Together in the Oneness of Spirit

By: John Morton, DSS

January 9th, 2020

Together in the Oneness of Spirit


One of the things I like to do is to let us come into that presence of one accord, to experience that we’re all in this together. That’s how we function. That’s how we thrive and come into our fulfillment and our hearts’ desires. – John Morton, DSS

This article by MSIA’s Spiritual Director John Morton was originally published in the New Day Herald in March of 2016.

The work we do in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness was founded and established with Jesus Christ as the head in spirit, and it is still that way right now. We don’t necessarily say a lot about that. My point of view is Jesus speaks for himself really well and doesn’t need me or anyone to do that. Yet there is a presence that we work with that we often refer to as the Spirit. What was discussed in the time of Jesus, we’re in that divine presence still partaking and participating as much as we choose, as much as we can handle.

We’re in this eternal loving presence and doing this work together. We’re not alone. We’re active, and we’re interactive. There’s a larger aspect to what we’re doing, and you’re absolutely welcome to come closer. That’s my invitation to you — to come closer to God through your awareness of your divinity.

The work we’re doing is like a baptism in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. It works because we have a willingness to call it forward from the highest source. That’s who we are, and that’s what I consider John-Roger and Jesus have been doing, amongst others. We are those others here and now. So we are in the line of the Travelers — those of us who are studying in this Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness. That’s who we are.

Even if you just came to MSIA today, I can say that to you because I speak to the nature of the soul. The nature of the soul is fully connected, aligned, and participating in the divine presence. The nature of the soul is saved, meaning your salvation is assured, protected, and held secure. Your soul cannot be in any way messed with in this world. Yet, this world does things to stimulate, amongst other things.

Maybe things of this world become irritants now and then. Have you ever had something that was irritating that then become an obvious blessing through your awareness and realization? Yes, of course you have because that’s what is true. When we accept and cooperate with what is present, then we can understand it’s all a blessing. And it’s a blessing just to be here. Baruch Bashan, which means the blessings already are.


John-Roger & the Mystical Traveler Consciousness

Even though John-Roger is not currently with us physically, his presence, his works, his dynamics, his connections and relationships, his passions, dedications, devotions, all these, are still with us. We are gathered in all of that and much more, so J-R’s light, loving and works continue. I’m very grateful for whatever part I’ve been invited to do, and I’m often awe-struck by what it is.

When I first was living with the keys to the Traveler Consciousness, which wasn’t all that long ago but it seems sometimes like it’s an eternity, I would often experience when I would come back into the body as startling. My experience was like a shuddering. I could say that it frightened me. But what it was didn’t really have content. I just had the experience that my body was shuddering. Then there was almost like an “Oh no!” type of experience. I was looking upon the responsibility of carrying the keys. It was a shuddering and awesome in whatever that was. And yet it was mysterious. That may seem strange to you. You may think, “If you’re the Traveler carrying the keys, why would it be mysterious?”

I think the mysterious quality of the Mystical Traveler Conscious is one of the reasons John-Roger called it “Mystical,” and why that word comes out first before Traveler Consciousness. Mystical is very descriptive of the Traveler Consciousness. And the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness is very descriptive of what we’re doing together.

We are all called into this Movement. However you were called, you were called. You were even called here today. Even if you looked at it as an obligation of some sort, it’s really not an obligation. This Movement is functioning in freedom and liberation. So there’s nobody that’s required to be here. I’m not required to be here. I work by invitation. That’s the best way.

The first invitation that I look to is in the Spirit, into the source of who we are. That’s our true source. It’s our reality. It’s our living truth. That’s how we’re functioning in this Movement, and we have a lot of help. We have assistance and support. We have friends and relatives, including some of them distant or remote.

Some of those who assist us may take on roles that come across as opposition. Yet God is a presence, a consciousness, a reality very personally for each one of us that loves all of Its creation. So there’s no part of creation that God rejects or opposes.

One of the things I like to do is to let us come into that presence of one accord, to experience that we’re all in this together. That’s how we function. That’s how we thrive and come into our fulfillment and our hearts’ desires. We come into it because we’re gathered in this presence that loves us all.

Personal Leadership

You each have a personal leadership in your life. You have a responsibility of being yourself and being true to yourself as a way of knowing that leadership. You have a truth that you need to abide in as a first leadership, as a primary way of going out into the world. You need to serve yourself first. In MSIA, we say, “Take care of yourself,” which means serve yourself. Make sure you’re in agreement with yourself, that you’re not serving falsely or in some form that is of a nature that is not in your best interest.

In MSIA terms we often check things out by asking, “Is that working for you?” To answer that means to pay attention, be aware, and be conscious. Is what you’re doing working? Is it serving? Is what you’re doing in your service on purpose for today?

I was introduced to somebody recently who’s brand new to MSIA. She was invited to an event as a way of being introduced to what we are. When I found out that she hadn’t been involved prior to that first event, I invited her to start cleaning up the space where we were standing. Was I kidding? Well, kind of but in some way I meant what I asked. Consider that if you can clean up a space, if you can make it brighter, clearer, richer, more of the nature that serves all, you’re invited. You’re on purpose with your soul’s purpose.

I look to service as being of the highest consciousness. It is the highest consciousness, because it serves God and serves God’s purpose. That highest consciousness serves our purpose with God and God’s purpose with us. It puts our purposes together and aligns it so it all integrates. In this wholeness and oneness with God is our purpose.

Consider that the purpose in MSIA is to discover, to awaken, and to experience our oneness with God. It’s what we call Soul Transcendence. What is it when we transcend as a soul or we transcend into soul? It is an experience that who and what God is, who and what our Divine nature is, is present, active and alive. It is an experience that what is above is below and what is below is above, that we are in heaven while on earth.

When we start registering that truth, it steps itself down. So in the realization of the form, often something is lost in the translation. It’s not truly lost. It just seems to be missing because often our awareness in some way is missing the presence. When we’re aware of missing the presence of our divine nature, there’s a sense of separation. There’s a sense that something isn’t quite right. We become aware that we are called into a purpose to move into the oneness of God.

When we practice this movement of spiritual inner awareness, we strive toward perfection. That’s a blessing. If I strive toward perfection, what I don’t complete, the Christ is lined up and established by God with the purpose to complete it. So that perfection is completed. That’s our work. That’s what we have here in our midst to choose and appreciate.

I often say we don’t control this movement of spiritual inner awareness. We don’t have the patent. It’s something that exists in the corners of the world, however many corners there are. That was part of what was issued as a ministry, as in “Go forward into the world.” We are here to serve and take this message to the corners of the world. Let your truth be known. Get your light out from under that bushel. Get it off the shelf. Don’t hide it. Let your little light shine, shine, shine.

That’s our work together — to be the Light. I’m in a way quoting our spiritual head, that “I am the Light.” So have that willingness to say that too. Declare that truth. Step into that knowing. If you think you don’t measure up, then choose to step up. Choose to expand your awareness in the Light of God.


Expanding into Oneness

We’re doing a work that’s expanding into the oneness of God. I know that’s the focus we have in our workshops, classes, and seminars. We focus on our oneness, the one accord, and doing our part to resonate and expand in the Light and Loving of God. That’s the relationship going forward in Spirit and progressing in Spirit. That relationship is ever-expanding. There is no limit. Whatever limits we run into, the limit comes upon us because we cannot handle it more or less. However that works, that’s a protection. It’s a spiritual protection. It’s a perfect protection.

We cannot enter into what we can’t handle. Thank God. Praise God. So if God allows it, there’s a perfection in it. However, there needs to be an invitation. So ask yourself, what do you want to step into in your leadership? What do you want to step into in your service, in your coming forward to help, to make things better? When you feel that calling, that invitation to serve, that’s a sign that you’re in the Presence.

We’re in the movement of the spirit so that we make a place, any place, the place we are, this place, better than we found it. That’s a sign, and it can be that we just radiate this loving presence. The loving is in our heart, and every time our heart expands, this light comes forward, goes out and expands.

One glimpse of that presence can sustain you into eternity. So even if it seems like a small awareness, go for it. Go for it in how you invoke that presence so that you have no shame. Choose to be unabashed in your way of relating to the Love and the Light of God so that you would do it in the greatest way. Choose to submit yourself to God’s Will and to allow that purpose to work through you directly so that you too can say, “When you’ve seen me you’ve seen God” and that the authority of God is speaking through you.

The authority of God is the authority that we’re in worship with here. It is not a physical form, a personality, a name, a position in a chair, what you wear, what you eat, etc. These are not the things that bring forward the oneness. It is the love of it all. But we do have a responsibility, each one of us, to invite it, to invoke it, in all that we do.

There’s a Moment of Peace where John-Roger meets with Mother Teresa. It’s quite a magical moment. J-R was giddy and overflowing in joy with what he was conveying around integrity, which is another word for the oneness — the integration of all parts. With integrity, all aspects come into the oneness. It’s all flowing and in alignment.

“You did it unto me” [Matthew 25:40], Mother Teresa said, and she took J-R’s hand. With each finger she demonstrated, “You did it unto me.” I felt the presence of Jesus the Christ, like a power station of Jesus Christ, in that room at that time. And that presence is in this work here and now. God is doing this.

If you say, “When you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the Father” [John 14:9], you are looking through yourself to God. So have that openness, that willingness, that invitation. Look at what you want to create in the world. Understand that you can invoke something that you’ll work with the rest of your life. So consider, what are you going to serve? Who are you going to serve?

Jesus said, “When you’ve done it unto the least of them, you’ve done it unto me” [Matthew 25:45]. So there’s always someone to serve. We’re all related. There is no thing in the creation that’s junk. It all deserves love. So don’t even get into asking, “Should I love this one?” You’ll just bring that question onto yourself as a process of self-realization.

Do you love yourself? If you’re wondering how you got into a disturbance, then you dropped the love somewhere. Rather than try to go back and figure out where you left the love, just bring it forward here and now. Invoke the love right here in this moment.

Choose to love the one who’s next to you. Just have a moment of that. Look at people right now, those who are around you, wherever you get to look around. If there is no one around, then look at whatever is in God’s creation that is before you and love it. Love whatever mechanism is bringing this to you — a newspaper, computer or friend. Love that you have the opportunity to be in this Presence regardless of how it comes forward for you.

You are always worthy of God’s love. In our stupidity, we may believe we are not worthy because of something we did or something that happened to us. You might say, “I’m not like that one or that one, and they’re so far superior. So I hold myself back.” That’s stupid thinking. Get in the Light and say, “Here I am, Lord.”

We’re in the Light that sees all and knows all. So there’s nothing hidden from the Lord. There is this thing called the occult, which is another word for what’s hidden or mysterious, meaning not all have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. Why is that? Because they’re not ready. And that’s God’s business. So trust God, and don’t hold back your loving.

In this Movement, we’re going beyond the earthly pull. So the earth cannot contain our love nor can any of the magnetic bodies in this universe. There’s a wonderful series on the History channel called Universe. It’s a compelling story of all kinds of things, like what’s the sun and what is light and how did the earth get created and how did the universe get created. It goes into the Big Bang Theory. It talks about the black hole that is this thing in the universe that everything is going towards, and then on the other side of it where things are expanding and speeding up past the speed of light. So that exploration is now in the mind of some of the learned ones, the ones who we consider bring us the knowledge in the highest, in the greatest way, that there is substance faster than the speed of light. There’s something beyond this relativity that we’re in, beyond what Einstein brought forward, that’s greater and we know it. So there is no delay; there’s no lag. The speed of God’s light is immediate.

There’s a presence who told us, “I am with you unto the end” [Matthew 28:20]. Regardless of how many times we come to an end in this world, “I’m with you. I’m always with you.” Not only that, it’s a good story. It’s a celebration story. We’re going to be done with this world but not in a bad way. So whoever invented “bad” is of a false or an illusionary nature.

Loving it All

Let’s just love it all. Let’s forget about whatever we did to one another. That’s who we are. That’s how we come in to one accord. We just forget about it.

There’s something about this life in this world that eventually we get to that point where we forget more than we remember. So don’t worry about that. It’s on purpose and also part of the trust is whatever is on purpose for you now is in your awareness and in your presence. Whatever is on purpose for you is here and now in this moment. You don’t need to go anywhere. It’s here. It’s always been here. The love of God is here. The invitation is present for you to continue to prepare a place for the Beloved within you.

Being in one accord is being in the anointing of the Spirit as much as we can handle. In that full anointing, there are no differences. There is only love. There is only peace. It’s regardless of whatever has gone before and whatever would come after. It’s knowing eternal love and peace is with and amongst us. We are in the divine presence. We are in the midst of the Holy Spirit. We are gathered in the name of God, the holy name that all the Prophets and all the Travelers have been working through.

Be aware of what’s here with us in this divine presence. There’s appreciation and gratitude. I thank you for coming forward in this Movement however you choose to participate and serve. Thank you for what you do in the name of the Lord. God bless you my friends in your anointing.

Baruch Bashan


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