Are You Willing to Be the Blessing?

By: John Morton, DSS

December 19th, 2019

Are You Willing to Be the Blessing?


Merry Christ-mass from the Traveler

This article comes from a workshop John facilitated on October 9, 2019, at Peace Labyrinth and Gardens in Los Angeles, California.

Consider that everything is a blessing, if you choose to see it that way.  If you choose to see it differently, it is a choice to see it otherwise.  Let’s consider that we are all responsible creators.  If we choose to see things as less than a blessing, we are allowed that opportunity.  But that can be a great illusion.  In other words, it is not real.

The reality is that everything has goodness in it.  Do you have the willingness to see the good in everything?  That’s a real question and you are going to be tested in your response, any way you make it.  If you say, “Well, I didn’t make a response,” you’ll be tested in that you’re trying to not have a response.  There is a choice called “default”. It is something like, “Oh, you don’t want to make a choice? Then one will be made for you.”

We are in a movement and it is a movement to God.  I may not say anything more profound to you than that.  If you are here for something profound, I just gave it to you.  We don’t have to die in order to find out; but consider that you are going to find out and it is a blessing, something to look forward to.

The teachings tell us everything is a blessing.  We can see everything as a blessing.  We can see that we are the blessing.  We are the blessing for our self as well as the blessing for everyone and everything.  If we have that experience of our self, then we can have that experience of others.

What if you don’t have a consistent awareness and experience of that?  Does anyone not have that consistent experience?  Okay, there’s my hand up.  I’m qualifying that to some degree.  I am letting my mind have a vote.

Now, I’m telling you I’m not my mind.  When it thinks something is not a blessing, I am not my thoughts.  But I am influenced by my thoughts, feelings and other aspects of being human.

Here’s my definition of a blessing: Greater good.  Is greater good better?  It is for me.  Consider there is greater good all the time, every time.  Now, I am going to give you something profound.  It is a bonus.  It is John-Roger’s secret of Soul Transcendence and I think a lot of you could recite it with me: “Look for the good and divine in people and things and all the rest leave to God.”

That’s the secret to Soul Transcendence.  Maybe some think, “Soul Transcendence, so what? I don’t know what that is.”  Here’s another bonus.  Soul Transcendence is going to God.  That’s a blessing everyone has.  As we realize this blessing, we can go beyond looking for good and divine to seeing good and divine.

Have you ever had an experience like you were looking for something with all your body, mind and spirit such that it became desperate?  You wanted it more than anything in your whole life.  Have you had that experience?  Did you find it?  What was that experience like?  Maybe it’s indescribable, like, “I don’t even know how to express it.  Maybe my body couldn’t handle it.  I couldn’t stand up.”  That’s not the only sign, but it can be indescribable, beyond words.  When you find it, it is the pearl of great price.  That’s scriptural. [Matthew 13:45-46 NKJV] What is the pearl of great price? That which you would give up everything to have.

Consider that experience of wanting something more than anything else is telling us all how to see everything as a blessing.  Put the intention in your consciousness to see the blessing.  In order to see everything as a blessing, would you be willing to become the blessing? Perhaps you are the blessing that you are seeking.

Maybe you are experiencing God’s sense of humor that you are the blessing you are seeking and that you can pass it on.  You can share it with others.  I will remind you again to see the blessing, see God, be the blessing with all your body, mind and spirit.

What is the greatest blessing?  Love.  God is laughing again. “I am love.”  If you seek love, seek God and seek the blessings of God.  I have a question for you.  Are you willing to be the blessings?  Game on.  Get ready as your life is going to check it out with you!

Have you experienced your loving? I’m leaving this up to you to decide.  Even if you say, “Hmm…no” or “I’m not sure”, there is still time left.  Would you like to know yourself as love?  If you know yourself as love, you can always see the loving.  If you can see the loving, you can be the blessing.

Love is in every blessing.  It takes one to know one.  If you know loving, then you can see the loving in someone else.  You can see the loving in anything.

Are you willing to see the loving?  Then you are willing to see the blessing.  Are you willing to be the loving?  Then you are willing to be the blessing.

Baruch Bashan


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