The New Year: Affirming Inner Direction

By: John-Roger, DSS

January 9th, 2020

The New Year: Affirming Inner Direction


This article by John-Roger was originally published in the Movement Newspaper, January 1982. John-Roger’s keys for success are just as on point in this new year of 2020 as they were in 1982. Enjoy!

You have a lot of power in your life that you don’t always use to your best advantage. A lot of times I hear people tell me they want to be successful, but I don’t often see them putting in the kind of sustained effort that’s necessary to create success. I hear people say they want to be wealthy, but I don’t see them leading their lives in a way which will create wealth for themselves. I hear people say they want a solid, loving, committed relationship with one other human being, but I don’t see them behaving in a solid, loving committed way toward the person they’ve chosen.

Goals that you may set for yourself are not arrived at by some magical, mystical process. They are arrived at, for the most part, by a logical, orderly sequence of events, hard work and consistent effort. It’s like saying you want to be a doctor but not being willing to go through medical school. It doesn’t work.

If you want to be a doctor, you have to get good grades in high school, take and pass certain exams that admit you to a college which has a good pre-med course. You complete those classes and do well, then take other exams so you can be admitted to med school. You complete that course of study, graduate, complete your intern program, and after a lot of years, you reach your goal of becoming a doctor.

If you give up prior to reaching the goal, you don’t reach the goal. If you get through high school, college, pre-med, and three years of med school, but don’t complete the program, you don’t get the degree, M.D. They don’t give you credit for doing a lot of work. You only get the degree when you complete the entire program. That’s the way it goes.

That’s the way it goes, too, in lots of your life. You reach the goal when you complete all the requirements. Each individual has so much power to be used in whatever way he chooses. That’s an inherent part of being human — HU-man, the God-man. We are children of God, extensions of pure Spirit into this dimension.

The Bible says that in the beginning there was the Word and the Word was made flesh. The Word dwelling within you is the very name of God. It’s the energy of God present within us. The Word is energy in a pure, unconditioned state. Most of the energy that we perceive is conditioned in some way. The table in your kitchen is conditioned energy. The glass that holds your water is conditioned energy. When you talk, you are using conditioned energy to produce the words and concepts.

Unconditioned energy might be more like water … it might be in the ocean or in the rain or in a river. It has the potential of assuming many forms. God’s energy has the potential of assuming any form, any shape. It can be used positively, negatively, neutrally, any way at all.

Wherever there is energy there is life, movement and activity of some sort. It is never stagnant or static. There is always motion. When you can tap into the knowledge and realization that you are the recipient and holder of God’s pure energy, it’s like a child has appeared inside of you — a child who has a sense of curiosity and awareness but lives in the spontaneity of the moment. There’s contentment, peace, a kind of aware relaxation and a tremendous sense of joy. It’s rare to find a child who dwells too long in the past or worries too much about the future. The childlike energy lives in the NOW, which is another way to identify unconditioned energy.

You condition God’s energy within you in terms of how you are brought up, what attitudes and points of view your parents hold, what your society’s and family’s traditions dictate for you, etc. If we could take an individual and condition them to nothing at all, keep them absolutely pure in their expression of God’s energy, we’d probably have an individual that would be impossible to be around for very long because they probably wouldn’t bathe or dress. They would probably have very poor housekeeping manners in terms of what we’re used to. And they would probably have so much free energy around them that just being in their presence would be like picking up a hot, live wire, full of electricity. It would send you flipping.

So it’s quite appropriate that you learn to channel and condition the energy of Spirit so it is useful to you in the world. Of course, once you have conditioned it, you become very familiar with it, take it for granted and tend to forget that it’s God’s pure energy you’re working with. Then you may get sloppy with it because it’s nothing unusual or terrific, and you misuse the energy you’re given; you misdirect it and may get, yourself in all sorts of difficulties.

Maybe you take your energy and power and use it to run around to about six bars in one evening and see how many drinks you can put away. That’s using up God’s energy in a way that is not uplifting or of service to anyone. Maybe you use your energy on anger and berate your family when you could have used that same energy to put a new coat of paint on the bedroom or build a new swing for the kids.

Think about athletes who train for the Olympics. We hear stories of how they give up going out at night, they give up having a lot of social life and spending time with friends so they have their God-given energy intact to train for the sport they have chosen. Those athletes are generally very aware they have so much energy at their disposal, and if they are going to reach their goal, they must spend their energy for that purpose.

Those same principles apply in your life, too. Pay attention to the choices you make. Pay attention to how you spend your energy. The choices are always up to you. You have the freedom to do whatever you wish in your life. You can use your energy wisely or you can use it poorly. The energy doesn’t really care because it’s neutral. The extension of the divine God that resides within you relates more readily to joy and upliftment and would choose that your energy be used in positive, fulfilling ways. The negativity of the lower worlds often relates more readily to using energy in a more negative way.

As one who is on a spiritual path, you are probably seeking to turn your energy to the highest possible use and to lift yourself into the positive realms of Spirit through the wise use of your energy. Spiritual exercises and meditation is one way to use energy that is uplifting and serves the Spirit within you. Another positive use of your energy is affirmations, positive statements designed to change the energy around you from negative to positive. Affirmations have become very popular in recent times and there have been a lot of suggestions on how to create and use affirmations.

If things seem to be going badly in your life and you say, “Wow, things are really bad,” you affirm that bad condition by giving energy to it. Spirit’s energy can be used to change those conditions into positive, by affirming the positive, even if you cannot perceive it at the moment. There are a lot of possible affirmations. I’d like to share with you a few, that you are welcome to use, if you want to.

For the right condition, the affirmation is:

Every plan my Father in Heaven has not planned shall be dissolved and dissipated. The divine idea now comes to pass.

Every time you make a denial of something (Every plan my Father in Heaven has not planned shall be dissolved and dissipated), you must affirm a new existence (The divine idea now comes to pass) or you will end up with the thing you are denying. You must affirm the new condition because the energy of the Word will provide what it is directed toward. Be careful how you word your affirmations. Affirm the positive.

Another affirmation for the right condition is:

Only that which is true of God is true of me for I and the Father are one.

Far too often, you polarize yourself on one side and put God over there someplace, separate from you. God is inside of you, as you; you cannot be separated. A lot of your loneliness and pain comes from the fact that you think God is separate from you and, often, on the opposite side somehow. God is you so cannot be against you. When you connect with that reality, you’re really plugged in to the Source, and your power becomes tremendous.

Do you do these affirmations once? Yes. More than once? Yes. How long? However long it takes. Remember that your goal will be realized when you have completed all the “requirements” of the course. In life, they might not be as clear-cut as a medical degree, but you’ll find out when you complete them just exactly what they were and what was required.

If you are lacking in faith or faithing (which is a form of making your faith useful to you through action) a good affirmation is:

As I am one with God, I am one with my good. For God is both the giver and the gift. I cannot separate the giver from the gift.

As you go over these things, the truth of them hits you. You become aware of the truth. Is it a form of self-hypnosis? Probably. A lot of things could be classified that way, if you wanted to. At least you’re programming yourself to awaken your awareness of God. It’s better than programming yourself to sleep, which is what a lot of things in our culture seem to be designed for.

Another one:

Divine love now dissolves and dissipates every wrong condition in my mind, my body and affairs.

Divine love is the most powerful chemical in the universe and dissolves everything which is not of itself. If you repeat this affirmation, you may find exactly the right, loving partner coming forward in your life. If you pray for that specific man to be in your life, it may be that he’s married, so he has to divorce his wife in order to marry you; you have then interrupted the flow of life and entered into karmic responsibilities which will play back on you in your life. If you affirm, “According to God’s plan and God’s idea, the right man comes into my life..” then if it’s that one, great, and if it’s another one, it might be even better.

Here’s one for health:

Divine love floods my consciousness with health and every cell in my body is filled with Light.

People have done this one and broken out in rashes all over their body, and the next day discovered that their arthritis was gone or their allergies were gone. They had one bad night, and were free of their previous condition.

Poor eyesight:

My eyes are God’s eyes. I see with the eyes of Spirit. I see clearly the open way. There are no obstacles on my path. I see clearly the perfect plan.

It may take some time of doing that over and over before you see the perfect plan, and you won’t see it through physical eyes at any time. It will come as a realization, an understanding, an intuitive flow that’s called grace.

For guidance:

I am divinely sensitive to my intuitive leads and give instant obedience to God’s will.

Sometimes you’re not sure which way to go, which decision to make. Ask inwardly for a direction; you’ll get it. You have to listen, though. You have to be open to what your God within is telling you.


My ears are God’s ears.

Do you notice that we focus on our oneness with the Supreme God? It’s a key.

My ears are God’s ears. I hear with the ears of Spirit. I am non-resistant and willing to be led. I hear glad tidings of great joy.

The glad tidings of great joy are the Words of God being spoken to you inwardly. It’s an inner attunement.

For the right job:

I have a perfect work and a perfect way. I give perfect service for perfect pay.

All parts are important because you might get the right job, but they don’t pay you. Or you get good money, but the work isn’t fulfilling and satisfying. Put all the parts in there.

If you have a heavy heart and are sad:

I cast this burden upon the Christ within and I go free.

Get yourself connected to the Source which can lift your burdens from you and allow you to walk in His grace. Ask. You are one with the Christ. Jesus is our elder brother. Ask Him to lift your burdens from you; the freedom you’ll experience is phenomenal. And it’s yours for the asking. You might as well go for it.

If you are changing your expression and experience to the positive, remember that this is a negative planet and the pull of the negative power is strong. The physical level is negative; so are the astral, causal, mental and etheric levels. Only the Soul level is positive. There are five negative levels for one positive level. To replace a negative with a positive takes perseverance. You have to stick with it. If you say the positive affirmation over and over and over, and then at the last minute give in to the negative, you have to start all over again.

As you build your strength in the positive, it’ll get a little easier. You’ll get more experience and practice in bringing the positive aspects into your life, and you’ll find that there is so much joy and fulfillment in that, it’s a lot more fun than dealing in the negative. Remember that the one who endures to the end, wins.

God bless you.

Baruch Bashan,


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