Meeting the Challenges by Putting God First

By: John Morton, DSS

January 23rd, 2020

Meeting the Challenges by Putting God First


We have a fellowship with those who are Light bearers, and they’re not necessarily in MSIA, but those who have the consciousness of peace, harmony, love and caring. That’s a movement in and of itself that we are kindred in that way. – John Morton, DSS

This article comes from John Morton’s sharing at a Meeting the Challenges with Spirit workshop held in Carpinteria, California on October 19, 2019.

The first calling of every Soul is to God. God is first. Whatever you are doing in your life, keep God first. Don’t ever sacrifice that you are doing this in the name of God – in the Name – in the consciousness of God, the vibration of God. That’s what that is, the holy Name, and the purpose of what that is. That is why when you are in any place or situation it works. If you ever make that secondary, it can be an unnecessary experience.

That is allowed, you know. We’re allowed to be tempted to go into a lessor expression or intention. One of the ways that works out is to save yourself first. With that salvation comes the opportunity to be of greater service. You can then ask God, “How can I serve?”

If you are putting God first, that’s an inner connection. The place you worship is within. That’s where you have the revelation of your experience with God. Out of that can come spiritual directives, guidance, inspiration and what God would have you do. Everybody has that. Everyone is connected directly, not through an intermediary. The connection is inside. How that works for you becomes the practical spirituality.

We are those who practice grace and “I love you anyway.” It’s not something like, “Those are terrible, awful people, and they’re getting what they deserve and I’m not going to have anything to do with them. Their life reflects that God doesn’t like them.” Some people think like that.

God loves all of its creation, all of Its creation. That includes rich, elite people, the selfish and self-centered that want to hoard and build walls. Some might say, “Is that a political statement?” I respond, “There are walls all over the place. I’m looking at some right now.” They’re here and they serve a purpose. Some are a practical boundary. For example, in some countries, when we drive a car, we drive on the right. And if we do that, we’re safer. In other countries, we drive on the left. And if we do that, we’re safer.

If something doesn’t work and it breaks down, how would we come into cooperation? Some of that would be that we help one another. But the first call on that is to help yourself, take care of yourself. If you aren’t experiencing that going on, God can change Its way. In the spring you can be this, in the summer something else and then something else in the fall. How it works changes depending on the circumstances.

If whatever you are doing brings you joy and peace, those are signs. It doesn’t mean that we’re always going to get that opportunity. There are situations in this world that are tremendously difficult and painful. That’s all the more reason to see if there is something that we are called into to lift and be uplifted. We do have planetary karma. If you say, “I don’t have anything to do with that,” watch out – you might get pulled into that by something that might be called an act of God. You might start with, “Because it’s so far beyond what I know how to do on a personal level, it has to be something God is calling us into. What would grace do? What would love do?”

At least I can imagine or try to ask, “What’s the purpose here?” and send this energy we call the Light that can transform it and change the karma. That could be, “Peace be still, and don’t wake me up again. I told you how to handle this yourself. You don’t need to wake me up.”

We can begin to learn how to handle these things in ways that change the planetary karma, to shift it, by calling forward this energy field that is the sound, the highest vibration. We can breathe it into this level, and it comes with us. We make this hallowed ground, larger and more powerful. And part of that is not getting involved in the karma itself. Often that’s how I see it working spiritually. Hold the Light. That’s a most powerful thing you can do right now. Hold the Light. Maybe that’s what the call is, needing those who are functioning as batteries, Light bearers, at full capacity and increasing our capacity. That’s one of the exercises I see us doing here.

We have a fellowship with those who are Light bearers, and they’re not necessarily in MSIA, but those who have the consciousness of peace, harmony, love and caring. That’s a movement in and of itself that we are kindred in that way. We need more of that in this level and then learning how to hold that energy field, regardless of what we do or where we go.

In some ways, that’s how I see my life. It’s often about being moved around like a piece on the board. “Where are you going to take me now, Lord?” Then I end up often doing things with Light bearers who are working with the Traveler.

I understand that there’s often another motive spiritually, just to hold the Light in this place or situation. Then I find that if I hear or see things that are in the field, call it fake news or whatever, I’m called in to balance that. If we just hold peace in relation to all these conditions in the world, these are the challenges that are up in the world. If we are having a good life and fellowship with each other, then we can consider what if the whole world could have an occasion like that today?

It could spread out so that not just millions, but billions are in the tradition of “breaking bread” together. We all need to eat and maybe we do some things that don’t have any great meaning but we’re just enjoying the company of being together. I call it “fellowshipping.” If there was more of that, then it could spread.

I find in every culture that the spirit in people just wants to get along. There is another kind of spirit that is in opposition, but I just look at it like one day that’s going to get along too. One day it’s going to convert itself. Where’s the loyalty? The loyalty is with the Soul. “Not one Soul is going to be lost”. That’s the true reality.

The one that’s in opposition to the Soul or the Spirit can’t last. But is it my call to go and deal with it and confront it? I don’t see it that way. We don’t fight the devil. I’m glad about that. We go to Soul.

It takes great altitude to do that and create great willingness to move beyond the bonds of the world, going into high places. I’m okay with that, and it’s still rare. Nonetheless, we’re here to make this world a better place than we found it.

There are going to be challenges. If we realize that they’re all for the purpose of what would serve the highest good, then to meet them with that intention is how we learn and grow. How about you order yourself so you’re available? You ask, “How would I meet this? How would you like me to meet this?” How would we meet this when it’s us?

I started seeing that for the world. It may sound highfalutin. Consider that we could in some way behold what would meet the challenges in the world at this time, so that we are beholding it right now.

Baruch Bashan


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