We Are One in Spirit

By: John-Roger, DSS

January 23rd, 2020

We Are One in Spirit


We are all connected to the same life force, and we all manifest it differently.  Long live the difference.  If we were all the same, life would get awfully boring.  And yet, in the higher sense, we are all the same, because we are all manifestations of the One life force. – John-Roger

This article by John-Roger was originally published in the Movement Newspaper, July 1979.

We are all connected to the same life force, and we all manifest it differently.  Long live the difference.  If we were all the same, life would get awfully boring.  And yet, in the higher sense, we are all the same, because we are all manifestations of the One life force.

The life force comes from Spirit, from the realm of Soul and the positive energy that is of Soul.  Then, in a lesser sense, our life force comes from the physical body, the emotions, the mind, the imagination, and the unconscious.  And many times, because we dwell on the physical earth, which is part of the negative realms, the life force will appear to be coming from these lower levels.

As a spiritual being living here on earth, your job is to differentiate between the spiritual life force and the manifestations of it on these lower levels.  Your job is to realize that when someone hits you on the arm, they are not hitting the life force within you; they are hitting your arm.  The two are different.  You find out that your emotions are not your life force…emotions go up and down and get upset and get frightened and insecure and all of that.  But that is not the life force.  You get to know that the mind schemes and plans and doubts and gets confused — and that is not the life force.  You know that your body plays lots of games, sees other bodies and gets interested in a sexual expression and relationship…and you know that that is not your life force.  That’s not really you.

You come from a lot of centers and you experience a lot of energies, which sometimes masquerade as the life force.  And you can come from several centers at one time; the focus of the energy also may shift from one center to the other.  And if you can express from more than one at the same time, or if they can shift and change, you must know that no one of them is the life force within you.  And when you look for what each center has in common with all the others, the answer is Spirit.  That’s the “something more” that pervades all other levels, and that is your life force.  It’s Spirit.  It is your divine creativity.  It’s the most subtle thing within you and it is the most real.

In my work with you, I bring to you an experience of the life force within you.  I bring a Light force into your consciousness and, with that, awaken the life force within you which recognizes the Spirit and responds to that.  That’s the “lift”  you so often feel when you are involved with the teachings of the Traveler.  That’s the level that I teach to.  You feel the stirring of the life force within you.  It’s not necessarily the stirring of the imagination or the mind or the emotions, which is why you sometimes have such a difficult time explaining the Movement to your friends.  It’s not a process of the intellect or the emotions or the physical body.  It’s a stirring of the Soul within you, which recognizes the Spirit within the teachings and responds in joy.

How do I help you to awaken to the Spirit within you, to your own life force?  I’ll do it however I can.  One of the ways that I awaken you to your own life force is to help you past the illusions of the lower levels that cloud your awareness of Spirit.  Sometimes you have gotten caught up in the illusion that your happiness is based on someone else’s behavior, and then I will use my behavior to break that crystallization for you.  If you seek my approval, I may withhold that, so that you can become aware that your life force continues on, whether or not I give my approval.  Sometimes I ignore people, and I know that it can almost destroy them.  But, the word “almost” is the key because my inattention to them does not destroy them, and I have the ability to make my love felt — even when outwardly I appear not to be aware of them — so that they awaken to their own love for themselves, and that becomes their strength.

You are much more than your mind or emotions.  Have you ever been in a situation where you said: “I can never get through this?”  I’m sure you have.  And you got through it.  That life force, that Spirit within, goes on.  The faster you can break through the illusions that block your awareness of the Spirit, the faster you will find yourself living in joy and in freedom.  When you keep coming back to the truth of a situation, you will find that it will start clearing for you.  You may get stuck temporarily in a situation, but if you keep coming back to the truth of what it is, you’ll find your solution.

There are certain dynamics that I have been teaching, and they can be valuable guidelines for you.  If you find yourself experiencing confusion or doubt or despair or upset emotions, you have a lot of keys to look for.  You can ask yourself: “Is this a time of testing?  Is there something I am to learn from this situation?”  You can look to see if it is an old pattern repeating itself, and you can look to see if the “problem” comes from the mind or the emotions or the imagination or the unconscious.  And if it’s a repeating pattern, you can look for the lessons to be learned within that.  You can ask yourself if this is the law of reversibility coming back to you…and, if it is, you know that you can just hold steady through that and it will lift in its own timing.  You can evaluate how you are handling this situation in comparison to how you night have handled it a year ago or two years ago or five years ago.  Sometimes that’s a great way to see your own progress.  And even if a situation is difficult, if you can see your own growth, you may feel very good about it.

Sometimes you’ll be involved in a pattern, and you’ll start becoming aware that it’s not a positive pattern for you.  You’ll look at it and evaluate it, and the answer you’ll come up with was that it was just “mess around time.”  That may not seem like it has a lot of cosmic significance, but it may be very accurate.  And if that’s what it is, label it as that, and be honest about it.  Own up to the fact that some of your life’s expression might not have any spiritual significance or great cosmic meaning.  It will just be “mess-around time.”  That’s okay…that’s part of the life force expressing itself on this level.

The life force, however, is ethical and will not harm or hurt another life force.  So if you are involved in anything harmful, that is not the life force, the Spirit within, expressing itself.  If you hurt someone, that’s not your life force doing it; it may be a karmic memory coming forward to be cleared.

There are elements of the personality that will become caught up in the negative aspects of life, and those provide you with reference points for your own growth and progression.  Those are the signposts for your physical/material world.  Sometimes people ask me to tell them how they’re doing.  If you have that question, I can give you the formula for answering it yourself.  Spiritually, you are always doing fine.  And physically, if you want to know how you are doing, pay attention to yourself and to your life.  You have your own physical reference points, and you don’t need anyone to tell you.  You always know how you are doing.  You may not know how you are doing over the long run, but if you ask yourself how your day was today, you’ll have an answer.  You know whether it was okay or great or terrible or happy, etc.  You always know.  If you find that you are getting in the same hassles week after week after week after year, that’s your reference point.  You’re stuck in a negative pattern, and you might consider using your life force to break you away from the rut.

When you work with the Mystical Traveler, he places energy with you, from the higher realms of Light, from the realms of pure Spirit, from the life force to which you are connected.  That boost of spiritual energy can connect you to your life force in a more conscious and specific way, and can start all sorts of changes happening in your life.  You put your job in the Light, and you are suddenly expressing your life force through that job and all sorts of amazing changes may start taking place.  You put your relationship into the Light, and that opens the way to bring spiritual energies into that relationship, and you suddenly find yourself side able to give and receive so much more love than you ever were aware of before.

When you tap into your life force, you find yourself flowing with your life plan and you find yourself moving out of and into all the proper situations.  And, not only that, but you find yourself in tune with the life force of other people you come into contact with so that you work in harmony with them, rather than in conflict with them.  If you do experience a difference of opinion with someone, you’ll be able to discuss the difference lovingly.  When you break the life force of another individual, you break part of your own life force, because on that level we are all connected to the one life force and there is no separation.

When you are flowing from the center of your life force into the world, you will find that you bypass the greed and the lust and the avarice and all the negative, aspects of the ego personality; and you will find yourself loving yourself and all others around you.  Love is the dynamo of your life force…it is the power source.  And I love you because you are also love, because you are life, because you are.

God bless you all.

Baruch Bashan.


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