receive. I continuously find I’m the one limiting what Spirit can do for me. It’s humbling, but it’s also encouraging.

I find enthusiasm if I’m being more open, being honest, trusting in goodness and love, and caring for myself and others.  Amazing experiences come forward including abundance, prosperity and providing for needs.  Rest is one of the needs that we all have so that we make contact with our source and it replenishes us.  We need that on a daily basis.  Like manna, we need that bread to come to us.  Rest feeds and nurtures who we are so we’re full again this day.

There is a praising here.  How’s your praising going?  That’s a good question.  You could do more of that.  Praising is actually a form of worship.  Some look at it like, “Is that idolatry? Does God really need me to praise, like here’s a wonderful, mighty, magnificent God?  Doesn’t God already know that without needing to hear from me?”  Yes, but do you know it in relation to your God?

It becomes a communion that’s holy.  It’s holy union.  As it is above, so it is below.  We start hearing celestial harmonies.  Some of those are voices and some are sounds.  Then we know there’s something going on in the higher states where we’re going, where our consciousness is taking us, that’s greater.

It’s also going on here, and not in a lacking or inferior way.  That’s a key understanding.  It’s not broken.  This creation is not broken.  It’s actually perfect in what it’s designed to do.   What is that?  Interrogating me, tormenting me and finding my faults?  Is that what this grace is about?

That could be your point of view, but it’s actually bringing you the experiences you need, as you’re ready for them.  It’s ordered.  It’s beautiful how it’s ordered.  But disorder can come because we have responsibility.  We make choices that bring about our creation.

If we miscreate, there’s a disturbance in the force.  Just surrender to it, like, “I’m eating of my own creation.  I’m harvesting what I seeded.”  The way we can use it for our advancement is by asking ourselves, “Now what?  What do I do with the awareness of what’s not working in some way and get on to what is working?”  Look for the good amongst all the awareness.  Look for the highest good.

Is there somewhere else you’d rather be?  Is your consciousness, your wisdom, telling you it would be better to be somewhere else than where you are?  If not, that’s synchronicity.  Your “ducks are in a row”.  Maybe the row has some squiggly things in it, but that’s nature.  It can be beautiful in its meanderings and mysteries.  It’s not always a straight line, and yet it’s natural.  In the harmony of it, you’re in the synchronicity with what your life has called you to do this day.

Trust that.  Instead of, “Oh, I don’t trust myself.  My life is full of mistakes so I’m sure this is another day where I’ll find out later how bad my choices were.”  Who wants to live that life?

Get on to, “I’m making better choices.”  How’s that?

“I look for better choices.”  How’s that?

“I put my awareness in the field with an intention to find the higher good and, if I can get my lucky stars lined up, the highest good where God is doing my life. God knows how to do it perfectly.”

If I put myself in alignment with God’s will and how God would do it in my circumstances and consciousness, it’s fantastic and amazing.  God already has it prepared, already lined up.  All I do is allow it and then participate.  There is a choosing back, but it’s a small, small measure compared to what God has already done.

That, to me, is good.  God does most of the good and then we just put in our part of the good.  In the measure of it, you’d say, “God’s doing by far the larger part of the good, and it’s already done.” God does it in such a way, as it’s perfect.  We don’t have to worry.  We just need to steer clear of the things that are not our level of concern.

If something comes along like, “Hey, you want to go rob a bank?  We’re going to rob a bank.  You want to come with us?  You look good.  You could drive the car.”

You’ll be an accessory to the crime.  Would you like that?  I’d say, “No thanks.”

“But we’re going to have a great time!  We’ll have all that loot.  We’re going to a party.”  I think there’s a group of people that are going to find that loot and take you to prison.  Have you thought about that?

It’s in steering clear of unnecessary experience that you realize, “I don’t need that.  I’m not part of that.”  I don’t do that in the multidimensional world where I could take it lower because it’s available to me.

Poor choices are certainly available.  In the higher consciousness, choices become more and more narrow.  The wide field has things that are not your level of concern.  They’re not what you want to involve yourself in if you really look at it.  There is a better choice.

One of my examples is Mahatma Gandhi.  In the film, he was spinning a wheel to make yarn in his free time.  He had invitations to do speaking and you can imagine what he was being invited to do!  He just really wanted to spin yarn that day.

I could ask, “Why, with all his abilities and the power and majesty of his consciousness, would he be spinning yarn?”  Because he enjoyed it.  This was how he harmonized with his nature, his Mahatma.

You don’t have to be doing a great mission or saving souls.  It could just be you’re doing something to make things better.  Putting a little more shine or gloss on something that we could appreciate if we have the eye to appreciate your handiwork.  It can be a humble existence.

It doesn’t mean you have to live in a certain neighborhood, even if you think you prefer it.  Can you be happy in this neighborhood on a simpler basis?  You might find it makes other things more available that you couldn’t get with all the upkeep in that other neighborhood.  It’s an adjustment such that you find what I call the “sweet spot.”

The sweet spot is where the maximum health, wealth and happiness is going to play out in your life.  It’s going to be pointing out something like, “Make it better than you found it.”  It starts where you are.  Maybe some days you don’t get out of the room because you just keep making things better where you are.  You realize, “Well, I was going to go off and help all the people down the street, but I ministered to the place where I lay my head.”

Who’s to say that’s not the best choice for that day and what would lift, clear, balance and heal?  Maybe you just found out what you don’t need that you thought you needed; that more or less you were just attached.

I think PTS classes are a luxury. They’re not required even for Soul level initiates.  They’re not required, but they are a good choice.  Just consider that I make the best choices available, so I’m here.  Somehow, we’re synchronizing.  That’s my attitude.  I don’t have to be here.  I’m choosing freely to be here.

I want to be here with you.

God bless you.


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It makes good sense that we seek that sweet spot and appreciate it when we are in it.