Lifting Into Spirit

By: John-Roger, DSS

October 10th, 2019

Lifting Into Spirit


When you live in the moment and you move continually to the new moment — not getting caught up in yesterday nor projecting out your hopes and fears into tomorrow — you live free and you live in a joyful state of perfection. – John-Roger

This article by John-Roger was originally published in the Movement Newspaper, June of 1979.

When you come into a spiritual type of consciousness and begin working with a spiritual teacher and with Spirit, things that you have kept hidden and secret inside of you for years on end — and maybe even incarnations on end — start surfacing. You may find your life in more turmoil, confusion, and change than it has ever been. And it seems like a paradox. It’s really simple. You cannot lift into the higher levels of Light and Spirit, you cannot see the face of God, unless you are purer than you have been in your consciousness. You must step free of a lot of the personality games that you play; you must lift yourself and learn to handle the higher energies.

When you have committed to the spiritual consciousness, you will be directed into experiences that will assist you in looking at yourself and your patterns, and in choosing those patterns which will be compatible with Spirit. If you don’t want to move into Spirit, that’s okay. You’ll find some terrific distraction, “catch the next bus back,” and do this level of living over and over again. It’s okay, but it may not be the choice you wanted to make.

When you have had enough of the physical glamour, the emotional responses, the mental games and unconscious choices, you will begin to lift into the higher levels of Spirit. As you become more and more purified of the lower levels, you will reach into the consciousness of Soul and travel the higher paths of Spirit. You’ll maintain earthly identity for a while as you finish up your experiences and walk on through this level. You’ll be working, no doubt about it. Often, if you are making this your last lifetime in the physical, you’ll have more difficulties heaped upon you than you’ve had in any other lifetime up to this moment…and that is because you are finishing this level up. But when you walk with Spirit, you can walk through the barnyard, just thinking how all that “material” can be used to grow flowers and food. Other people think, “Yuck…now I have to go clean my shoes.” It all depends on your point of view.

When you walk with Spirit, you can share that quality with everyone you meet. You can allow the love that’s in your heart to go out to everyone, and you don’t even have to say anything to them. They’ll respond to the love and find themselves singing inside. And they may just start lifting into a more joyful and more active point of view. And as they lift, they’ll lift everyone around them. And so the Light and Spirit is spread throughout the earth. The more silently you do this work, the purer it will be. It’s just not necessary to tell people what you do.

I don’t tell people what I do. I don’t tell people what I see. If I don’t say anything, people can’t lock themselves into anything; they can’t label anything. It’s difficult to hit against something you really don’t know anything about. And in the meantime, I just continue on sharing the energy of Spirit with those who want to receive it and use it. I don’t care what people think; I don’t care if they like me, I don’t care what their opinions are because I’m not on those levels of personality. I’m working in the spiritual level. And if you want to know what that is, if you want to know what I do, move to that level of spiritual knowing — you’ll see what I do. And when you see that, you’ll be doing the same thing. And you’ll know that we are, indeed, one in Spirit and in consciousness.

When you approach the force of Light honestly, without being deceitful, revengeful, or vindictive, you will be lifting in your consciousness and be moving into greater and greater spiritual knowledge. And much of this will manifest through your ability to recognize what is so and to work with that to bring it into balance in the environment. The Light will bring clarity to you so that you see what is present for you. If you have a cold or the flu, there is no sense in denying that you have that disease present within your body. Recognizing and accepting the fact that you do have disease leaves the way open to balance that and clear that. If you deny it — “I don’t have the flu” — you have given energy to it, by the force of your denial, and have further locked it into you. And, since you have denied its existence, you have closed the door to release it and clear it. When you know that you are expressing a cold, you can take those actions necessary to remove it.

Sometimes you make a choice in your life and you become so positive that your choice is right, that you are right, and then find you are so wrong. It happens. The emotions, the feelings, are famous for just running you around and assisting you in a lot of wrong choices. I’m sure you’ve all had the experience of just knowing you were right, and then having the action just fall apart on you. And you say, “How could that happen when I felt it was so right?”

Feelings are not necessarily accurate. Thinking is not necessarily accurate. What’s accurate is what is. The thing that is is right. If it were not, it could not maintain its existence. All you have to do is move to what is, and you can flow with the rightfulness of any action. If you are denying what is so, and are defending your rightfulness in something that is not happening, you play the fool. If you want to be joyful and harmonious and balanced, move to the position of what is going on. Live there, and that is about as positive as you can get in this world of negativity. Always, always, move to what is happening. Move to what is so. Life is pretty easy to handle as long as you stick with the now. When you live in the moment and you move continually to the new moment — not getting caught up in yesterday nor projecting out your hopes and fears into tomorrow — you live free and you live in a joyful state of perfection.

Baruch Bashan


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