Fellowship of Holy Communion

By: John Morton, DSS

December 19th, 2019

Fellowship of Holy Communion


We have a fellowship of the Beloved that is a fellowship of the Christ, and what we work with in MSIA as initiates and ministers is in this fellowship. – John Morton, DSS

This article comes from a sharing John had with an IHOP class in September 2019.  The theme of the class was: “In the Presence of the Beloved: The Wind that Blows from Heaven.

I love this theme and it speaks very directly to what we’re doing in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, especially as it involves the Holy Spirit.  It’s also something that John-Roger spoke of – the one accord – a theme that has been getting a lot of my attention lately.

It relates particularly to the moment we know was on the occasion called Pentecost.  That’s something the Jewish people were celebrating about 50 days after Passover.  It was in some way related to the new season, the planting, seeding for what is to come in the harvest.

The harvest can be viewed as marking the end of one year and the beginning of a new year.  In that way, we could look at what we are seeding in relation to wanting the blessing of the Holy Spirit. The opportunity is to let go of all things, to be a consciousness that not only seeks, but is also dedicated, devoted and consecrated to seeking God.

God comes first.  Then, when two or more are gathered, there’s also something there that was spoken of spiritually: that I am in your midst.  [“For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I with them.” Matthew 18:20 NIV].

Let’s consider that it could be what the Holy Spirit speaks however we would hear it or know it, and it wouldn’t necessarily be in words. It could be in the knowing that “Thou art with me.” [Psalm 23:4 NIV].  Then, on the Pentecost, the disciples of Jesus, the Christ, were in the upper room after the crucifixion.

It turned out that the timing of the crucifixion (this is hard to prove or determine historically) was in relation to the Passover celebration that was going on. There was an upper room gathering at that time with the 12 disciples, apostles of Jesus, that relates to what we call holy communion.  There are also other faiths that celebrate the communion as coming into a one accord in that way.  We share what is the body and the lifeblood of the consciousness that is the Christ.

Holy Communion is coming into a very direct willingness to be in the transmission of the anointing of the Holy Spirit.  We become those who are anointed and we have the Christ with us at birth.  This is something that Jesus did. He was a first born, a first amongst us to rise up in the Christ consciousness, in the fully endowed whole spirit, one spirit aspect of what that is in the flesh.  We create or allow spiritually what needs to be done in order for all of us to have that opportunity.

There is another way of relating to the Holy Spirit that can be heard like the wind.  I look at that as the sound current.  It is being conscious of the sound current coming into the physical body.

We are in a physical body, but we are also in a transcendent body that is going into higher dimensions. As we take on that blessing, our life is brand new.  We are born again.  What we have been before has been transmuted and transformed and we walk as the Beloved.

We have a fellowship of the Beloved that is a fellowship of the Christ, and what we work with in MSIA as initiates and ministers is in this fellowship.

Baruch Bashan

Attunement with the Beloved

Here we are again Lord, in your presence.  Our awareness allows us to know you are always with us.  Your presence is eternal.  Thank you for helping us to release our limitations.  I’m grateful that we can let go.  It’s as simple as relaxing in this presence that is your nature to assist us, to help us find the clearing, the healing, whatever is needed.  We find that you are a friend.  And it’s personal, even if we are looking for you in a form that we want to see, touch and hold.  You let us know we can let it go, and so it is. You are embracing us in every moment, every condition, every person, everything…and this has always been your way.

We take a moment to also release the mind.  Certainly, that is our own mind, but it could be mind that is in the universe, in all of your creation, whatever that is.  You release the circumstances of our existence in great thanks, in great appreciation.  To find your personal way also includes those who are like us, those who we can see, feel and touch as our friends as well as those who challenge us in this moment.

You open us up to see the beloved in all.  In this attunement with the beloved, we are attuned with the Holy Spirit and the anointing into the flesh.  We take it on personally even to the cell levels and into the construct of all that we have created and into our soul consciousness.

We take a moment to behold thou art always with us.  Your way is clear, as clear can be, and you have filled us with the ability to do.  In every way, whatever is to become, you are revealing we can handle it.  We have the strength and wisdom.  We have the ability and willingness to let go and allow you to be our partner and friend.  The first who now becomes the last picking up whatever remains that we can have the experience that you are holding us, lifting us all along the way.  That it is your power that is the power.

You have chosen us and called us into this relationship that we walk with you, one to one.  That we are beloved with you.  We are so thankful that you have made it personal and those who we know as John-Roger and Jesus and all those who are in this line of the beloved, that we can have a witnessing as we’re open, as we’re called forward to the gathering of all those who are anointed.   And now we can also see their disguises, the faces that we did not recognize as the beloved.  All is forgiven.  All is lifted.  We are in this consciousness that everything is set free and it becomes something magnificently beautiful, sacred and joyful.

You welcome us into the celebration and as it is above in the highest dimensions, you let us know it is here.  We are being celebrated.  We are being given all that is needed to complete what we have come here to complete.  It is already done.

Baruch Bashan


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