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The Grace Plan


One of my favorite Moment of Peace offerings is John-Roger’s “Christ, My Man for Eternity.”

In this video excerpt, J-R talks about the Christ Plan for Earth and Lucifer’s plan for Earth, and how God opted for the Christ plan (or what I call the “Grace Plan”) after having given Lucifer his chance at coming up with a plan that worked.

I love the idea that I can choose into the Christ or Grace plan in any moment, that I can ask myself “Do I want to live under the law or Live in the Grace?” Often all it takes is asking that question to bring my awareness to where I am – especially if I’m feeling overwhelmed, confused, anxious or experiencing another form of suffering – and to the knowing that I can choose to experience something different.

When I’m living under the law I’ve often opted for, and gotten caught in, old habit patterns of judgment, righteousness, impatience, guilt, low self-worth, forgetting, or denying who I truly am. Simply saying “I’m choosing Grace, I’m choosing Loving right now,” starts me lifting up and Gratitude is one of my go-to keys to keep the switch turned onto Grace and into the Light.

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