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Deborah Martinez’s All-Time Favorite Playlist


Many of us in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness share one passion in common: John-Roger and/or John Morton Seminars. We love listening to them anytime, anywhere.

Some of us even have what we call a “Rotation Playlist.” So this is an opportunity for you to share with the world your favorite seminars — you never know, maybe your favorite is someone else’s greatest discovery!

Deborah Martinez shared hers.

DM:  I listen to Seminars and Meditations each night as I’m going to sleep, to give me the direction into Spirit where I want to be going in the night travels. Sometimes I wake up in the early hours of the morning, and I will again put on a J-R or John Morton seminar or meditation to relax me or help me focus back into Spirit, and as a support into spiritual exercises. I call my playlist “Night Travels.”

Check out Deborah’s playlist:

    • The Spiritual Promise: J-R reads the poetic words from his book, The Spiritual Promise. Beautifully set to music, his words provide guidance for our journey on this planet and promises that one day, we will see the face of God. Also includes J-R’s reading of the Gospel of St. John.
      DM:  The audio version of J-R reading the Spiritual Promise live to music is truly transcendent.
    • Our Song of Love and Ani-Hu Chant: One of MSIA’s foundational recordings, OUR SONG OF LOVE & ANI-HU Chant is digitally re-mastered, and replaces the old cassette version. You’ll be touched by the loving energy pouring from J-R in OUR SONG OF LOVE and by the rich stereo sound that plays along with J-R’s voice.
      DM:  I find listening to Our Song of Love is one of the best ways to ride into the Sound Current while drifting into sleep.
    • The Body Balance Meditation from the Health from the Inside Out packet: This great meditation is part of the Health from the Inside Out packet and outlines how to use the energy of the body to create better health and relaxation; it can be listened to before going to sleep to promote deeper rest.
      DM: One of my favorite meditations to take care of my body at the end of the day.
    • Meditation on Forgiveness from the Living In Grace packet: Forgiveness is one of the major keys for living in grace. Forgiveness opens the door to greater inner freedom and an awareness of the grace that is always awaiting us. This best-selling packet — which includes 2 seminars, 2 meditations, an innerphasing (a tool for changing unconscious habits), and a highly effective exercise to clear the unconscious — is designed to guide you into a greater experience of Spirit and of remembering who you truly are.
      DM: The quality of J-R’s voice — the loving and compassion that rides on his voice in the Meditation on Forgiveness — is profoundly comforting.
    • Inner Journey Through Spirit Realms: Drift slowly and gently into Soul, encouraged by John-Roger, as his loving voice takes you on a guided meditation through the physical, causal, mental and etheric realms. Then move upward through the cosmic mirror into the “high country” of your true self.
      DM: Great to listen to going into spiritual exercises.
    • The Absolute Here with the Golden Temple Meditation: We experience difficulty when we try to separate things into “here” and “there.” The “here,” J-R explains, encompasses everything and brings peace and fulfillment. J-R also leads a meditation into the golden temple of the Beloved.
      DM: The Golden Temple Meditation is a wonderful Soul Journey plus a reminder that we have companions in Soul Transcendence and we help each other along.
    • The Inner Master Meditation: John Morton leads us in a meditation of the Inner Master. “Identify yourself as the inner master, that you and the inner master are one with God and all creation, that you are a consciousness of God, a direct knowing, an emanation of God’s consciousness.”
      DM: Effortless and timeless meditation accompanied by soothing music, attuning to the Inner Master with Traveler John Morton.
    • Journey to the East from the Mystical Traveler Collection: This collection includes the essential Mystical Traveler packet from the Conference of the Mystical Traveler. It also includes Journey to the East.
      DM: 8 hours of audio and video from the Journey to the East PAT trips in the ’80s and ’90s! Just like being there. I especially love J-R’s prayer at Assisi, his explanation of “transfiguration” and the walking meditations at Luxor Temple.
    • Soul Awareness Teachings (SATs): This is an annual subscription of 12 seminar recordings by MSIA founder John-Roger delivered to you one per month. The SATs cover a wide variety of topics and are an invaluable tool to support you in your study towards Soul Transcendence. The seminars within the SAT Series are specially selected for an in-depth study of the Traveler’s teachings.
      DM: SATs are my lifeline, and I find listening to them in the early hours of the morning so helpful. I put them on auto rotate and it’s amazing how often the SAT which plays is perfect for me in that moment. Invaluable. Below are some of my all time favorite SATs.
    • Relax and Love Yourself Healthy (SAT): In this meditation, John-Roger invites you to close your eyelids and breathe. Then, through visualization and affirmations, J-R takes you through your physical body from the hairs and skin at the top of your head to the littlest toenail, gently asking you to visualize and breathe into each part one by one and to relax the part. You find yourself affirming, “All the cells in my body are now working in perfect harmony.”
      DM: So relaxing and so healing, it’s awesome.
    • Meditation on Joy (SAT): Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to listen to a SAT and be instantly renewed, rejuvenated and revitalized…and then be gracefully transported into a state of joy? Well, there is such a SAT. In this wonderful Soul Awareness Teaching Seminar, John-Roger takes us on a journey of “epoch” proportions. Don’t miss being filled with joy!
      DM: One of the best kept secrets in SATs.
    • Voices Out of Africa (SAT): Speaking around a campfire with the sounds of Africa in the background, during a group visit to Masai Mara Kenya, John-Roger uses his sword of truth to speak plainly about how self-importance can impact our awareness of the “spiritual convergence point.” He also shares his unique way of sending the Light to animals.
      DM:  This heart opening seminar ends with 15 minutes of the most beautiful and soothing sounds of Africa at night, it’s wonderful to just listen and experience being there.
    • Message to the Travelers on Earth (SAT): In this entertaining seminar, John-Roger starts by asking us to pretend we’ve just come from a spaceship to planet earth for an orientation session on how to deal with the natives, called humans. Then he asks, “What are some of the things that you’ll need to know and watch out for? Because humans sometimes use their religious and spiritual beliefs to beat each other up.”
      DM:  J-R humor at its best. Have a good laugh and learn keys to living on this planet while residing in Spirit.

Thank you, Deborah! We love you.

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  1. I love the Meditation of Perfect Balance. I try to set this up every morning. Never get tired of it. Andrea Barkley- Minister MSIA

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