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Choose to feel the love. Bring forward your feelings of love. Look for it, and when you find it, let yourself embrace it. An excellent way to start is to simply love what you see in front of you. – John Morton, DSS

This article was previously published on September 13, 2011 in the New Day Herald.  It comes from a seminar given by John Morton in Bogota, Colombia on November 5, 2006 and is John’s response to a question asked by one of the people attending the seminar; a question that seems as important for us to consider today as it was at the time.

Question:  How can I create my life experience to be a continual expression of living love?

Answer: Always, and in every circumstance, is God’s love, and that’s a living love. We are all learning how to stay in contact with that love. My suggestion is learn how to give it freely. Freely given is freely received without attachment.

What is often represented as pure love as in, “I love you!” sounds wonderful. Yet, often what’s not being said is, “As long as you do what I want, I’ll love you. Right now you’re cool. But if you step out of line, watch out. I may not love you anymore.”

In learning how to freely give your love, there are no traps. If someone does something you don’t like, you’re not trapped by their actions. You can realize, “I love myself. I don’t need to be in an expression of disturbance. I’m free to go. I’m free to love regardless.”

When you learn how to take care of yourself and love yourself unconditionally, you tend to make sure that those closest to you come with the right credentials, and that’s a true love. You take them into the sanctuary inside of you where the love of God dwells and where all is revealed, where there is the true love.

If later we find out we falsely identified a true love, that’s a good education for us. It may not feel good, but we’re learning to not let our love be trapped by some romantic or false illusion. The best way I know how to do that is to be a true love in your expression. That love functions unconditionally. It’s not based on what anybody does or does not do. That true love walks with you always as the true living love of God.

The love I’m referring to has always been in you. It’s born with you. The love in the outer circumstances of your life may be missing that true living love. If so, that may cause you to look for the love within you. This is good.

It’s a choice to look for the love within, and it’s a choice that continues. It’s wonderful to do it right now because this is the only moment we’ve got. But notice that moment continues and the choice is still with you. The choice is present always whether you continue with the love or you bring yourself into something that’s an illusion that may feel like separation as in, “I don’t feel the love.”

Choose to feel the love. Bring forward your feelings of love. Look for it, and when you find it, let yourself embrace it. An excellent way to start is to simply love what you see in front of you. The first law of spirit is acceptance. So, embrace what you see in front of you. If you resist, then embrace that resistance.

It may be challenging at times, but in the challenge is your growth. Everyone is in this world to grow. Let’s consider God’s will is that you will grow. That’s what’s going on, and you can’t stop it. Even when there’s great protesting and cursing, the growing continues. That’s good. So, you might as well cooperate with your growth.

This world is a doing level which translates into being engaged with what’s here. For example, we are engaged with gravity. We are affected by it. However, if you don’t exercise literally your relationship to gravity by being involved in moving through this level, then what happens to your strength? You may become weaker and experience atrophy. Your life experience tends to come across as inadequate. You may feel, “I’m not satisfied. I’m not fulfilled. Nothing really interests me.”

If that’s how you’re experiencing your life, make an adjustment. Often what needs to come into your awareness is what you would register as your anxieties, negative concerns, or self-doubt. When we become aware of whatever fear brings to us, the tendency is to withhold, to look at life as threatening or to take a threatening stance. However, to try to maintain yourself in a threatened or threatening way eventually becomes exhausting.

We see that often in nature. A main objective of a predator is not necessarily to attack immediately. Often, it’s more to threaten over and over, so that at some point there’s no fight left. What we see is a response, like “I don’t care. Go ahead. I don’t have the energy to resist.” That’s not a strong position.

Life is not a threat to you. Life is an encounter, and it’s an encounter that you can interpret. There’s exploration and adventure so we can embrace the adventure with excitement and enthusiasm for the discovery and what we are going to learn.

People who have lived a long full life, often look back and mention regrets in the area of holding back. They tend to regret having lived in fear. So, the correction would be to live in love, take more risks, play more, and work less. How do we do that?

One way is to consider that you work all the time and you play all the time. Do both as much as you can and love it all. I find that’s the only way that is satisfying inside of me.

It’s a juggling act to manage the outer circumstances. However, staying uninvolved and withholding your love is not what you are here for. So be actively engaged, fully participating in the inner consciousness. Find out how that relates to the outer consciousness. It relates very well. Do your spiritual exercises. Tune in to your infinite supply of living love. When you’re doing your spiritual nature correctly, it’s full of the kind of knowing that brings you confidence to handle your choices.

Use everything for your upliftment. If it sometimes hurts like hell, then use that for your upliftment like a spiritual warrior with great courage and dedication. Refuse to succumb to anything less than living love as that is who you truly are.

Blessing for a Life of Living Love

Let’s consider that when we allow the living truth to reveal itself, it has a way of being brand new and completely alive in this moment. Let’s consider that we are surrounded by the Light so completely, we are infused by it. It radiates in every cell and every part of our being in perfect harmony. We are completely connected to the Light, so it radiates brilliantly.

We realize we are the Light in the form of who we are, and that Light is in all things, fully infused. By having conscious awareness of this Light, we engage its intelligence, wisdom, compassion and love. So, when God looks upon Its creation in this Light, there is love for all of creation.

We see love in the creation of this world first with our own creation, what we have done, what we have brought into our lives. We see love in the creation that joins us here, the many forms of God’s creation that are with us in this world and are perfect in every way.

The Light reveals the perfection that all is good. In the conscious awareness of this Light we find peace. We find complete harmony. We find joy so we can walk anywhere and be in this presence of the Light.

Consider that there are things about our negative creation that call for the Light. It’s time for us to let the Light be in our creation and to transform what that creation is. Often that transformation of the Light is a form of disillusionment. What has been is no more. It’s gone, and even the memory goes. What appears is what has always been — the beauty, the grace, always in all ways.

Our responsibility as we live in this world is to render that Light. So give the light. Transfer it. Let it be. If we are tempted to not let the Light shine from us, we put the Light with that temptation, that it too may be transformed along with anything that would stop the Light. This works first in silence. It needs no explanation. Often the explanation comes from Spirit for those who are attuned to that. For those who are not attuned, we bless them with this Light. We send it to them anyway, like the sun radiating. This may take great strength and resolve. You can do it.

Consider that you will be tested. Consider a situation in the past where you withheld the Light, and now prepare that you will choose the Light. You will offer up the Light. You will hold the Light knowing that God is in this with you. In this opportunity is your expansion and your learning. The way is already prepared for all those who bear the Light.

Remember, it just takes one and you have the choice to be that one. When others join you in this revelation of the Light, be glad. Take a moment to acknowledge the Light in them. It can be the look in your eyes. It can be the way that you interact and the way in which you regard them.

The Light of God in me acknowledges the Light of God in you.

Baruch Bashan.

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