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The Love of a Master Tour 2019 – Eastern Europe, Nigeria, and Israel

After returning from Spain in the Spring, I got a call from Joey Hubbard asking if I would facilitate a segment of Insight IV in Sofia, Bulgaria. Immediately I said “Yes!” because it was just so clear spiritually. The timing worked out perfectly, just before The Love of a Master Tour 2019 in Europe, Israel, and Nigeria, so I immediately changed my flights.

I found myself participating in an Insight IV seminar, which was an incredible experience to behold and be a part of. Back in the late ’90s or early ’00s, I remember being with J-R in his office as he reviewed the day-by-day events of Insight IV, preparing for an upcoming training. I was young and impatient. Taking the Insight I and II seminars in 1985 and 1986 changed my life immediately. Right after that, I got on Soul Awareness Discourses, then soon moved into the Mandeville Canyon house to serve on J-R’s personal staff. Throughout the years, I have taken Insight I over again many times. Ahhh, but the key for me has always been the MSIA programs: the PATs I, II, III, and IV, Living in Grace, MSS, DSS, and so on, have been profound in my life.

Insight IV in Bulgaria

So there I was at Insight IV in Bulgaria with 85 participants, sitting next to Joey Hubbard, and I was blown away. It felt like the mid-’80s all over again—the same energy was running through me as it did back then—34 years later. Even though I am quite a bit older now, I experienced that same energy in the room and I was on fire. I facilitated for two days and stayed the rest of the time supporting Peter Felsmann, Basilio Christou, Vitaly Fromin, Rossi Kossacheva, and Joey Hubbard. I don’t want to give away any of the processes, but if you have never done Insight IV, I highly encourage you to. I myself still need to take Insight III and IV. Insight has been pivotal in my life, a powerhouse for what I have done, and I can imagine what it would do for others.

I remember an incredible dream I had a while ago, which ties into my next book coming up, “The Dreams of a Master.” I was wearing a blue suit in front of a group (and eventually ended up wearing a blue suit doing my final Insight IV presentation). I also had a dream in which John Morton and I were up on stage together. J-R has said that counterfeit Travelers may show up in dreams, and the way to expose them is to check that the inner messages match the outer; if not, then it’s a false representation. I realized this dream was a premonition and wrote it down.

Then, in real life, I found myself up on stage with John and Leigh Taylor-Young Morton during the same Insight IV in Bulgaria, the day after my facilitation session. I thought, “WOW! Is this the moment I saw in my dream?” Indeed, it was. I had finished presenting, then during John’s wonderful presentation at Insight IV, he asked me to come up and do a demonstration with he and Leigh. My experience is that spiritual things first show up for me in Spirit, then I look to manifest them in the outer; that’s how I know it is real.

Insight IV was such a great moment of arrival for me, five years since J-R transcended into the Spirit Realms. I can feel him with me on stage and when I speak—it’s so comforting. The visitations I get from J-R (and totally love) help to keep me going, especially on his birthday, the anniversary when he passed into Spirit, and other places that remind me of him: Asilomar, Prana, 2101 Wilshire, and the Mandeville Canyon house.

The Netherlands & France

Next, I took off to the Netherlands to visit my friends in Amsterdam, and Willem Van Esch in Rotterdam. This respite also gave me a chance to do some writing and revamping of my workshop for the virtual tour in Israel celebrating John-Roger’s 85th birthday. (More on that below.)

Upon leaving Amsterdam, I went to the south of France to hold a “Love of a Master Satsang” gathering at Anne Naylor’s home in Cannes with about eight participants. It was beautiful. We played a clip from the Mystical Traveler film and played “Passages to the Realms of Spirit” one of my favorite J-R seminars where he talks about the Spirit body. He really dissects the whole inner realms from astral to Soul and above, the “I AM”, the magnetic light and the spiritual Light. I had it subtitled in French and we screened it live to a private Facebook page for those that are in the outer area of Cannes.

The next day, we visited the Île Saint-Honorat, an island one mile off the coast named after Saint Honoratus that has been the site of a monastic community since the 5th century. It is said that Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, and other monks studied at that monastery before heading north to share their teachings.


Next, I traveled to Nigeria by way of Morocco. Being back on the African Continent was profound. I spent 10 days in Nigeria, and am still integrating this experience. From the moment I arrived, it was like being in another realm. I interviewed a local old-timer, Erastus Yousuo Dii, and his wife Dina, who had known J-R in 1986, when he made his first visit to Nigeria. He had been invited by the Rainbow Ray founders, Evangeline and Garmon Van Poland. I was not on staff yet at that time, but I’ve heard many stories about that trip. Since posting about this on Facebook, several people have chimed in who took part in that trip, including Anne Naylor, Timothea Stewart, Phil and Brooke Danza, and others.

Here are some of the stories I heard about:

Erastus said that the minute J-R saw him, the audience parted, and J-R touched his chest.

There were individuals present who had an experience of John the Beloved, which J-R later confirmed.

On Facebook, Brooke commented: “I knew Evangeline; she was a wonderful character who channeled ascended masters. In the Nigeria seminar in 1986, J-R told the group how he initiated Evangeline and she immediately went to Soul level, as I remember. That seminar was one of the most powerful I ever attended. I Fell in love with the Nigerian MSIAers then. Evangeline told me when she met J-R she said, ‘I know who you are, you are John the Beloved, back on the planet.’ So before J-R showed up for that seminar, as I recall, the Rainbow Ray group told the members they would be hearing from John the Beloved, and they prepared all day doing affirmations before he showed up.”

I remember Phil telling me that the energy was so powerful, the lights and audio went out during part of J-R’s sharing. He said it was documented on video, so it should be in the vault somewhere (although I couldn’t find it while researching and editing during the Mystical Traveler film Post-Production).

I started off my trip to Nigeria in Lagos and took a few days to assimilate and recover from jet lag. I met the MSIA Representative, Balogun Kasim, and walked around planting Light Columns with Frank Brown and his sister Annie “Pretty-in-Purple” Brown.

Next, I went to Port Harcourt, where I did another initiation, shared a two-day “The Love of a Master” workshop, sat in Satsang, and premiered the Mystical Traveler film in Port Harcourt, supported by the MSIA Rep Prince Iwuoha. I cannot put into words the extraordinary essence that illuminated that hotel room. There were about 100 participants both days, adults (mostly men) and children. It got pretty hot and humid, even though we had some air conditioning, but I was blown away by how they took care of me. I experienced the Nigerian people as spiritual family just like us, despite the geographical distance. You can feel J-R and John everywhere, and the Traveler energy transcends borders, people, politics, and everything.

The economy in Nigeria, as in many African countries, is quite different from those in the Western world. However, the resilience of the Nigerian people is fascinating to watch, as they continue to adapt under very challenging conditions. Like every country, Nigeria has a hustle game, but they also have an amazing entrepreneurial energy that is inspiring. For every job, there are about 4 or 5 human beings trying to make a living from it. Because IT and computers are not yet well-established, software has yet to replace anything in Nigeria; it is all manual labor. People are working, and money is getting passed around hand to hand locally.

On the last night, I was privileged to receive an honorary title as Chief Owawa of Africa, which means the Great Moon of Africa. Half a dozen Nigerian tribal chiefs, including Chief Madus T. Weleonu, all surrounded me, dressed me in a traditional tribal outfit, gave me a cane, and crowned me with the cap of the Ibo, or Igbo, tribe. I felt loved and honored by this beautiful ceremony. At one point, I searched in Google “Igbo tribe” and one article mentioned “beings from the sky.” I made it clear that I wanted the ceremony with this title to be under the protection of the Traveler and Preceptor. John-Roger was also crowned as an honorary Chieftain when he traveled there in 1986.

Erastus sent me the following email sharing more details about these ceremonies:

SUBJECT: Chieftaincy IBO Title Conferment on John-Roger & Jsu Garcia in Nigeria MSIA community

Chieftaincy IBO Tribe titles Conferment on John-Roger in 1986, and Jsu Garcia in 2019, were a traditional and cultural practice of Honoring in appreciation the indebted values MSIA community in Nigeria has for J-R and who is.

The symbolic representation and the Words/sentence of the Titles brings forth the theme and substance of Appreciation and Honor.

In 1986 at Onitsha, the Capital of Anambara State of Nigeria, John Roger was conferred the IBO chieftaincy title of “Eze Udo ” (King of Peace). In 2019, Jsu Garcia (Spiritual son of J-R) in Port Harcourt, Rivers State Capital, was conferred the “Owna Africa” (Moon in Africa).

The Conferment ceremony was supportively witnessed by other various tribe chiefs in MSIA communities from Rivers and Akwa Ibom states.
Chief Dr. Thank God Lilly-Inia;
Chief Dr. Alapuye Eleki;
Chief Madus Weleonu.
These chiefs are Initiates & Ministers in the Church of MSIA.

The Symbolic significance/ meaning & value of the Titles of Honor and Appreciation bestowed on J-R and Jsu (father and son):

The SUN culturally is the Eze (king) source of LIGHT in the day. Light banishes fear of darkness, thus ensuring peace. Therefore, Light of the Sun is the source of Peace. J-R manifesting Light by his presence is the King (Eze) of Peace (Udo) through the Light he Manifests. At night the King has gone to sleep, to rest, or travels. John-Roger has passed on, has traveled from this Earth.

The moon Radiates the Light of the sun that brings Peace of the SUN’s light. (At night) The moon is the son of the sun (for a male) or daughter of the sun (for a female). Jsu Garcia ONWA — through his Ministry of the Love of a Master and John-Roger’s marathon Seminars in Africa — has brought forward the Light Radiation…Peace Shanti…i.e., J-R’s Energy, into Africa through Nigeria (while the Eze Udo) is away from the physical Earth.

These titles are very sincere traditional and cultural expressions of appreciation, gratitude to and honoring the beloved J-R is in our hearts. Thank you J-R, Thank you Jsu for your services, devotion and love for J-R which you’ve done for all of us. Thank you John Morton for ever being there for Jsu and all of us.

God bless MSIA.

While traveling to exotic locations around the world, I enjoy helping, doing services, sharing, and selling my books. I love to share the stories of J-R and I. However, it was too expensive to bring a bunch of The Love of a Master books to Nigeria. Instead, I gave the Nigerians a PDF copy and told them print it and keep whatever profit they made from sales of my book to help the community in any way they can. My feeling is, let’s make J-R’s teachings available for those that are looking for them. I would also like to see the cool MSIA mobile App developed for Android, which most people in Nigeria and the world have (currently only available for iPhone). Because it is proprietary to the web, no one can download PDFs or files with ill intentions; with the App, you can read and renew your Soul Awareness Discourses all online.

This has been my ministry since J-R transcended. If my ministry for 26 years was taking care of J-R, which I loved, then my ministry now is to share and take care of myself the best I can by: being present, igniting, and bringing MSIA Ministers and Initiates together, sharing our love of the travelers, J-R and John. I know that when two or more gather, I see J-R in everybody, so to me it’s a blessing. J-R is quite famous in the Nigerian community, and so is John from his visit a few years ago. They are waiting for the Traveler to come back. I believe that we are doing well, our family is together and not one Soul will be left behind.

Switzerland and Russia

When I came back from Nigeria, I had two days off in Switzerland where I went to visit Charlie Chaplin’s home in Vevey with a good friend. It was amazing to learn that Chaplin was very close with Albert Einstein, who was a student of Peter Deunov, the man who founded the Great White Brotherhood in Bulgaria. I started to realize that all of these artists who rubbed shoulders in Hollywood were also students of something spiritual, that helped them reach a higher state of awareness.

Then I took off for Russia, my second trip since the 1988 and 1990 trips with John-Roger. Upon landing in Moscow, I was greeted by Radislav (Lopukh) and Ekaterina, who guided me directly to the train station. With the DNA memory of my 1988 initiation in St. Petersburg, I found myself on the Sapsan High-Speed Train, which travels from Moscow to St. Petersburg in a matter of three-and-a-half hours. I was picked up around midnight by a friend of Radislav who is an Insight graduate.

He drove me to his home in the country, about two hours from the city, and I stayed with him and his family. The Russians are such a generous people; they will invite you to their home, feed you, and treat you like royalty. He and his wife took me to Peterhof, the summer palace of Peter the Great, known as “the Russian Versailles.” Peter was the monarch responsible for building St. Petersburg as the new capital of Russia — replacing Moscow, which has a heavy Dutch influence. We visited St. Isaac’s cathedral and toured the cities numerous canals. The expansion and development of St. Petersburg, since I was last there in 1988, is outstanding and I felt J-R’s energy all over the place.

Returning to Moscow, we decided to do an afternoon “The Love of a Master Satsang with Jsu,” attended by about seven people. I showed an hour-and-a-quarter excerpt of the Mystical Traveler movie with Russian subtitles. This was the segment where J-R talks about all the levels, explains the Mystical Traveler, Preceptor, and all the realms in his own words. Following that, I did a Q&A for three or four hours and signed a few books. They would like me to come back, so I will return to Moscow if God wills.

It’s become very easy for me to lead Satsang and share in group meetings worldwide because the Traveler and Spirit do the work. As a Seminar Leader, I call us forward into the light, we have contributions, I take questions, and get real. Over the years on J-R’s staff, he gave me and others the responsibility to talk to people on the phone and answer their questions through email when he wasn’t available, so we learned what to say as a representative of John-Roger. J-R’s coaching, my years of acting on stage and in the movies, MSS, DSS and three years of study at the University of Santa Monica have been a great preparation for this ministry.

In Barnaul, my next destination, I was hosted by Ministers and Initiates. Vitaly Fomin, who has done a lot of Insight facilitating in Russia, traveled to Barnaul to help with translation. All of the Insight communities there have grown, including Moscow, Omsk, and Minsk, but I traveled all the way to Barnaul to see one of my favorite people, Lubov Zhikhareva. She has been the rep in Siberia for a long time. During my five days there, we did a two-day Love of a Master workshop showing J-R seminars and movie clips. We watched the entire Mystical Traveler film with Russian subtitles, and I did several Q&A sessions. I did spiritual counseling, sold books, and sold movie files on thumb drives rather than DVDs. Serving MSIA, I did many baptisms, initiations, and ordinations; it was fabulous.


I returned to Bulgaria for three days, September 13–15, to lead a workshop and screen the Mystical Traveler movie with Bulgarian subtitles (thank God J-R gave me that idea). We went to the Black Sea and visited a city called Plovdiv; the second-largest city after Sofia and one of the oldest inhabited sites in Europe, dating back to 600 B.C. The Thracians originated from there. Bulgaria has such a special energy to me—it feels like MSIA back in 1971, or Insight in the early ’80s when it was exploding. As John Morton said, “The best is yet to come.”

It seems, in my point of view, that there are two segments of MSIA now: the folks that are transitioning and going into the Spirit realms and those that are awakening here, now. Those who are already awakened are going Home; those who were asleep are awakening and doing the work in a big way. MSIA, Insight and USM are doing really well around the world!

The Holy Land

Finally, it was time to celebrate J-R’s 85th birthday in Israel. I had initially planned another in-person Holy Land Tour, with Benji as our guide, but by June only one or two people had signed up. I woke up one morning with the answer from J-R (as always) to do a Virtual Tour—in the dream, he told me, “Bring your cameras and live stream to a private Facebook group called ‘The Love a Master Virtual Israel Tour.’” That trip turned out to be very successful, led by me and Nicole Campbell—12 amazing days traveling around Israel with 50 people participating online in real time, or watching the archived videos later.

It was a beautiful experience, because the trip was all about J-R and the things that people have experienced in the Holy Land. I brought a waterproof Go Pro camera, which allowed me to film a baptism in the River Jordan where the viewers can experience the virtual immersion. I also used it while floating in the Dead Sea to show what it feels like. We went to the Red Sea and the Golan Heights, planting Light columns everywhere. To do this work, Nicole and I rented a car and just prayed, called in the Light a lot and broadcast it all on the Facebook group. As always, we had our epic dinner celebrating J-R’s birthday on September 24th in the restaurant that overlooks the Old City, and shared that with the online group as well. The remaining four days were spent in Quran, Masada, Dead Sea, Red Sea and St. Marks Church in the Old City Jerusalem. The Abbott in the St. Marks Church blessed us and read in Aramaic the Lords Prayer.

We decided to celebrate my birthday on October 6th, in my favorite place, as well—London. We spent time in the Hyde Park area, where I like to walk and meditate. It’s not far from my favorite place: the Sheraton Hotel where I was ordained as a minister in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness through the Melchizedek Priesthood on August 29, 1988, by John Morton while John-Roger observed.

I have always been John-Roger’s ambassador; I remember Nathaniel Sharrat and I, and the others on J-R’s personal staff, sometimes represented J-R at different events when he didn’t feel well or it wasn’t clear for him to attend. He would send us. People would look at us like, “Well, we really wanted J-R, but since you are here instead, that’s okay.” We’d give people his regards and gifts, stay a bit, and go home. I haven’t given that up—I am still J-R’s personal staff. I continue to do the work and I am here to support John Morton and MSIA to the best of my abilities.

I just completed the South America tour, and will report on that later. 2019 has certainly been a test. As J-R said, “Give everything two years or more.” So I am taking two years to really see where I am now. I feel very comfortable in my life, five years since J-R transcended to the Spirit realms, and it feels very real. I follow that, and I thank J-R, thank John, thank God, thank the Christ, thank the Preceptor. Baruch Bashan.


Jesus Garcia, DSS

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  1. What a wonderful sharing – thank you Jsu. Thank you for your ministry. You always remind me of my brother. Well, brother in Spirit – thank you for writing this article – I got a lovely blast of JR all the way through – especially in the Nigeria part. Love to you always.

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