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The Commitment That Goes Beyond all Things


As a Light Ambassador, I am sometimes called upon to officiate weddings. In preparation for a recent wedding, I found words that I feel describe the opportunity (and the challenge) of Marriage: to find the commitment that goes beyond all things.

Around that same time, I was speaking to John Morton about the Christ and he said, “The scale of the Christ is to love all.” I thought, “as one who loves all, Christ is married to all.” Christ is committed to loving all in such a way that it goes beyond all things.

As Light Ambassadors, we are emissaries of Christ. To be an emissary is to be a direct agent. As such we are married to all and called upon to be those who commit to loving all.

I recently had the opportunity and the awareness to make a choice that demonstrated loving all. This choice was shown to me in my spiritual exercises and it meant that I would write a very humbling email, one that I did not want to write. I wrote the email and gave up my position of being “right.” It wasn’t easy but it was the correct choice because it opened the heart and allowed the situation to move.

As Light Ambassadors, we are direct agents of the Christ and in that our commitment is to love all, for the gold standard of the Christ is to love all. I invite you to issue a challenge to yourself, a commitment to love all – to make those choices that demonstrate loving all – to look more deeply at your commitment to love all as an emissary of the Christ.

Baruch Bashan

2 thoughts on “The Commitment That Goes Beyond all Things”

  1. Babalola Chris-Rotimi

    Thanks for this reminder, Leigh; and for the way you show up in the world. Loving you. Loving all. Babalola

  2. Blessings Leigh Thanks Now I Understand, 2 month before dying my father, the life taught me in Christ, there is no way, only love and it is in everything. Here I began to understand that Divinity sustains us in Divine Love. FTHG Thanks Thanks Beloved.

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